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Live Your Best Life with Tamra Oviatt

Mothers' Voice

Tamra Oviatt is the Founder of Sacred Activations, Visionary Leader, Bestselling Author of Nine Books, Winner of the International Bestseller Publishing Award, and Sought-after Teacher. In this episode, she talks about the Sacred Activations, that was given to her by God, which is one of the most powerful and transformational modalities available today. She shares great insights on navigating the current times, how you can create your best life and contribute to the global awakening, independently of any distractions happening around the world. Tamra guides you on powerful activations about: “I’m a good mother” to help clear out limiting belief systems and guilt, “Family Constellations” to clear issues in the family and bring you together, “Not a doormat” to become more powerful in your energy and have healthy boundaries, “Yin and Yang” to bring divine feminine and masculine energy into balance, And more… Tamra also shares about her personal experiences which show that Love is beyond any differences. Tamra's website: TamraOviatt.world Metaprogramming And Sacred Activations Free Gift: TamraOviatt.world/freegifts Find us: WeRiseinLove.com Support our work: Rise.realmofoneness.com/wril-donation 


9 Apr 2021

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Timeline and Parallel Universes and Bringing in our Full Power with Tamra Oviatt

The Alara Canfield Show

www.alara.at/show www.alara.at/show/tamra7 Please join Tamra Oviatt and me as we talk about Timeline and Parallel Universes and Bringing in our Full Power and actually experience the activations to bring in our full power from all of our timelines and parallel universes. One of the most powerful processes of the season to transform your life.


17 Jul 2019

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The Empowered Healer with Tamra Oviatt

The Alara Canfield Show

www.alara.at/show www.alara.at/show/tamra Please join Tamra Oviatt and me as we talk about Empowered Healers of the New Paradigm. Wonderful guidance, insight, and wisdom about healing, being of service, boundaries, anger and resentment, and so much more.

1hr 7mins

22 Apr 2019

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Pure Hope #69: Sacred Activation's with Tamra Oviatt

Pure Hope

Come join us with Tamra Oviatt on the Pure Hope Show on Tuesday, November 27 at 7 p.m. central time.  This will be a prerecorded show that was taped earlier in the month.Tamra Oviatt is a visionary leader in the human potential movement. Tamra is a sought-after teacher, award-winning author, and speaker. As one of the most gifted and powerful healers of our time. Tamra is the founder of Sacred Activations; which was given to her by God and is one of the most powerful and transformational energy work modalities available today.Receiving a Sacred Activation can clear you from hundreds or even thousands of belief systems and limiting programs all at once with each activation. They activate your sacred geometry and disconnects you from the collective consciousness that is negative, religious group consciousness which is very limiting, and genetic consciousness which can cause many illness’s or diseases. Tune in with a great show with Hope.

1hr 3mins

28 Nov 2018

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817: Pal-Wow with "Sacred Activator" Tamra Oviatt

The Positive Head Podcast

Tamra Oviatt is passionate about creating world peace "from the inside out" and she was guided to perform "sacred activations", as well as "deactivations" that have radically changed the lives of thousands in order to facilitate this process. Hear the story of how she got going on her way, her startling nature as a "walk-in" spirit, and her insights into the work she's doing.

1hr 9mins

15 Nov 2018

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EP 55: Terri Britt's Leading with Love ~ Tamra Oviatt

Terri Britt's Leading with Love

Join CTR host, Terri Britt and her guest, Tamra Oviatt, for a fascinating conversation to discover what sacred activations are, and how you can use them to exit the mind matrix.Tamra Oviatt is a visionary leader in the human potential movement, as well as a sought-after teacher and speaker. She is the founder of Sacred Activations, a Divine download by God that has helped thousands of people around the globe. She is the award-winning author of three books, as well as the recipient of the 2016 International Publishing People’s Choice Award in the category of spirituality. Tamra says, “Our DNA is plugged into the DNA of the planet and the planet has different belief systems plugged into it that we are subconsciously connected to. When you exit the mind matrix; you exit those belief systems, allowing you to program yourself with love and happiness. In this matrix, everything is provided for us and we all have the ability to tune into that power.”


20 Sep 2018

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Quantum Converesation wtih Tamra Oviatt - Activate Your Best Life

Quantum Conversations & NEO Network

Learn More about Tamra Oviatt and Access her Special Offer: https://www.acoustichealth.com/quantum-conversations/tamra-oviatt-activate-your-best-life/ When one person disconnects, it disconnects tens of thousands more. Work in the subconsciousness of humanity to clear unneeded belief systems that prevent you from realizing your true potential for wealth, love, and happiness. Let go of negative beliefs about the world; our fears, and judgements. We release the toxicity from the collective and bring peace – first within ourselves, our community, and then the planet. Tamra will work on releasing fears and beliefs holding you back from living your best life. Open up to manifest health and prosperity. Discover new possibilities and turn them into reality.

1hr 34mins

5 Sep 2018

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Transform with Sacred Activations with Tamra Oviatt

The Alara Canfield Show

www.alara.at/show www.alara.at/show/tamra Join me and my good friend Tamra Oviatt as we talk about transforming your life with Sacred Activations and creating the life and living you truly desire. A powerful show about thoughts, beliefs, the subconscious, and so much more. Many powerful activations that you can listen to again to begin to change your life right away!.

1hr 37mins

14 Jun 2018

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Change a Hundred Times Faster with Sacred Activations with Author Tamra Oviatt

Awakenings with Michele Meiche

Developed by Tamra Oviatt, Sacred Activations ® LLC is a Seventh Plane Energetic Modality.  Tamra is an Author, Energy Worker, Professional Speaker, and Teacher who trains Advanced Energy Workers to use the skills and activations in their personal lives and professional practice.  Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems. Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is to help raise our vibrations to joy and love. Tamra is grateful for the privilege of helping others heal their lives just as she healed her own life. www.sacredactivations.co ______ Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air. Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air.

1hr 31mins

1 Mar 2017

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Power Talk Hosted by Jean Adrienne - Guest Tamra Oviatt

SkyWatcher/Awakened Radio

Tamra Oviatt, healer, author and founder of Sacred Activations joins Jean to share how to make changes in your life faster than you have ever imagined! Her website is www.sacrdactivations.com


14 Feb 2017