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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lisa Mills. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lisa Mills, often where they are interviewed.

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13 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lisa Mills. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lisa Mills, often where they are interviewed.

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Reigna Reign shocks everyone with her voice and talent. Lisa Mills talks about her new website.

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Sep 04 2020 · 24mins
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356 - Lisa Mills - New Album: The Triangle - Recorded in 3 Soul Meccas

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Lisa Mills is a soul/blues singer who belts out her music in a raw, melodic and soulfully-honest way with blues, gospel and soul influences. Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she now lives in Alabama. We first talked with Lisa back with her I’m Changing album in 2014.

Her latest project, you might call a soul/blues tour de force – The Triangle. With the guidance of producer Fred Mollin, the idea was to travel, in one week’s time, to three different musical hotbeds – Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and record there. But, they took this idea a step further – only recording songs that were originally recorded in each of those cities. The result is easily the finest, most passionate set of songs Lisa has ever put together.

We chat with Lisa from her temporary home in Germany about picking all the great soul covers on the album, plus how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the album’s promotion.
May 12 2020 · 30mins

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LIVE from the Midnight Circus Featuring Lisa Mills

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Making a Scene Presents the PODCAST of LIVE from the Midnight Circus Featuring Lisa Mills

This is the Voice of Indie Blues, the future of the blues. Artists who embrace the diversity of the blues that always has and still is being created from it's roots. These artists understand the blues is a living art form that is driven by innovation and creativity. These are the Indie Blues Artists!

Evelyn Rubio,What A Way to Go,Crossing Borders

Evelyn Rubio,Still On Your Side,Crossing Borders

Crystal Shawanda,Blue Train,Voodoo Woman

Eliza Neals,Black Crow Moan (feat. Joe Louis Walker),Black Crow Moan

Tony Holiday,Day Dates,Tony Holiday

Scott Ellison,Skyline Drive,Skyline Drive

Renee Hose,Be Careful,The Other Side (Rock/Blues/Eclectic)

Mike Zito,QUARANTINE BLUES,Quarantine Blues

8 Ball Aitken,07 Knocking On Your Door,Master

Michael Mills Band,My New Woman,Stand Up

Andrew Alli,30 Long Years,Hard Workin Man

Lisa Mills,14 Just Walking In The Rain,The Triangle

Lisa Mills,08 A Place Nobody Can Find,The Triangle

www.makingascene.org,Lisa Mills,

Lisa Mills,13 Members Only,The Triangle

Lisa Mills,10 Someone Else Is Steppin' In,The Triangle

Liz Mandeville,Everybody Got Wings,Playing With Fire

Liz Mandeville,Joliet Town,Playing With Fire

Peter Karp,Scared,Magnificent Heart

Peter Karp,Compassion,Magnificent Heart

Blind Lemon Pledge,Love in Vain,Goin' Home

Blind Lemon Pledge,Crazy Mama,Goin' Home

The Proven Ones,You Ain't Done,You Ain't Done

Jay Willie & James Montgomery,Detroit Blues,Cadillac Walk

John Primer and Bob Corrtore,Knocking On Your Door,The Gypsy Woman Told Me

Jeremiah Johnson,American Steel,Heavens To Betsy

Katarina Pejak,Sex Kills,Roads That Cross

Sass Jordan,07_Too Much Alcohol,

Jim Gustin & Truth Jones,I'd Been Drinking,Lessons Learned

Misty Blues,I Ain't No Giving Tree,Weed ‘Em & Reap

Sugaray Rayford,Angels and Devils,Somebody Save Me

Eric Hughes Band,"02 Oh, Booze!",Postcard From Beale Street

John Pagano Band,Misbehavin,Single

Ina Forsman,Why You Gotta Be That Way,Been Meaning To Tell You

Federico Luiu,"All I Wanna Do, Is Play Them Blues",Walkin' The Blues

Steve Howell,Angel Eyes,Long Ago

Rusty Ends and Hillbilly Hoodoo,Cheap Wine,The Last of the Boogie Men

Reverend Freakchild,Big Boss Man,The Bodhisattva Blues

May 08 2020 · 3hr 1min
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Lisa Mills is Making a Scene

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Making a Scene Presents an interview with Lisa Mills

Originally recorded by Little Richard in the early 1970s in Muscle Shoals, Mills’ rendition of “Greenwood, Mississippi” is the first single release off of her upcoming album, The Triangle, and is a tribute to the incredible sound and feel of the great southern soul music of the 60s and 70s.  Mills recorded the track with some of the original musicians in the same studio where it was first recorded.

Lisa Mills,14 Just Walking In The Rain,The Triangle

Lisa Mills,08 A Place Nobody Can Find,The Triangle

www.makingascene.org,Lisa Mills,

Lisa Mills,13 Members Only,The Triangle

Lisa Mills,10 Someone Else Is Steppin' In,The Triangle

May 08 2020 · 42mins

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Maya Rae, Kerry Pastine & Criminal Scene, CKNM Eliza Neals, CKNM Lisa Mills

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Maya released her first album at 13, a collection of jazz and pop standards. Then she sent a demo to Couch Kid Steve Dawson and joined him in Nashville to record Can You See Me, an album deserving to be heard.  We’ll learn more about this 17-year-old and hear her music.


Out of Denver, Kerry and the band have released two previous albums.  The new album, City Of Love, shows the lust for life Kerry shares with the world.  How did she get here? We’ll find out while we listen to the tunes.


Eliza has released Black Crow Moan, her latest Blues-rocker. With help from Joe Louis Walker and Derek St Holmes, Eliza gives us 9 originals and a Big Mama Thornton cover. We’ll catch up with Eliza and check out the tunes.


Lisa has released The Triangle, recorded at Fame Studios, Royal Studios, Malaco Studios and Sun Studios, the album is 14 songs created in their original locales. Lisa is in Germany, and we’ll talk about the album and more.
May 05 2020 · 3hr
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Lisa MIlls. How Every Single Cup of 'Elephant-Friendly Tea' Counts. Ep#16

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Hi, I'm Lalitha Krishnan. I ‘m speaking to Lisa Mills, program director at the Wildlife Conservation Enterprise Program at the University of Montana- Broader Impact Group. The University of Montana in partnership with The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN), has released a science-based guide or standards for the certification of tea producers under the Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea label. Lisa has been working to save the “globally endangered” Asian elephant for the past 10 years and is now facilitating ‘The Elephant Friendly Tea Certificate Program in northeast India. Listen to Lisa to understand some crucial issues: What is the connection between tea and elephants? How are the choices you make in the market making a difference? What are the reasons for elephant mortality in tea estates? How are man-animal conflicts resolved? Is there a future market for other wildlife-friendly products in India? Read the Show notes on https://earthymatters.blog/
Apr 22 2020 · 33mins
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Lisa Mills spent years of working in social service programs and nonprofit organizations. By honing her skills talking to those groups she also found her sense of humor. Using that humor she discovered she could connect and break the ice with the families she was helping. Her comedy shined bright at a conference she had helped plan. As the conference neared, Lisa and the event planners realized that some of the subject matter was going to be pretty heavy. They decided someone should lighten up the group between messages. That someone was Lisa Mills.

She wrote ten minutes of material the night before and she instantly caught the comedy bug.


We cover a lot of ground in this episode, Specifically we talk about:

  • Searching out comedy mentors on Youtube
  • Hiring Kerri Pomarollii (past guest) to help her with her material
  • How she works out new material onstage
  • How (and why) she skipped open mics
  • The unlikely benefit of having no local comedy community
  • Meeting up with Chonda Pierce and Kelly Swanson
  • Putting on the SHECON conference with Kay Dodd
  • How she preps for events with clients
  • The number one thing she tells new speakers

and a whole lot more!

Visit her website: https://www.lisamillsspeaks.com/



Lisa is an award-winning comedian, motivational speaker, actor, and author. Her acting debut was working alongside network television’s favorite military gal, Catherine Bell on the Lifetime Channel’s hit show, Army Wives. As an in-demand keynote speaker, she is known for her message of Transforming Ordinary Into Extraordinary. Her always funny, laser-sharp wit has been featured on the Lifetime Network, NOW Network, Impact Network, Netflix, the Dove Channel, and iHeart Radio. She can be seen headlining venues around the country while touring and promoting her latest book, Lord Did I Really Shave My Legs For This?

Lisa Mills resides just outside the city of Atlanta with her awesome husband and two amazing sons.

Mar 15 2019 · 40mins
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Episode 10- UCF Film, Lisa Mills

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Ep 10- Lisa Mills, UCF Film.
Award-winning filmmaker Lisa Mills discusses the UCF Film Program and the upcoming UCF downtown campus.

Dec 03 2018 · 21mins
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Episode 10: Lisa Mills

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Ever since she was a child singing in her great-grandfather's church in rural Mississippi, Lisa Mills always knew she had a gift. But, over a sprawling career that has taken her to Los Angeles, around the world, and always back home to the Gulf Coast, this fine artist has finally processed her roots, forging a career in polished songwriting and spirited performance...

Aug 16 2018 · 49mins
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Lisa Mills and Elephant Friendly Tea

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Lisa Mills is the creator of the world's first tea certification program. In this episode she tells us about the devastating effects conventional tea farming has on the severely endangered population of Asian elephants. The program she launched - Elephant Friendly Tea - is a fantastic example of the important collaborative, interdisciplinary work happening at the University of Montana. Housed at UM's Broader Impacts Group, the project brings together wildlife biologists, policy makers, economists, and business leaders in an attempt to change culture, industry, and the trajectory of this magnificent species.

To learn more visit: www.elephantfriendlytea.com.
May 01 2018 · 41mins