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Personal and Business Journey Together with Danny Sunshine Bauer - Episode 12

Everyday Business Leader

Danny Bauer is not only a good friend and fellow coach, he is a remarkable leader. He is the founder and author of Better Leaders Better Schools. He is impacting the world through developing leaders who in turn are impacting kids across the world. Listen to his wisdom and insight in this episode.   Danny Bauer-Three Ventures Danny has three ventures that takes approximately 70% of his time.  Better Leaders Better Schools is a coaching program and leadership community.  He serves school principals through a podcast, a mastermind, and coaching. He loves education and loves to teach.  Danny helps others with their podcasting and their mastermind groups as well. “What fires me up in the morning is the opportunity to help and serve people.  I could trace that all the way back to high school; I loved tutoring my peers. When I saw that they got it, saw that light in their eye, see that longing in their heart and their operating within their strengths, and see their dreams become a reality that’s what gives me energy; that’s my oxygen.” – Danny Bauer   Starting a Business Danny claims that he had a lot of dumb luck at the beginning.  He also had a job while starting his business. He dedicated his time to his job and focused 100% and then what time he had left he dedicated time to his business.  Danny found the cultural fit in a district he was working in was not good. He found the woman of his dreams and decided that he would move overseas and began working virtually 100%.  Now he has found a rich life. “The way that I think about it is the school I left had about 1,300 kids, that is a pretty large school and impact.  I work with 41 leaders now and if we say 1,000 kids per school, I’ve increased my impact to 41,000 through coaching.” – Danny Bauer Scarcity Easy connect to your customers Manages his end of day energy windows   Challenges Danny does not want to fail in his virtual business.  He is trying to replace is previous income with his virtual journey and has found some consistency.  Coaching principals has been such a positive experience but deals with imposter syndrome being in an uncomfortable zone at times.  It does get easier each time. “I’m afraid of failure.  It’s scary.” – Danny Bauer   Scarcity Model The one thing that would change Danny’s business would be exposure.  He likes marketing and writing interesting copy and he knows that once people know what he does, they will find it a meaningful asset to their leadership.  He has an application process to a permanently closed group and he has to vet the applicants to become members of his leadership community. Having scarcity to his mastermind made it explode. “The scarcity model absolutely works.” – Danny Bauer To hear more about Danny Bauer’s business journey, download and listen to the episode! Connect with Danny Bauer Website Facebook Insta Twitter LinkedIn   Connect with Business Owner Freedom: Website LinkedIn Facebook If you truly enjoyed the show, don't forget to leave a positive rating and review on iTunes.  We have prepared more episodes for the upcoming weeks, so come by again next week! Thank you for tuning in to the Business Owner Freedom Podcast! Copyright © 2018 BOFP


26 Dec 2018

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#ShareMOEdu Episode 38 with Danny Sunshine Bauer

ShareMOEdu's Podcast

Host of the top downloaded educational leaders podcast, author, and educational leader- Danny Sunshine Bauer brings a positive and exciting energy to this episode. Take time to reflect, be more optimistic, and get inspired!


18 Oct 2018

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Ep38 Danny Sunshine Bauer BLBS Roadmap

Mafost Mashup

In this interview, you're going to get inspirational, innovative, and practical ideas from Danny "Sunshine" Bauer as we discuss his new book, Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap. Topics include:- Part 1: The Inward Journey- Holding Difficult Conversations- Being Other People Focused- Routines To Perform Your Best- Genuine Empathy- Morning SAVERS Routines- Helping People Reach Their Dreams- Giving to Give- Free Coaching Opportunity - Part 2 of Leading Your School- Envision Your Best School- Fighting Isolation for School Leaders- Always Questioning the WhyPreview and purchase the book at https://mafost.com/blbs--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mafost/message


10 Oct 2018

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107: Podcast Success Formula: Find A Need And Fill It, with Danny Sunshine Bauer

Podcastification - podcasting tips, podcast tricks, how to podcast better

https://podcastfasttrack.com/Podcast Success is not accidental.It happens through deliberate strategy and dedicated hard work.Danny “Sunshine” Bauer is a former educator and administrator turned life and leadership coach. His podcast is downloaded more than 95% of all podcasts and he enjoys helping individuals launch and grow podcasts in a “sweat” environment.He is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools and facilitates weekly Masterminds with school leaders from around the globe. A teacher at heart, he also coaches small business owners in running profitable ventures clearly aligned to vision, mission, and values.On this episode of Podcastification, Danny and I chat about the success he’s experienced with his podcast and how YOU can work toward the same kind of results he has experienced. [1:12] Amazing success for Danny’s education focused podcast[5:45] The tactics Danny followed to launch his podcast effectively[8:05] Relational skills aid in the promotion of any podcast, no matter the niche[10:00] How a mastermind played a part in Danny’s podcast success[20:23] What is the best way to find your specific audience?[23:36] The power of providing free stuff that adds tremendous value to users[26:42] Getting past the “hard work” hurdle (none of this is easy)[30:11] How to decide what to work on that will provide tremendous value[34:06] How Danny delivers his free resources (the tech behind it)Featured On This Episodewww.BetterLeadersBetterSchools.com - Danny’s site and podcastDanny Sunshine Bauer’s Business Coaching: 4 Steps to Business FreedomRESOURCESBOOK: The Miracle MorningBOOK: Option BSwitchfoot song: The Shadow Proves the SunshinePodcaster’s ParadiseBrene BrownGary VaynerchukBOOK: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right HookAaron WalkerBOOK: The Enemies of ExcellenceBOOK: The Power of MomentsBOOK: Profit FirstJim Rohn Ramit SethiSeth GodinQuoraPat Flynn - Smart Passive IncomeLeadpages and LeadDigitsConvertKItSubscribe to Podcastification here!


5 Jul 2018

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178 - Danny Sunshine Bauer – Four Steps To Business Freedom

BOSS Academy Radio - Real Business Ownership Success Strategies: Entrepreneur, Small Business, Coaching, Start-ups

Danny "Sunshine" Bauer is a former educator and administrator turned life and leadership coach. He is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools and facilitates weekly Masterminds with school leaders from around the globe. A teacher at heart, he also coaches small business owners in running profitable ventures clearly aligned to vision, mission, and values. His podcast is downloaded more than 95% of all podcasts and he enjoys helping individuals launch and grow podcasts in a "no sweat" environment. In todays episode, Danny will share his insights on VISION, MISSION and VALUES and how these can be a catalyst to help you change your life and achieve what you desire.  Danny will be walking us through his 4 step process that will help you transform your business. [2:47] Sunshine Labelling Story [3:56] Skateboarding and hospital experience  [5:50] The Idea of Vision – Importance of implementing this in our business [7:16] Overview of Four Steps to business program [8:44] Terms defined - Where are you going and when is it going to be done? [8:53] Danny’s terms [9:03] family and freedom – parts of vision story [10:27] Personal and Professional life cannot be separated [11:37] The Anchor - difference between working for someone else and being self-employed [12:19] Importance of family and freedom in business [14:03] Danny’s terms he is working on [14:27] Background and lifestyle [15:00] Not being location dependent while doing the work [15:50] time and schedule flexibility vision [15:52] Family and personal development visions [17:10] Discipline and road map [21:37] Delegation road map to business is critical [24:10] Mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk [25:16] Tips to Paul and listeners to create a task for delegation [26:43] Stop being the worst enemy and anchor to your own business [27:34] Paul’s Story in missing a deadline [30:24] How Danny started delegating [32:29] How can people connect and sign up for coaching session [34:31] Wrap up Tweetables: “Where there’s no vision, people scatter or people perish. Vision without execution is hallucination. Vision without actions is a nightmare. “ Resource: Boss Academy Radio bossacademy.com Connect with Danny: Danny's Website


29 Nov 2017

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Masterminds and Better Leaders with Danny Sunshine Bauer

Leader of Learning

Educational leadership expert, coach, and fellow podcaster Danny Sunshine Bauer discusses his work helping leaders grow through masterminds, his podcast and brand, “Better Leaders Better Schools”, and his insights about inspiration and motivation.For more information, visit http://leaderoflearning.com/episode8


20 Nov 2017

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052: You Get What You Focus On - Danny Sunshine Bauer

The Gratitude Podcast

Danny Sunshine Bauer is a leader of leaders, and on his podcast Better Leaders Better Schools he talks a lot about how in life 10% is what happens to us and 90% is how we react, this where gratitude kicks in.  Also, he's leading a few masterminds and he does a great job at it, he explains how hard it can be to excell at anything while in isolation.  You'll definitely enjoy this conversation, he speaks with authority and you can feel the experience behind each word.  Plus, you'll get to learn where "Sunshine" came from. :)  Daniel E. Bauer helps school leaders create winning cultures, focus on the essential, and lead with courage and integrity. Become a supporter of this podcast:https://anchor.fm/the-gratitude-podcast/support


21 Aug 2017