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Episode 9 | Emma Hackett

Bulldog Gear | Podcast

Welcome to episode 9 of the Bulldog Gear Podcast. Today we are joined by Emma Hackett of Limitless Coaching. Emma is a leading mental performance coach, working with elite athletes, from Olympians to podium CrossFit athletes, to business people in order to help them achieve their peak potential.In this episode we spoke about everything from mindfulness, knowing yourself, training your mind like a muscle, and how to view setbacks as nothing more than feedback. Actionable takeaways are plentiful in this episode, especially during these current Covid-19 times - where we’re all spinning a lot of plates.

1hr 50mins

25 Feb 2021

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AgogeTV Episode 57: Emma Hackett "Mary Had A Little Cat"


In today’s podcast we talk to Mindset Coach and Founder of Limitless Coaching Emma Hackett. Emma has an incredible amount of knowledge on how the mind works, and how we can train ourselves mentally, to achieve what we want to achieve. Show notes: Instagram @limitless_coaching Massive shout out and thank you to our sponsor Xendurance! To receive 20% off your next order, go to xendurance.eu and use code AGOGETV20 at the checkout!

1hr 18mins

24 Jul 2020

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Emma Hackett – How to Deal with Pressure & Negative Self Talk | Limitless Mental Performance Coaching

Mindset Growth Mental Strength Toughness & Success Performance Motivation

👩‍🏫 Enjoy this interview with Mental Performance Coach, Emma Hackett from Limitless Coaching. Where she shares her journey, stories, challenges & advice for athletes looking to improve your self-talk & how to deal with high pressure 💎. If you’re wanting to upgrade your mindset and mental performance, we highly recommend you enjoy this interview to the very end! 🧠


8 Jul 2020

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Fitness In 15

We are super excited to introduce you to Emma Hackett (@limitlesscoaching) - probably the most important person you will meet this year!Emma is a Mindset Coach working with driven humans including professional athletes from a range of sports including CrossFit & high profile business people.Make sure you have your notes pad at the ready - this will be a fantastic listen for you.We discuss ; - Emma's background & what led her to becoming a leading mindset coach.- What mindset coaching & mental performance is?- Coaching at high profile competitions such as the CrossFit Games.- How mindfulness & meditation can transform your happiness & success.- What's the #1 change people can make in their life today.You can find Emma here ;@limitlesscoachinghttps://www.limitless-coaching.co.ukMental Strength CertificationExtra Stuff:Follow Alex on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alexmorrellphysio/Follow Pete's Gym HG3 Fitness on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hg3fitness/-Get in touch. Join the discussion with me and other like minded listeners in the episode comments on the Fitness In 15 YouTube Channel or message us...Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexmorrellphysio/https://www.instagram.com/hg3fitness/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fitnessin15Email: movephysiotherapy1@gmail.compete@hg3fitness.com

1hr 10mins

25 Jun 2020

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#16 Upgrading Self-Talk, Awareness & Emotional Intelligence with Emma Hackett

Fitness Unfiltered

On this episode, I speak with the amazing Emma Hackett, a mental performance consultant. In other words, she is a high-performance coach that works with elite athletes and individuals. Throughout our conversation, we discuss details around self-talk, becoming self-aware, reframing, and emotional intelligence. Emma shares so many nuggets of information about how you can apply all these mindset tools and strategies immediately to your life. Take a listen to learn how you can start training your brain to boost your self-talk. In This Episode, You Will Learn: How Emma’s life led her to working in the self-development space. (2:46)How Emma learned to upgrade her self-talk. (5:00)The one morning habit to make you more productive throughout the day. (14:59)How to recover your day when your morning routine doesn’t go as planned. (24:13)How Emma uses visualization tools to set herself up for success. (32:48)How the reticular activating system helps you retrain your brain to fight negative narratives. (50:22)Connect with Emma Hackett: LinkedInInstagramEmma’s emailResources: Atomic Habits by James ClearDare to Lead by Brené BrownMindset by Carol Dweck See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Mar 2020