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(Tues Early Bird) Nate Smith Calls Into The Show To Share Why He Pushed His Album Release Date Back, The Time He Called 911 and His Dad Showed Up, & More! + Lunchbox sends a letter to Todd Chrisley in Prison + Mailbag: Quiz Bowl Champion

The Bobby Bones Show

We start the day by hearing from Nate Smith! His song "Whiskey on You" is almost number one! Find out why he pushed his album release date back and about the time he called 911 and his dad showed up...Plus, hear why Lunchbox sent a letter to Todd Chrisley in prison and what it said! Mailbag: An 8th grader is the caption of the Quiz Bowl at her school. She’s one of the only girls on the team and wants advice on how to win in hopes of inspiring other girls to join! Hear our advice!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 Jan 2023

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Nate Smith - January 2023

Country Music Talk

In this episode, Baylen catches up with a singer songwriter who had a HUGE year in 2022...Nate Smith scored a Gold Certified single, made his Grand Ole Opry debut and announced his debut album. Nate reflects on an incredible year and looks ahead to his album release and his appearance at C2C in 2023...


6 Jan 2023

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303: Nate Smith

The Trap Set with Joe Wong

Over the last two decades, Nate Smith has emerged as one of his generation's most innovative drummers. His unique style marries a deep, earthy sense of time with cerebral adventurousness. Nate has backed artists such as Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, and Brittany Howard; and in recent years he has come into his own as a composer and bandleader. This episode was recorded during the summer of 2021, just before The Trap Set went on hiatus. Nate's story is more relevant than ever.


23 Nov 2022

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(Mon Full Show) Keith Urban In Studio Talking About His Las Vegas Residency, New Music And More! + Nate Smith Is On The Show Talking About The Jobs He Had Before Pursuing Music, His Bands Name And More! + Update On Amy Possibly Selling Feet Pictures

The Bobby Bones Show

Keith Urban joins us in the studio to talk about his Las Vegas residency, new music, the best show he's seen lately and more! Plus, Nate Smith is also with us today talking about his debut album coming out soon, the jobs he had before pursing being an artist full time and more! Then, Amy shares another update from the man who offered to pay her for feet pictures. Hear if she's going to do it! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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14 Nov 2022

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(Thurs Full Show) Amy Almost Got Scammed Again + Lunchbox Saw A Big Celebrity In The Wild + The Embarrassing Thing Abby Said During A Bobbycast With Nate Smith

The Bobby Bones Show

Amy shares that she almost got scammed again when she received something in the mail. Find out what it was and why it's more common than you'd think so you don't fall for it and get scammed! Then, Lunchbox says he saw a "huge celebrity" recently at a local sandwich shop and that someone even almost passed out seeing them. He gives us some clues, but we have a hard time guessing...You won't believe the twist of who it is. Then, we share a clip from an interview with Nate Smith, Abby recently did on a Bobbycast episode and how she embarrassed herself!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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27 Oct 2022

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#369 - Nate Smith on How Heartbreak and Devastation Led Him to His Career in Music


It hasn't been an easy road for Nate Smith, but he's proven that when you get knocked down, you have to get back up.  Guest host Abby sits down with Nate to talk about his journey from California to Nashville and how losing everything in a fire reignited his passion to pursue music full time.  Nate has a new album coming out soon, he's been on the road with Brett Eldredge and he made his Opry debut earlier this year. He's also super funny as you'll hear in this episode.  He shares the story behind his song "I Don't Wanna Go to Heaven," what his career goals are, his musical influences and he teases something huge for next year.  Nate and Abby talk about the struggles of dating, battling anxiety, and a creepy writing retreat.   To end the episode, he answers some rapid-fire questions and Abby embarrasses herself big time with one of the questions! Follow Nate on Instagram @natesmith and on TikTok @natesmithmusic and Abby on Instagram @abby.anderson1_See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 4mins

27 Oct 2022

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Secular Sexuality 09.35 09-01-2022 with Christy Powell, Nate Smith, and Student Doctor Ben

Secular Sexuality

If you’re anything like us you’ve probably been avoiding learning about monkeypox as best you can, I mean who needs another potential pandemic? In this economy? But, as we’ve all learned the hard way these past few years, global health crises aren’t the type of thing you should let fester. Luckily Student Doctor Ben joins Nate and Christy this week to help the unwanted information go down, to get us up to speed on what we know and need to do and to clue us in what’s turning him on this week. Some inconvenient truth and a quality conversation plus your calls and questions on this week’s SecX!Learn more and find what’s turning us on at https://www.vcatx.com/media/monkeypox Secular Sexuality show is LIVE every Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30pm Central Time

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2 Sep 2022

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Talk Heathen 06.32 08-07-2022 with Secular Rarity and Nate Smith

Talk Heathen

For today’s Talk Heathen, we have Secular Rarity joined by Nate Smith and Jason Sherwood who will take calls in search of the answers for the big questions in life.Patrick in FL is first and wants to talk about the difference between a panpsychism and a panprotopsychism. There seems to be a problem when we try to put a nice little neat circle around consciousness and then extrapolate that for all living beings. Response to stimuli does not necessarily mean that something is conscious. How do we determine the difference between responding to outside stimuli and a self aware being? How do you make the leap to all consciousness being connected in the universe? What is the value of thinking this?Xeno from South Korea would like to pose the ontological argument for god. The hosts asked several times, “Xeno, what do you mean by ontology? “ The caller was unable to provide a definition. Jason in TN has religious friends that are uncomfortable with the struggle of trans people going through transition. The Bible does not really talk about trans people but the bigots like to take the opportunity to lump everything together. We need to stop gatekeeping who is and is not accepted in that community, and tear down the barriers of tribalism that have poisoned us for so long. Jason in FL says that Jediism started as a myth and has turned into reality, and that we can do amazing things with the mind. It is a physical and mental art of disciplining oneself. There have been many religions that have been used as the philosophy of Jediism. Do you believe in The Force and have the ability to lift stuff up with your mind? This sounds more like a philosophical practice rather than a woo woo religion. If you get more out of movies than art and entertainment, then more power to you. Just be careful if you feel like these things are literally talking to you.Thank you for tuning in! Thank you to the essential workers!

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7 Aug 2022

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Secular Sexuality 09.23 06-09-2022 with Christy Powell, Nate Smith, and ObjectivelyDan

Secular Sexuality

Peanut butter and jelly, apples and bananas, condoms and non-oil based lube; some things feel like they're just built to go together. If you’re a fan of Secular Sexuality however you may not like PB&J- we suspect there are more peanut butter and banana people out there then Kinsey’s classical survey data may indicate. So what happens when 3 bananas decide to buck the ancient social order and make their own life for themself? Well, bad jokes, for one, but also a Secular Sexuality episode about complementarianism and the gender myths that still impact our lives. Christy, Nate and ObjectivelyDan, what’s turning us on and your calls and questions on this week’s SecX! Dive deeper into the episode and find what’s turning us on this week at https://www.vcatx.com/media/complementarianism

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10 Jun 2022

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Truth Wanted 05.21 05-27-2022 with Nate Smith and Paulogia

Truth Wanted

Hey Truth Seekers! Welcome to another episode of Truth Wanted! This week Nate Smith is joined by Paulogia!First up is Otangelo from Brazil who wants to know what kind of evidence for god the hosts would accept, and what it would take to thoroughly convince them.Next up is Raymond from FL who wants to continue the conversation about why people are so easily indoctrinated to fear hell, even long after they’ve deconverted.Next is Red from OH who believes that religious indoctrination is often, although not always, a pathway to child abuse.Our final caller for the evening is Kristen from NC who recounts a past experience with an “apparition,” and how that interpretation of events made it challenging to deconstruct their faith.

1hr 22mins

28 May 2022