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Talking about NLP and Primers Latest Products with Sean Gourley, CEO and Founder of Primer

The Pulse of AI

LATEST PODCAST: My guest is Sean Gourley, Founder and CEO of Primer AI.  Joining me on this podcast is CEO and Co-Founder of Primer, Sean Gourley.  As you know I cover AI in all of its various forms and for me NLP is and always has been one of the most exciting areas within the field of AI. And over the past several years the advances we have seen in NLP have been phenomenal and yet business leaders are just now beginning to see the potential that NLP represents. But this is quickly changing as companies like Primer begin to release powerful yet easy to use tools that bring NLP out of the research department and place them in the hands of business users. Primer recently released a new product line called Primer Engines. These are pre-trained engines that can be layered over your data allowing you to do the types of things that just a few years ago were plot lines in Hollywood movies.   And just as importantly, or maybe even more so, they are designed so that even non-technical business users can easily use them. What used to take months and a significant amount of investment in terms of people and money can now be done in a day. Literally. As Sean likes to say they are reducing the cost of curiosity. All of this makes his company, in my opinion, one of the most exciting players in the space.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


20 Aug 2021

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Are You Doing AI With Humans In Mind? | Primer CEO Sean Gourley

Machine Meets World

If you deploy AI and no one uses it, does it make an impact? From Infinia ML | Intelligent Document Processing | https://hubs.ly/H0T45v20 Primer CEO Sean Gourley shares three lessons on AI user experience: 1. Set the Right Expectations 2. Don’t Expect Perfection 3. Make the AI Understandable As Sean says, “the best AI isn't always the one that wins.” Machine Meets World is Infinia ML’s ongoing conversation about artificial intelligence. Read the written article version of this video: https://medium.com/machine-meets-world/are-you-doing-ai-with-humans-in-mind-primer-ceo-sean-gourley-d9a00b72388b?source=friends_link&sk=a8a926c489fd2adf3a413c26bd863a9c


26 Jul 2021

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Sean Gourley — NLP, National Defense, and Establishing Ground Truth

Gradient Dissent

In this episode of Gradient Dissent, Primer CEO Sean Gourley and Lukas Biewald sit down to talk about NLP, working with vast amounts of information, and how crucially it relates to national defense. They also chat about their experience of being second-time founders coming from a data science background and how it affects the way they run their companies. We hope you enjoy this episode!Sean Gourley is the founder and CEO Primer, a natural language processing startup in San Francisco. Previously, he was CTO of Quid an augmented intelligence company that he cofounded back in 2009. And prior to that, he worked on self-repairing nano circuits at NASA Ames. Sean has a PhD in physics from Oxford, where his research as a road scholar focused on graph theory, complex systems, and the mathematical patterns underlying modern war.Follow Sean on Twitter:https://primer.ai/ https://twitter.com/sgourleyTopics Covered:0:00 Sneak peek, intro1:42 Primer's mission and purpose4:29 The Diamond Age – How do we train machines to observe the world and help us understand it7:44 a self-writing Wikipedia9:30 second-time founder11:26 being a founder as a data scientist15:44 commercializing algorithms17:54 Is GPT-3 worth the hype? The mind-blowing scale of transformers23:00 AI Safety, military/defense29:20 disinformation, does ML play a role?34:55 Establishing ground truth and informational provenance39:10 COVID misinformation, Masks, division44:07 most underrated aspect of ML45:09 biggest bottlenecks in ML?Visit our podcasts homepage for transcripts and more episodes!www.wandb.com/podcastGet our podcast on these other platforms:YouTube: http://wandb.me/youtubeSoundcloud: http://wandb.me/soundcloudApple Podcasts: http://wandb.me/apple-podcastsSpotify: http://wandb.me/spotifyGoogle: http://wandb.me/google-podcastsJoin our bi-weekly virtual salon and listen to industry leaders and researchers in machine learning share their work:http://wandb.me/salonJoin our community of ML practitioners where we host AMA's, share interesting projects and meet other people working in Deep Learning:http://wandb.me/slackOur gallery features curated machine learning reports by researchers exploring deep learning techniques, Kagglers showcasing winning models, and industry leaders sharing best practices.https://wandb.ai/gallery


29 Jan 2021

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The Mathematics of War and Future of US-China Relations, Plus AI, Automation and Mutually Assured Destruction | Sean Gourley

The Syndicate

Sean Gourley is a physicist, founder and CEO of AI company, Primer, an expert on the mathematics of war, TED Fellow, speaker and political advisor. Before that, he was CTO and co-founder of Quid, an augmented-intelligence company and also worked on self-repairing nano-circuits at NASA. Sean was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford focused on complex systems... The post The Mathematics of War and Future of US-China Relations, Plus AI, Automation and Mutually Assured Destruction | Sean Gourley appeared first on The Syndicate.

1hr 5mins

2 Mar 2020

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161. The Mathematics of War and Future of US-China Relations, Plus AI, Automation and Mutually Assured Destruction | Sean Gourley

The Disruptors

Sean Gourley (@sgourley) is a physicist, founder and CEO of AI company, Primer, an expert on the mathematics of war, TED Fellow, speaker and political advisor.[spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=20408190" width="100%" height="80px" theme="light" playlist="false" playlist-continuous="false" autoplay="false" live-autoplay="false" chapters-image="true" episode-image-position="right" hide-logo="true" hide-likes="false" hide-comments="false" hide-sharing="false" hide-download="true"]

1hr 6mins

2 Dec 2019

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Primer's Sean Gourley on Bots, Propaganda and Fake News - Ep. 83

The AI Podcast

In 2015 today's guest penned an article called "Robot Propaganda" for Wired magazine. It contained this then bold prediction: "we are likely to see versions of these bots deployed on U.S. audiences as part of the 2016 presidential election campaigns." Well we all know how that turned out. Sean Gourley, founder and CEO of Primer, joined us to talk about bots, propaganda and fake news and how they relate to the work his own company is doing in natural language understanding and generation.


21 Apr 2019

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Sean Gourley: What's next for artificial intelligence in New Zealand?

The Sunday Session with Francesca Rudkin

Artificial Intelligence – what does it hold for our future and is New Zealand ready for the “AI revolution”?That's the question some of the brightest minds in the field hope to answer as they come together for the AI Day 2019 conference in Auckland.Christchurch-born CEO and founder of Primer, a machine intelligence company, Sean Gourley is coming home for the conference, where he will be a key note speaker.Gourley told Francesca Rudkin that New Zealand is quite behind when it comes to artificial intelligence. He says we have not come up with the same level of policy or investment that other countries have done. "New Zealand still hasn't stepped forward on that. We've seen little bits come forward from Australia."He agrees that a lot of people are quite afraid of what artificial intelligence means for their careers and freedom of speech."There definitely are some good reasons to fear what artificial intelligence can do, but I would say at the same time that you should look at all the things it can do," Gourley says, noting health care as the main example. He says artificial intelligence will, on certain cognitive levels, be better than humans when it comes to processing and speed of thought.Gourley says that the next question is where do humans fit in as part of this disruption. "I think the way to look at that is to ask how we can team up with these machines to create a better kind of intelligence."


23 Mar 2019

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Episode 281 with Sean Gourley

Building The Future Show - Radio / TV / Podcast

WHAT IS PRIMERWe build machines that read and writeOrganizations today face a problem. The amount of data we are collecting is growing exponentially. At the same time the number of human analysts who can read it is at best growing linearly. We require new ways to close this intelligence gap and accelerate our understanding of the world.Primer is a machine intelligence company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of large datasets. We build systems that read documents, discover insights and automatically generate reports comparable to those of a human analyst.Our products are built on top of a core set of computational engines. Their architecture is modular by design, allowing for continuous development on our analytic pipeline. These engines allow our customers to process a diverse set of document types across multiple languages. They do the work of extracting information, identifying key insights, performing analysis at scale, and generating output as human-readable text and graphics.Before Primer, Sean was co-founder & CTO of Quid, an augmented-intelligence company. He holds a PhD in physics from Oxford, where his research as a Rhodes Scholar focused on complex systems and the mathematical patterns underlying modern war. He sits on the Board of Directors at Anadarko (NYSE:APC) and is a TED Fellow.https://primer.ai https://twitter.com/primer_ai


10 Sep 2018

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Quid and Primer Founder Sean Gourley: If You Don’t Own the Algorithm, the Algorithm Owns You


It was all the way back in 2013 when Sean Gourley published a blog post titled Prediction just is a parlor trick. Manipulation is much more interesting. In it he wrote: The 2012 election will ultimately go down as the ‘prediction’ election (aka the Nate Silver election), 2016 may well be the first ‘persuasion’ election. An […]

1hr 32mins

21 Apr 2018

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Creepy to Cool with Tom Douglass, ‎Director of Walmart Lab 415-C and Sean Gourley, Co-Founder and CTO of Quid

Outside the Box: Time > Money

What do Blade Runner, 2001 and Terminator all have in common? Beyond great action and suspense, they’ve predicted technologies of the future. From biometrics to facial recognition, these movies have helped to imagine our augmented lives, especially in retail. We’ll hear how these fictionalized ideas are becoming reality, with Sean Gourley of Quid, and Tom Douglass of Walmart’s Lab 415-C.


3 Oct 2017