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Hakeem Oluseyi calls his education ”a matter of life and death”

Access to Excellence Podcast

Hakeem Oluseyi tells George Mason University President Gregory Washington how he went from a life of crime to being one of the world’s renowned astrophysicists. The Visiting Robinson Professor at Mason also describes what aliens might look like – think a two-foot tall Incredible Hulk – and tells a remarkable tale of how working as a hotel janitor, and eating room-service leftovers to survive, made him understand that his education was “a matter of life and death.”


10 Nov 2021

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Quantum Life w/ Hakeem Oluseyi

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria

In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi to talk about his new book, "A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars." They discuss his work in both theoretical cosmology and applied astrophysics as well as the absolute necessity of representation in the sciences.

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30 Aug 2021

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#558 Our Deceptive Universe - Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi

The Not Old - Better Show

Our Deceptive Universe - Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi The Not Old Better Show, Smithsonian Associates Inside Science Series Welcome to The Not Old Better Show.  As part of our Smithsonian  Associates Inside Science Interview Series, we are talking to Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, about his amazing life as an astrophysicist, cosmologist, inventor, educator, science communicator, actor, and author of the new book, A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars You’re going to love this interview, and Dr. Oluseyi’s book is amazing.   Before Einstein published his theory of special relativity, Isaac Newton’s view from centuries earlier was accepted as fact: that we live in a “clockwork universe” where time and space are constant. What Einstein first imagined, and what quantum physics later formulated, is the possibility that we operate in a multiverse—potentially an infinity of universes where different versions of our lives are playing out in ways both imaginable and unimaginable. Our guest today, astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi dives into this mystery—and why the universe we perceive is not the universe that actually exists. In trying to understand our deceptive universe, he examines spacetime, the illusion of mass, the large-scale structure of the universe, dark matter, and dark energy.  But, please don’t let the ‘quantum physics’ element here sound too deep because Dr Oluseyi explains the ideas with simple ease so all of us can understand, plus we talk about Dr. Oluseyi coming of age life, overcoming obstacles…crime, poverty, addiction, and work as a janitor, all to succeed beyond expectations. Including the fact that Dr.Oluseyi recently served as the space science education lead in the Space Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he provided strategic leadership and management for the directorate’s investments in science education and communications. Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show on KSCW, Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi. Hakeem’s new book, A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars (Ballantine Books) is available for purchase at Apple Books. Find out more about Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi’s upcoming Smithsonian Associates presentation HERE: https://smithsonianassociates.org/ticketing/tickets/our-deceptive-universe


7 Jul 2021

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Ep. 335: Hakeem Oluseyi Reflects on His Quantum Life and Journey from the Streets to the Stars

The Chauncey DeVega Show

There are two guests on this episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi is the author (with Joshua Horwitz) of the new book A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars. He is also a professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, and a frequent contributor to the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Hakeem has given multiple TED talks and is regularly invited to speak at science forums all around the world.  Hakeem reflects on how he managed to go from being an at-risk youth and self-described gangster nerd to one of the leading astrophysicists in the world. He shares the choices, luck, highs and lows, and random good fortune that pushed him along on that journey. Hakeem also offers wisdom and advice about navigating the color line as a black scientist, the importance of mentors, and his relationship with the late Chadwick Bowsman. And of course, he does some teaching on the likelihood of UFOs visiting the planet Earth, dark matter, and the multiverse. Jason Colavito is a professional skeptic and author. His investigations have appeared on the American Heroes Channel and the History Channel. Colavito’s essays and commentary have also been featured by The New Republic and other leading publications. His forthcoming book is The Legends of the Pyramids. Jason returns to the podcast to offer his thoughts on the Pentagon’s newly released UFO/UAP report and what it does and does not reveal about “extraterrestrials” and other “exotic” and “unknown” “aircraft” and their supposed encounters with the United States military. Chauncey DeVega continues to warn that Donald Trump and his regime did in fact attempt a military coup. And Chauncey also highlights one of the funniest and most dark and revealing new episodes in the white right’s anti-black and anti-brown “critical race theory” moral panic – Christian fascist Pat Robertson channeling his Django Unchained nightmare about black people taking up the “whip handle” against white people. SELECTED LINKS OF INTEREST FOR THIS EPISODE OF THE CHAUNCEY DEVEGA SHOW Pat Robertson calls critical race theory an ‘evil’ urging Black people to take ‘whip handle’ against whites Top US general rejected Trump suggestions military should 'crack skulls' during protests last year, new book claims Inside William Barr’s Breakup With Trump OAN host suggests ‘traitors’ who ‘stole’ election should be executed How close did Trump come to attempting a military coup? Much too close What would America be like if Trump's coup had succeeded? Suppressing SNL is only the start WHERE CAN YOU FIND ME? On Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaunceydevega On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chauncey.devega My email: chaunceydevega@gmail.com HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE CHAUNCEY DEVEGA SHOW? Via Paypal at ChaunceyDeVega.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thechaunceydevegashow Music at the end of this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show is by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. You can listen to some of their great music on Spotify.

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30 Jun 2021

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Unmarked graves in Saskatchewan, an essential workers new deal, physicist Hakeem Oluseyi, the history of why we swim

The Sunday Magazine

This week on The Sunday Magazine with guest host David Common:• Psychiatrist Dr. Nel Wieman about how to grieve the lives lost at residential schools• Hassan Yussuff and Deena Ladd on why essential workers need better protections• Astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi on his journey from drug addiction to academia• We also revisit conversation with writer Bonnie Tsui about why humans are drawn to swimming

1hr 30mins

27 Jun 2021

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A Quantum Life with Hakeem Oluseyi

StarTalk Radio

How do you beat the odds and become an astrophysicist? On this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice sit down with astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi to discuss his path to becoming an astrophysicist and his new book A Quantum Life. NOTE: StarTalk+ Patrons can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/show/a-quantum-life-with-hakeem-oluseyi/ Thanks to our Patrons EMILY RIVERA, Jocelyn Sailas, Nickalos Early, zach hughes, Shawn Shortridge, Ghokul S, Emily Long, Vijay Ramani, and Joe Means for supporting us this week. Image Credit: NASA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


14 Jun 2021

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Hakeem Oluseyi Returns

ID10T with Chris Hardwick

Astrophysicist Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi returns to the podcast! He and Chris talk about science education, the Mars Curiosity Rover, and cross-pollinating your career with different interests. Hakeem also talks about his upcoming memoir, "A QUANTUM LIFE: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars" out June 15th and the new season of "How the Universe Works", Wednesdays at 8pm on The Science Channel and streaming on Discovery+!See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 34mins

3 May 2021

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#14 Hakeem Oluseyi

Anchors Up Podcast

An astrophysicist who has roots in the Bay and a regular on tv and a memoir on its way and more in store--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/anchorsupodcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/anchorsupodcast/support

1hr 4mins

18 Apr 2021

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Ep 21: Hakeem Oluseyi

Interviews with Technical People

Today we are joined by Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi.  Join us as we discuss topics including the scale of the known universe, what minimum level math should be taught to all people, his research into James Webb, and his journey to become a well-known science communicator featured on several television programs.  Also check out his book "A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Street to the Stars"

2hr 2mins

19 Mar 2021

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#242: [REPUBLISHED] Hakeem Oluseyi - Becoming an Industry Mercenary

Innovation Crush

What happens when you grow up on both Fat Albert and Albert Einstein? You get Hakeem Oluseyi. As one of the world's foremost scientists, Hakeem wears many hats-- TV personality, professor, life coach, consultant, voice actor, philanthropist, and former chief science officer at the Discovery Channel, to name a few. As a kid, he grew up in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. As an adult he has traveled the world, spreading the gospel of the sciences. On Innovation Crush, Hakeem stops by-- alongside special guest co host and Emmy award winner, Pili Montilla-- to discuss personal branding, his early obsession with how the universe works, life balance, that one time he almost dropped out of Stanford, and even makes a special exclusive announcement. Social: @hakeemoluseyi @pilimontilla. Enjoy Apollo Neuro: www.apolloneuro.com/crushSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


1 Jul 2020