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Episode 48:The Courageous Ruby Bridges and the Mad Monk, Grigori Rasputin

The Murder History Girls Podcast

It's time for another weekly episode, friends! Today we bring the 6 year old hero ruby Bridges into your lives. She is the strongest little girl that amazingly enough, some have never heard of. This little baby is the ultimate story of strength and courage.  Also, I present to you, the Mad Monk of St Petersburg - RASPUTIN! Come on, you know the stories, you may have heard of death, and you probably know the song (you know the one I am referring to), but do you really know him. Well, I will give you a little bit of history on this mysterious mystic and you can dig in later for more information!  This episode is loaded with information, but you know we don't know it all, so why don't you let us know what you think! Want to know more, tune in for this episode everywhere you listen to podcast. Want to join in on the conversations? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think and let's keep the dialog going!   Look for this episode and all the others everywhere you listen to your favorite podcast. Also, don't forget to like and download our episodes! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!  If you want to share your stories or just reach out to us, go to our website at www.murderhistorygirls.com, email us at murderhistorygirls@gmail.com, or follow us and subscribe on the following links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/murderhistorygirls/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MHGPodcast/Twitter: https://twitter.com/GirlsMurder We love you and look forward to hearing your thoughts and stories!  - MHG Podcast


22 Feb 2021

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Grigori Rasputin

Black Hole Sun

We talk about Rasputin aka "The Mad Monk".--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/massiel-hernandez/support


3 Feb 2021

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Grigori Rasputin

DYB Podcast

We're discussing the interesting figure from Russian history, Grigori Rasputin.  How did a man go from Siberian peasant to royal advisor without ever showering? Did he possess prophetic and healing powers? Was he the antichrist? Stay tuned!


9 Jan 2021

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Episode 62 - Grigori Rasputin: How about you take care of your kids Greg?

Oral Presentations

Sick Week 2: 1/2Patreon ep from February 2020.  I still believe Stinky Greg knew when we was with those goobers doing summersaults in the mud for two years, he was going to be able to use that as marketing for his David Blaine shit once he hit Moscow.


5 Jan 2021

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Grigori Rasputin

Blind History

The dirty, smelly Siberian peasant was a bizarre fixture at the richest, most extravagant court in the world, and for a time, he might have been the most powerful man in the Empire. Grigori Rasputin was a celebrity, a priest, a seducer of women and a healer. He was also impossible to kill… Taylor Blinds & Shutters


24 Nov 2020

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Grigori Rasputin "Russia's Unholy Wizard"

Curious Characters

Rasputin is one of the most curious humans in history. Born a Siberian peasant he rose to become an advisor to the Russian royal court. Rasputin claimed to have magical powers including the power to heal and speak to the dead. Join me for episode 1 season 2 of Curious Characters as we look at the life and strange death of this truly curious man.www.curiouscharacterspodcast.comPom's websiteTricky Cider Support the show (http://buymeacoff.ee/CurioCharacters)


23 Nov 2020

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Grigori Rasputin

Have You Ever Heard Of...

This week Katy delves into the life of Grigori Rasputin (1869 - 1916).  Want to skip our chatter at the start and get right to the history? Skip to 5:30. Tune in every week to hear Katy and Dan talk about people from history you may or may not have heard of.  You can follow them on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/HaveYouEverPod and on Instagram @haveyoueverpod. Please do subscribe, wherever you're listening to this. We would also really appreciate a rating! The more ratings we get the more people see us. 


9 Nov 2020

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Grigori Rasputin

Historical Hookups

In this episode, educators Savanna and Lauren hook Sara up with the deets on the mystical life of Grigori Rasputin. From superpowers to rumored affairs to religious orgies, this episode will make you nostalgic for Anastasia (1993).  Content Warnings: Swearing, murder, infant mortality, castration, rape, violence, adultery, sexual assault Theme music by Tipper Newton


27 Oct 2020

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Grigori Rasputin


We discuss Grigori Rasputin, and yes we go there.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/histerical0/support


15 Sep 2020

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Grigori Rasputin Pt. 2

Unexplained Mysteries

From around 1905 until his mysterious death in 1916, Grigori Rasputin held immense influence over the royal Romanovs. Despite the unsavory rumors that dogged him, his reputation as a healer and mystic gained him prominence… and a few enemies along the way.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


20 Aug 2020