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Episode 40 - Shafi Hossain: Comedy!

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Today's guest is one of the hardest-working comedians I've met in my short comedy career, Shafi Hossain! I met Shafi at the beginning of the pandemic when he would come to my open mic. I quickly realized that he is an absolute machine when it comes to stand up comedy. We talk about how he go into comedy, how he met some incredible headliners, and where his headspace is at when it comes to working hard everyday! If you like Shafi, check him out on Instagram @shafistandup and check out his comedy show @penthousecomedyshow! If you like me, follow me on twitter @MaximOfAllen. You can also follow Don't Quit Your Day Job on Instagram @DQYDJ_pod. My DMs are open! Thanks for listening!

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25 May 2021

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49 - Engineering and Stand-Up Comedy with Shafi Hossain

Good Timing with Isabel Hagen

I talk to hilarious stand-up comic Shafi Hossain. We discuss figuring out how to start stand-up comedy, seeking joy to minimize career anxiety, stoicism, stand-up helping with anxiety, jokes v. thoughts, seeking originality, being an engineer, similarities between the engineering and stand-up processes, and more! New episodes every Tuesday! Be sure to subscribe. Follow Shafi on Instagram and Twitter @shafistandsup Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @isabelhagen_ and check out www.isabelhagen.com 


27 Apr 2021

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Episode 5: The Cuties Biohack with Shafi Hossain

Quinoa Cuties

The Cuties invite on comedian Shafi Hossain (Penthouse Comedy, Americanized Podcast) to discuss the keto diet, intermittent fasting, stoicism, biohacking, being addicted to Mountain Dew, and eating in front of people celebrating Ramadan.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


31 Mar 2021

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Ep #101: Never Cried in America w/ Shafi Hossain (ShafiStandUp)

I'm Just A Kid!

Shafi Hossain is a NYC based comedian. He is known for the IAMericanized podcast/sketches, Penthouse Comedy, and videos on his youtube channel. Shafi attended a private high school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We talk about opening for major comedy acts, Bangladesh versus American schooling, the bus system in NYC, second language class, growing up fat, and if it's better to start stand-up outside of NYC. Follow Shafi @ShafiStandUp!

1hr 12mins

4 Jan 2021

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How standup comedy is both frightening and humbling at the same time, with Shafi Hossain

Bengalis of New York

When I finished college in chemical engineering, I had too much free time. And I was like, that's not good because free time is a space for negative things to seep in. I always enjoyed comedy, it was something that I always found to be humbling but also talking to power, and just looking at the absurdity of life. Through comedy, I've met the most diverse group of people. It could be a sex worker who turned into a comedian, or it could be a CEO who quit his job to be a comedian. You meet all sorts of people and that's kind of what makes it so beautiful in the sense that everyone is equal. Anyone can get started, but over time you put in the work and you obviously differentiate yourself from other people. There are people who obviously care about their career a lot and are always going to be serious, but there needs to be some kind of balancing out where you can also see the reality of things and just enjoy the course because just the idea of being on stage and getting someone's attention for however long, the five minutes, maybe, maybe 30 minutes is a privilege; especially in this era where social media is so rife and rampant, and everyone is vying for attention. Listen to the entire conversation with a hilarious comedian, Shafi Hossain, on the BoNY Podcast. Available on all Podcast platforms and on BengalisofNewyork.com/bony-podcast. Please subscribe and share. Link in bio. Also, Amazon Alexa/Echo knows us! Just say, “Alexa, play BoNY Podcast” #D&I #Comedy #BoNY #Bengalisoftheworld #BoNYPodcasts #BengaliComedians #Meetup #Standup--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bengalisofnework/support


8 Nov 2020

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"Harlem Shakes" with Shafi Hossain

So Tell Us

Shafi Hossain has a ball talking about comedy, pumpkins and Albany  with the So Tell Us boys, Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=48989573)


27 Oct 2020

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Episode 027- Shafi Hossain

Hell Gigs with Collin Chamberlin

This week Collin talks to his very good friend Shafi Hossain about a crisis in a mall. This may be the wildest story told on the show as far as a danger level. Be sure to check Shafi's podcast out. I'm Americanized. He also runs great comedy shows with Penthouse Comedy. And as always, for bonus Hell Gigs content go to www.patreon.com/hellgigs


21 Oct 2020

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52 - Shafi Hossain: Golden Son

The No Fly List

On this week's episode Amamah Sardar (@amamahsardar) and Atheer Yacoub (@atheeryacoub) talk to comedian Shafi Hossain (@shafistandsup) about using mindfulness to create peace during uncertain times, touring and dating during Covid, and Shafi brags about the benefits of being the youngest son in a Desi family. Follow us @noflylistpod or drop us a line at noflylistpod@gmail.com Please consider supporting the show by subscribing to our @Patreon: patreon.com/noflylistpod Don't forget to rate, review & subscribe on iTunes!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-no-fly-list/support


19 Oct 2020

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Episode 3.07: Comedy and Migration, with Shafi Hossain

The Desi Condition

Shafi Hossain (@shafistandsup) is a Bangladeshi immigrant, chemical engineer, comedian, and fellow podcaster. In this episode, we discuss his mental health journey through migration. He talks about acclimation and seeking therapy as a response. We learn more about how for him, comedy is not just a coping mechanism but a means for self discovery. The conversation veers towards Shafi's minimalist approach to life, and we launch into a discussion of the power of limitations and boundaries  Shafi recently launched a podcast called Americanized. His podcast, comedy, and contact info can be found here.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-desi-condition/support


16 Sep 2020

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22. Man Dates with Shafi Hossain

Alone at Lunch

This week we are joined by super fun comic Shafi Hossain! We chat about growing up in Bangladesh, the difference between nerds and geeks, and the importance of spending time with other people vs alone. Also, Shafi turns the table on Emily and Carly and shows his interviewing skills. This one is definitely worth a listen!Check out Shafi's podcast: AmericanizedFollow Shafi @ShafiStandsUp everywhereFollow the podcast: @aloneatlunchpodCarly: Instagram: @carlymontag Twitter: @carlyjmontagEmily: @thefunnywalshEmail us! Aloneatlunch@gmail.com**LEAVE US A RATING AND REVIEW**


27 Jul 2020