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Episode 59: Colin Spoelman & Ryan Ciuchta (Kings County Distillery)

Beneath The Char

Interested in learning more about NYC's fastest growing whiskey distillery?  Tune in now to hear Colin and Ryan talk about Kings County and what they're building in the heart of Brooklyn!  Fun conversation with two gentlemen pursuing their passions!

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9 Feb 2022

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Dead Distilers Author Colin Spoelman // Bourbon History

Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

Join me for part one of my discussion with Kings County Distillery's master distiller and co-founder Colin Spoelman. A few years back Colin wrote an intriguing book about American whiskey history called Dead Distillers and we will take the time in this episode to chat a bit about his background as a New York City distiller.

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7 Sep 2021

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The Bourbon Daily Show #1,182 – The Bourbon Talk Show Week (2 of 2): Colin Spoelman & OJ Lima from Episode #7

The Bourbon Daily

Steve and McNew share some behind-the-scenes insight and present their interviews of Colin Spoelman & OJ Lima on The Bourbon Talk Show. Watch these interviews as well as any others from this series right here: https://bit.ly/3i3keXB TBD music is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Important Links: ABV Network Shop: https://shop.abvnetwork.com/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theabvnetwork Check us out at: abvnetwork.com.

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27 Jul 2021

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Distillers Talk #29 (Talk about Bourbon, Whiskey, Moonshine & More) - Colin Spoelman of Kings County Distillery

Distillers Talk

Christi Atkinson hosts as Alan Bishop of Spirits of French Lick and Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery interview Colin Spoelman of Kings County Distillery. Links: ABV Network Shop: https://shop.abvnetwork.com/ Our Club: https://www.abvnetwork.com/club Challenge Coin Challenges: https://www.abvnetwork.com/coin Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theabvnetwork Check us out at: abvnetwork.com. Join the revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile on social media.

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15 Oct 2020

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Colin Spoelman From Kings County Distillery

Cocktails Distilled

When you think of American whiskey, you automatically think of bourbon. And when you think of bourbon, you automatically think of States like Kentucky and Tennessee, but in this age of craft distilling not all the amazing bourbon that is being made in the US is restricted to those two states. A relative newcomer to the bourbon game, Kings County Distillery, based in Brooklyn are showing that the future of American whiskey may be found in the stills of small batch distillers. We talk to co-founder and head distiller, Colin Spellman about pot stills, flavor, and bottled in bond. 


6 Aug 2020

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Kings County Distillery's Founder Colin Spoelman talks New York Whiskey


Ready for some New York Bourbon Whiskey? Kings County Distillery's Colin Spoelman talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about the Brooklyn, New York distillery. Colin talks about their award-winning Kings County Bourbon Whiskeys, Kings County Peated Bourbon, and even their new limited edition bonded applejack.  Email tom@bourbonblog.com if you have a guest you would like to see on our podcast and nightly show. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bourbonblog/support

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20 Jun 2020

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Episode 92: Kings County Distillery with Colin Spoelman

Bit by a Fox Podcast

For this week's episode I spoke with Colin Spoelman, the Co-Founder and Head Distiller of Kings County Distillery - New York City's oldest, largest, and premier whiskey distillery, and a leader in America's craft distilling movement. Founded in 2010, Kings County was New York City's first whiskey distillery since prohibition. They are just now celebrating their 10 year anniversary. This was a fun deep dive into the history of Kings County, and a look back on the seismic changes in craft distilling and American whiskey over the course of a decade.   Bit by a Fox Links: Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter Podcast Music


18 Apr 2020

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S1E11 - Colin Spoelman - Kings County Distillery - The History of the Distillery and What American Craft Whiskey Means to the Spirits World - 051419

Hear in Spirit

Colin Spoelman, founder Kings County Distillery, used to bring moonshine back from his home state of Kentucky to his friends in New York.  Eventually, he started making his own whiskey in his apartment in Brooklyn before expanding the operation. Colin and I discuss the history of the distillery, the craft whisky movement and market, what separates it from the major distilleries and conglomerates, and what regionalization means to the future of American Whiskey.


15 May 2019

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The Bourbon Show #24: Colin Spoelman

The Bourbon Show

Steve, Kaitlyn and Evan talk to Colin Spoelman the owner of Kings County Distillery (kingscountydistillery.com). Be sure to listen to the very end because we have a new cocktail segment after the show featuring our very own ABV Network Staff Mixologist Sailor Retro mixing up a unique handcrafted cocktail. The Bourbon Show music (Whiskey on the Mississippi) is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

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15 Aug 2017

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#28 Colin Spoelman - Dead Distillers

MUNCHIES: The Podcast

Colin Spoelman is master distiller at Kings County Distillery and an expert on the history of spirits - liquid and spectral.  This Halloween, Colin takes us to Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery to meet some permanent residents and explore the myths and legends of famous distillers buried just a few feet below our own. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


31 Oct 2016