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The Resting Place | Hayley Braun

Bethel Redding Sermon of the Week

Enter into the presence as Hayley Braun prophesies into the current move of God. Through the fanning of old flames and the opening of new doors, God is making the church the resting place of His glory. Receive a fresh infilling of His holy fire through this powerful message. 


18 Sep 2022

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The Season of Now & Not Yet | Hayley Braun

Bethel Redding Sermon of the Week

The fire of revival is sustained by the oil of anointing. Receive the new oil of the season in this radical message from Hayley Braun. God is shaking up old rhythms and directing us to welcome the new.


1 Aug 2022

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Cultural Catalyst with Hayley Braun || Why Family is Vital for Prophetic Reformation

Kris Vallotton's Podcast

In this episode of Cultural Catalysts Kris Vallotton and Hayley Braun discuss why family is vital for prophetic reformation.If you have a desire to be a prophetic reformer that restores hearts back to their family and positively influences history, join us for this year's School of the Prophets August 8-12, 2022. This is a 4.5-day-long intensive training school where prophets, prophetic people, and church leaders gather together to find confidence in their prophetic identity, get equipped, and deployed into their divine destiny. You can register for both in-person and online at www.bethel.ws/sotp-register


21 Jul 2022

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116 - The Truth That Lies in the Tension of Being a Woman With Hayley Braun - Live From Meant for More Live

Meant for More Podcast with Charity Majors

You might have asked yourself, “how can I become a better woman?”  Women used to have their own interpretation of being positive toward God. We all want to be better people who despise weaknesses, right? Nobody enjoys being vulnerable. God, on the other hand, uses it to reveal His power in us. We try to convince ourselves that we are strong, but God always tells us to trust Him completely. God desires to work in your life; all He requires is that you let Him in.  Because, above all, He can build better things through the work of the Holy Spirit, which can be your aid in becoming connected to Him and to serve Him. In this episode, Hayley Braun will be with us as she brings an interesting topic that can lead us more to the presence of God. Just feel the presence of God and let your heart be open to this new touching story. God is inviting you to renew your relationship with Him. What are you waiting for? Tune in and enjoy! Bio: Haley Braun is an overseer of the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry Online in Redding, California, with Bethel Church. She has been one of Charity’s mentors over the last few years. She walks with such integrity and grace and strength. And she really does find this beautiful balance of what to own the way that God made her in her feistiness.  Key Takeaway: Acknowledging God in All Your Ways How often do women deal with the words “too”? Why does God call you as God calls himself a helper? What will happen if you don’t trust in God? What is our weakness according to the Bible? How can you handle difficult situations with God?  Allowing God to Be Your Life’s Shield Saying YES: Permitting the Holy Spirit to Come and Fill You People Mentioned: Michael kuleana Links: https://www.bethel.com/leadership/hayley-braun/ https://www.instagram.com/hayley_braun_/ https://www.wearemeantformore.com/live WeAreMeantForMore.com/moment _________ If you want to share your story on the "Meant For More Podcast," text the word "MOMENT" to 833-231-8098 to submit your story and have Charity read it on the podcast and give you a shoutout! To join the Meant For More Community, text the word “COMMUNITY” to 833-231-8098 to learn more… Text Charity the word "DEVO" to 833-231-8098 for 5 FREE texted daily devotionals with her new devotional card deck. Grab Charity's DevoDeck by going to DevoDeck.com Be sure to visit my website at CharityMajors.com And come hang out with me on social media -  @CharityMajors on Instagram and Charity Majors on Facebook. https://www.instagram.com/charitymajors/ https://www.facebook.com/CharityMajorsFanPage/ Join my FREE FB Group: http://www.charitymajors.com/meantformoretribe I look forward to connecting with you! xoxo - Charity Terms & Conditions ----------------------------------------------------- If you are feeling STRESSED and are struggling with anxiety, please download Charity's FREE "Reduce Stress Guided Meditation" - http://charitymajors.com/reducestress If you desire to place your identity on a firm foundation, grab Charity's "DevoDeck" - a deck of devotional cards, rooted in the identity of who and whose you are.  Go to http://devodeck.com/ Grab your copy of my book (and #1 New Release), "Meant For More; Igniting Your Purpose In a World That Tries to Dim Your Light... go to http://book.wearemeantformore.com/ today!  ==============================

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5 May 2022

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Living a Life of Surrender with Hayley Braun (95)

Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

Liz has a conversation with Hayley Braun, associate overseer of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Online, in which Hayley takes us on a deep dive into a powerful encounter she experienced two years ago. Within this six-week-long encounter, Hayley’s life was apprehended by the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that completely transformed her from the inside out. Having learned what it truly means to be surrendered and yielded to the Lord, Hayley shares some key takeaways from this encounter. Be encouraged and expectant today. He’s inviting you to abide deeply with Him. Take heart, and dare to believe that there is so much more available to you than you could ever imagine.


24 Jan 2022

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The Good, The God, The Ugly Of Worship With Hayley Braun

Kathy Vallotton: The Good, the God, and the Ugly

Worship is powerful; we are created to be worshippers, not just to perform a worship set or experience it in a moment. In this episode, Kathy sits down with Hayley Braun to discuss the importance of worship. They share their powerful journey in worship and how it has transformed their lives and how they have seen it transform others. I hope this conversation inspires you and encourages you to live a life of worship!


13 Oct 2021

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02 - Hayley Braun: Fear of God > Fear of Man

The Best Finish Podcast

In this episode I interview Hayley Braun, associate overseer of BSSM Online. Hayley’s heart burns for revival and to see the people of God encounter Him in a real and transformational way. Hayley shares on what it was like growing up in South Africa, her love for tea, adapting to American culture, and describes an encounter with the Holy Spirit that lasted for 6 weeks. Letting go of the shield of the fear of man for the shield of the fear of God was vital in her life changing encounter.


11 Oct 2021

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On Being a Powerful Woman with Hayley Braun (144)

Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Powerful women around the world unite! Today we are joined by Hayley Braun, an Overseer of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Online. Hayley is here today talking about what it means to be a powerful woman in ministry and beyond. Stepping into becoming a woman of strength is all about being evenly yoked. Offerings: Hearts Returning Home Wholeness Rising: Every Woman’s Wholeness Handbook


18 Aug 2021

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96. Hayley Braun // Empowered by the Holy Spirit

A Cup Full of Hope Podcast

Hayley Braun is an Associate Overseer of BSSM Online. Originally from South Africa, she now lives in Redding, California. She has a passion to see the people of God walk in true freedom, living a life liberated by the gospel and in connection with one another. She has a passion for developing leaders and does so at Bethel. She and her husband have three children. Tune into this episode as Hayley shares about being empowered by the Holy Spirit. Haley addresses what true surrender looks like, abiding in the Lord, raising children in a spirit-filled home, hope and MORE! Visit Our Website for Show Notes: ACupFullofHopePodcast.com Follow A Cup Full of Hope on Facebook and Instagram: Instagram • Facebook Follow Caroline on Facebook and Instagram Instagram • Facebook

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22 Mar 2021

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Ep. 38 feat. Hayley Braun - Cultivating Hope

The Happy Prophet Podcast

“I don’t hope because of what I see. I hope because of who He is to me.” Hayley Braun This conversation is as deep as it is wide. Hayley is a lover of Jesus and her depth of wisdom and understanding about the truths found in the Word are enlightening, liberating and provoking. You will be moved, invigorated and full of joy listening to her. And even beyond that - instilled with hope to propel forward into for the remainder of the year!


9 Jul 2020