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Building A Team - March 21, 2021 (Craig Carlson)

Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin CT

Building A Team - March 21, 2021 (Craig Carlson) by Bethany Covenant Church


22 Mar 2021

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Craig Carlson - 12 Syndications & 2,400 Doors in One Year: The Value of Education Before Action

5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate

It’s never too late to start building wealth in Multifamily. Today’s guest, Dr. Craig Carlson started investing in multifamily only last year and already boasts a portfolio of 2,400 doors. Craig started as a dentist in practice and then moved into owning dentistry buildings on the side. Let’s tune into Craig’s wisdom and learn the success you can find when you educate yourself on something then go out and just do it. [00:01 - 07:36] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know CraigCraig gives us a bit of background [07:37 - 13:18] The Value of Education Before ActionCraig talks about the mindset needed to manage a practice while investing in property The cycle of using wealth to build wealth Craig talks about his experience starting a bank [13:19 - 21:03] Investing in Knowledge What Craig learned through losing his tax advantages and how it helpedGaining and investing knowledge in real estate investing Craig talks about why multifamily over any other asset class[21:04 - 26:04] If Only I Could Get 300 Doors (2,400 Doors Later…)Craig’s mindset and journey going from a 300 door goal to acquiring 2,400T.I.N.A. - Capital is searching for a yield [26:05 - 30:08] Know the ‘Who’ Behind Your InvestmentsCraig goes through his vetting strategy as he’s gained experience Gaining trust through networking How Craig overcame the fear of the first deal[30:09 - 40:36] Closing SegmentTactical steps on networking and gaining knowledge Why Craig began a mastermindHow Craig gives back Connect with Craig - links below Final words from Craig and Me Tweetable Quotes:“He who has the most knowledge wins.” - Craig Carlson“I couldn’t just retire and have nothing to do, I needed a purpose in life… I thought, how about real estate and helping others…?” - Craig Carlson“You gotta fly with the eagles if you want to be an eagle.” - Craig CarlsonResources:Rich Dad SeminarThink and Grow Rich------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reach out to Craig by emailing craigcarlson@gmail.com and support him by visiting https://apartmentlife.org/ and learning more about what he does to give back to the community.  Guest Email: craigcarlson@gmail.comConnect with me:https://www.5tcre.com/FacebookLinkedInInstagramWatch 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/5Talents)


19 Oct 2020

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Episode 39: New York Times best selling author Craig Carlson chats about how creativity goes into restaurant design and his best selling books

La Vie Creative

New York Times bestselling author Craig Carlson first came to France as an exchange student in 1985 and instantly fell in love with the country. He never could have imagined that some thirty-five years later he’d be the owner of two American diners in Paris and be nicknamed “Le Pancake Kid” by the French. With a background in journalism, Craig studied cinema at the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts, using his experience as a screenwriter to pen his debut memoir, Pancakes in Paris: Living the American Dream in France. Craig and his husband Julien currently split their time between Paris and Los Angeles. Well, at least they try to. With two busy diners that can’t be left alone for too long, their lives lean heavily on the Paris side, which, of course, is not such a bad thing, n’est-ce pas?Craig: Facebookwww.craigcarlsonauthor.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/join/Laviecreative)


9 Sep 2020

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The Doer - July 26, 2020 (Craig Carlson)

Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin CT

The Doer - July 26, 2020 (Craig Carlson) by Bethany Covenant Church


27 Jul 2020

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Let Them Eat Pancakes: One Man’s Personal Revolution in the City of Light (July 7, 2020) by Craig Carlson, the New York Times bestselling author of Pancakes in Paris.

KUCI: Get the Funk Out

Let Them Eat Pancakes: One Man’s Personal Revolution in the City of Light (July 7, 2020)by Craig Carlson, the New York Times bestselling author of Pancakes in Paris.American, Craig Carlson, author and creator/owner of the infamous Breakfast In America diners in Paris will be back next month with his follow-up book to “Pancakes in Paris” (2016) with a hilarious new story about his life in Paris. In fact, there is already material for a 3rd book because since this past March, Craig and his husband Julien lived in their restaurant whilst waiting out the Covid-19 shelter in place protocols in Paris.Craig has quite a lot to say about how France handled things during the world pandemic and how their rules both for businesses and day-to-day life differ from ours in America. We think your readers and viewers will be fascinated to hear about 2020 through the eyes of a CT born author and screenwriter.WATCH - BBC TOURISM Mixdown BIA-1 Breakfast in America, Paris owner, Craig Carlson discusses the challenge of staying in business as a restaurant owner during the Covid-19 pandemic.WATCH - FRANCE 24 Diasporas in the coronavirus era, Part 4: American restaurateur Craig CarlsonIn this second helping from Craig, he dishes out wonderfully charming tales on the joys and challenges of working, eating, and loving in France, all seen through the lens of Breakfast in America, the first and only American-style diner in Paris, which he founded and runs.But ever since his diner’s inception, he’s always faced down obstacles, whether it’s finding cooks who can navigate the impossibly petite kitchen (and create delicious roast Turkey for the Thanksgiving Special to boot), finding “exotic” ingredients like bacon and bagels, Kafkaesque French bureaucracy, or Draconian labor laws that forbid you from firing employees—even for outright theft!But it’s more than just convincing self-proclaimed anarchists that yes, they do in fact need to pay their bills. Craig delights in hunting for snails with his French mother-in-law and relishes treating his elegant nonagrian neighbor to her first-ever cheeseburger.When Craig finds love, he and his debonair French cheri find themselves battling the most unlikely of foes—the notorious Pigeon Man—for sanity never mind peace and romance, in their little corner of Paris. An avian-induced quarantine from a simpler time!

21 Jul 2020

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Whats The Buzz NY Author Craig Carlson

What's The Buzz NY

New York City-based Comedian Nancy Lombardo,   has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast.  TV credits include The Colin Quinn Show NBC, SNL, “All my Children”  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, PBS, Comedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and the Comedy Channel. She can be seen weekly on The Nancy Lombardo Show channel 56/83/34 NYC and live worldwide on www.mnn.org. Craig Carlson is a CT native who mastered the French language in high school and after attending the University of CT and USC became a screenwriter and a showrunner. In 2003 he created the first American style diner in Paris that is a popular destination for natives, tourists, and both French and American nationals alike.  Craig’s first book, Pancakes in Paris was a huge success and was an optioned book-to-picture. I am so happy to welcome Craig back to “What’s The Buzz NY” to tell us about his new book “Let Them Eat Pancakes. www.craigcarlsonauthor.com


13 Jul 2020

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Trust - May 24, 2020 (Craig Carlson)

Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin CT

Trust - May 24, 2020 (Craig Carlson) by Bethany Covenant Church


23 May 2020

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05: Pancakes in Paris with Craig Carlson

I Wonder If

Have you ever considered making an off-the-wall dream a reality? Even if all the odds appear to be stacked against you? Our guest for today's show, Craig Carlson, went ahead and did just that. In 2003, he opened Breakfast in America, the very first American diner in Paris, even though it's a foreign country with a foreign language, he's not a cook, and he had never before owned a business of his own. This was followed, in 2006, by Breakfast in America 2. Since then, Craig's diners have been serving wholesome American breakfasts to the French, to American ex-pats, and hungry visitors from all over the world. Be sure to listen in today, to hear Craig's unique and inspiring story. In today's episode, Craig talks about his New York Times bestselling book, called Pancakes in Paris, in which he shares his amusing experiences as a small business owner in France, trying to stay sane while coping with crazy cultural differences, rigid bureaucracy, and complex labor laws. Craig has a background in journalism and he studied cinema at the University of Southern California, where he directed an award-winning short film and won the prestigious John Huston Directing Award. Craig's next book, Let Them Eat Pancakes, is due to be released in the summer of 2020. Tune in today, to find out more! Show highlights: Craig shares the "I wonder if..." moment that led him into opening two American diners in Paris. Craig shares his back-story. The French had to learn that they could have breakfast at any time of the day at Breakfast in America. Craig talks about how he found the strength to reach for something greater, after the tough time he had while growing up. Looking back, Craig really appreciates all the help he got from "angels" throughout his difficult early years. Craig talks about his grandmother, who was a great storyteller and had a very positive influence on his life. Craig only discovered the diner breakfast culture after moving to California.  Craig discusses what he loves about Breakfast in America diners. It was very stressful for Craig to have to raise the money to start his business. Finding the right premises for his business was no easy task.  The kind of support that Craig has had from various people throughout his journey. Getting arrested! It's all about the feeling. Some say breakfast is the sexiest meal...  Doing business in France is different from doing business in America. Life has come full-circle for Craig. Craig talks about his new book, Let Them Eat Pancakes, which is coming out in June 2020. Links and resources: Facebook and Instagram: @pancakesinparis Pancakes in Paris Let Them Eat Pancakes  Breakfast in America website: www.breakfast-in-america.com


14 Apr 2020

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Love - February 2, 2020 (Craig Carlson)

Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin CT

Love - February 2, 2020 (Craig Carlson) by Bethany Covenant Church


2 Feb 2020

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Hard Times - July 21, 2019 (Craig Carlson)

Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin CT

Hard Times - July 21, 2019 (Craig Carlson) by Bethany Covenant Church


24 Jul 2019