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Walking with Nomads: 2,800-miles Across the Entire Length of Morocco with Explorer Alice Morrison

Armchair Explorer

Follow explorer Alice Morrison on a world-first 2,800-mile trek across the entire length of Morocco. Starting in the city of Ouarzazate, at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, we will walk with her from the lush valleys of the Draa River across the barren windswept dunes of the Western Sahara to the tallest peaks of the High Atlas Mountains. We will discover lost cities, tombs of giants, singing sands and dinosaur footprints. We will learn about the lives of the nomadic Sahrawis, the people of the desert, and the Amazigh, the original inhabitants of Morocco. This is more than a long walk, this is a journey through the culture and history of one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries on Earth.But Alice didn’t do it just any old way. Mirroring journeys taken by traders and nomads across Morocco for centuries, she decided to travel in a traditional caravan of six camels, led by her two Amazigh companions and camelteers Brahim and Addi. And despite not being very keen on the animals to start with, she ended up falling head-over-heels for them – particularly a very naughty one called Hamish. Yes, that’s right – somewhere in Morocco right now, there is a camel called Hamish. This is a story about history and archeology, it’s a story about endurance and moments of sublime beauty. But mostly it’s a story about a deep exploration of a place and its people. Alice relied on the kindness and hospitality of local communities throughout and because she speaks fluent Arabic she was able to get an intimate insight into their lives that most outsiders would never see.It’s also one hell of an adventure. Alice is known as ‘Indiana Jones for Girls’. This is a story that even Indy himself would have been proud of.-- If you enjoy this episode please connect with Alice, you’re going to have a lot of fun following her adventures. Her Instagram and Twitter is @aliceoutthere1. Her Facebook is @alicehuntermorrisonadventures and her You Tube channel is alicemorrison.She has three books out, the latest of which is called Adventures in Morocco – she’s a great writer and covers loads more than we could fit into this episode. Finally, because I know you love podcasts, please check out hers – it’s called Alice in Wanderland and it’s one of my favourites.--Thank you to Juggernaut Wines for sponsoring this episode! We’ve got a special deal for listeners of this show. You can get four bottles – two cabernet sauvignons and two pinot noir delivered direct to your home for only 1 cent in shipping costs. One cent! Just head over to www.juggernautwines.com and type in the code ARMCHAIR21. Drinking their wine is a great way to support the show … how cool is that?!--Check out Armchair Explorer (www.armchair-explorer.com) for background videos, photos and more on each episode. And please hit that follow button to support the show!Follow @armchairexplorerpodcast across Instagram 


7 Jul 2021

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Scottish Adventurer Alice Morrison shares tales of exploring Africa, including crossing the Sahara Desert.

Scotland Outdoors

Alice Morrison chats with Mark Stephen and Helen Needham


31 Mar 2021

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Chatting to Alice Morrison

Chatting to a Friend

Alice Morrison is an adventurer and an explorer. She travels to the furthest places on earth and walks through its toughest habitats. She has been described as ‘Indiana Jones for girls’. Her aim is to bear witness to what is happening to the planet as our climate and our society changes and to tell the stories that bring we humans together rather than the ones that drive us apart.Alice was was born in 1963 in Edinburgh. Six weeks later, her parents boarded a ship and sailed to Africa. For the first 8 years of her life, she ran free in the African Bush, roaming around the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon in Uganda, hunting tadpoles and running away from snakes.At the age of 11, it was back to Scotland to St Denis and Cranley Academy for Young Ladies,  followed by Edinburgh University, where she studied Arabic and Turkish. She spent six memorable months living in Damascus and then after university lived for two years in Cairo, teaching English and exploring the country. Moving to London, she pursued a career in journalism which had started in Dubai at “What’s On in Dubai”. From there to Middle East Broadcasting, the original Arabic Satellite News Station.  The next step was to BBC News with jobs on BBC World TV and then BBC Arabic TV.  She went on to become co-Editor for the BBC News Channel output between 10 am and 8 pm. For the new millennium she moved North to Manchester and onto the internet with Supanet where she built the ISP’s content from six pages to one million pages in two years. She also started to break out into mini adventures squeezed into the holidays: the Snowdon Challenge, crossing Costa Rica coast to coast, Kilimanjaro, ice climbing in the Andes, climbing the Ruwenzoris….In 2002, she plunged into public service when she was appointed as CEO of Vision+Media, a quango dedicated to growing the creative industries in the Northwest and remained there for nine years. With a change in government policy, she was made redundant and left the rat race for a bike race. She entered the Tour D’Afrique and raced her bike from Cairo to Cape Town: 12,500km through ten countries in 100 days with 20 days rest. Bitten with the adventure bug, she entered the Marathon Des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth, 6 marathons across the Sahara in 6 days carrying all your own food and equipment. As a self-confessed “terrible runner” who had never even run a marathon, she decided to give herself the best possible chance by moving to Morocco in January 2014 to train in the sand and sun.She loved Morocco so much she stayed and committed to her heart’s desire of becoming a full time adventurer.In 2015 she did her first “world first” with the Atlas to Atlantic Trek, sponsored by Epic Travel. She and her expedition guide, Rachid Aitelmahjoub, became the first people ever to hike from the highest point in North Africa, Mount Toubkal (4167m) to the Atlantic Ocean (Agadir) straight across the Atlas Mountains. She has also run the Everest Trail Race, became the first woman to Draa River in Morocco and then decided to walk across the whole of Morocco with three Berber companions and six camels!We talk about her childhood, her career, her love of languages, the change in direction to become an adventurer, how one grows as a person in the face of adversity and lots more. I could have carried on talking to her for hours, but all good things must come to an end!!You can find Alice in all the following places and her books are available on Amazon or through her website.Web: www.alicemorrison.co.ukPodcast: Alice in WanderlandTwitter: aliceoutthere1Instagram: aliceoutthere1Fbook: Alice Hunter Morrison Adventures

18 Mar 2021

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Episode 06: Meet Alice Morrison - Full time Adventurer, Author& Documentary Host

She Dares To Travel Podcast

Episode 06: Meet Alice Morrison Multi-lingual full-time Adventurer, Author, Documentary & Podcast Host.  Alice Morrison joins us from the base of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco where she currently lives to share her adventures from all over the world. She has been given the title of Indiana Jones for girls and after you hear, you'll understand why! She's been traveling the world since she was 6 months old, grew up in Uganda, Africa and attended University in Edinburgh, Scotland & Cairo, Egypt. While living in the UK she worked her way up the corporate ladder  working as co-Editor of the daytime hours for the BBC News Channel and was one of only three female news editors in the corporation at the time. After a turn of events she found herself looking for a change and decided to join the Tour d'Afrique - racing her bike across Africa from Cairo to Capetown and she hasn't stopped adventuring since.  Alice not only has a passion for travel, but her determination to try something new is truly an inspiration.  Enjoy! alicemorrison.co.uk Alice Morrison Adventures in Morocco Book Thank You to our Sponsor - Staples Studio Canada


14 Feb 2021

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Alice Morrison - A 1,000 mile walk with 3 Amazigh (Berber) companions and 6 camels across the Sahara desert in Morocco!

Tough Girl Podcast

Alice in her own words…   “I am an adventurer and an explorer. I travel to the furthest places on earth and walk through its toughest habitats. I have been described as ‘Indiana Jones for girls’  (which I liked!) We live in a time when the world is in crisis in so many ways. I want to bear witness to what is happening to the planet as our climate and our society changes and I want to tell the stories that bring we humans together rather than the ones that drive us apart. Together, we can strive towards solutions and a happier world.  What better place to start than with the places and people that are furthest away.”   During this episode Alice will share more about her walk across the Sahara Desert. Alice left Draa at Oued Chbika on the 26th November 2019 and walked over 1000 miles (with three Amazigh (Berber) companions and six camels) to Guerguerat on the Mauritanian Border and finished part 2 of the adventure at the end of February 2020.    Show notes Who is Alice The Sahara Expedition - the toughest challenge to date The team of camels The 2nd part of the trilogy The planning and preparation  Starting in November 2019 Using an expedition organiser  The challenge of getting water and food The goals and the purpose Reclaiming the word explore Wanting to travel slow and to take in all the details Being a woman and how she can interact with everyone Not doing enough training The start line and what it was like Finding sponsors and getting media attention Thank you to Craghoppers How expectations didn’t match the reality Team dynamics Getting into routine Walking at 5km per hour Looking for trees in the desert Tent life Being a team member and not just a client Getting water from Nomads Being on an expedition with 6 camels Starting a podcast! Alice in Wanderland Spending the New Year in the desert Making Christmas special  Walking into the nothingness of the desert Climate change and desertification  Key lessons from the experience  Learning patience Hoping to take on part 3 of the expedition at the end of June Final words of advice    Social Media   Website : www.alicemorrison.co.uk   Twitter: @aliceoutthere1 Instagram: @aliceoutthere1 Facebook: @AliceHunterMorrisonAdventures 


23 Apr 2020

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The Adventure Podcast Episode 102: An Interview with Explorer and Adventurer Alice Morrison

The Adventure Podcast

On this week's episode of The Adventure Podcast, Dave and Kraig sit down fro an amazing chat with professional explorer and adventurer Alice Morrison. Alice talks to the guys about her adventures across Northern Africa, what its like to cross the Sahara Desert on foot, and run an ultramarathon around Mt. Everest in Nepal. She also shares advice on how to start a career as a full-time adventurer, while offering a few interesting stories about unexpected mishaps when speaking a foreign langue.  Before jumping into the interview with Alice, the boys first take a look at the latest Adventure News, with stories about a virtual trek to Everest Base Camp, a wild virtual ultramarathon, and the funniest warranty claims that customers have requested from REI. Later, in our weekly gear segment, they both offer a few reviews. Kraig tested a pair of Silencr pants and the Burr jacket from Kühl, while Dave shares his excitement over a crowdfunded ebike that he had just ordered called the FLX Babymker. (We can't make this stuff up!) Show Notes: Alice Morrison's Books on Amazon:Dodging Elephants Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure Adventures in Morocco: From Souks to the Sahara A Virtual Trek to Everest Base Camp Adventure Journal: 19 Outrageous Warranty Claims to REI

2hr 17mins

14 Apr 2020

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Alice Morrison racing in the Tour D’Afrique from Cairo to Cape Town on a bike; world first trek from the highest point of North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean, and running the Marathon Des Sables

Tough Girl Podcast

Alice Morrison, is a Scottish Adventurer, currently based in Morocco. After a childhood spent running around the African Bush, she was sent to boarding school in Edinburgh where she learned Latin but no decorum. She studied Arabic and Turkish at University which has led to a long love affair with the Middle East.  Adventuring had been something she had always done part time until in her mid-forties destiny in the shape of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, intervened. His cuts made her redundant and she gleefully burned her briefcase, and headed off for a life in the unknown. She has plunged through a number adventures including the Tour D’Afrique when she raced from Cairo to Cape Town on a bike; Atlas to Atlantic, a world first trek from the highest point of North Africa straight across the Atlas mountains to the sea; and the Marathon Des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth, six marathons across the Sahara desert in six days.  “If I can do it, anyone can,” she says, “You just have to set your sights firmly on your goal and then pursue it with demonic persistence ignoring pain, humiliation and despair along the way. It is always worth it!” Show notes Who is Alice, her background and how she got into adventure What her childhood was like growing up in Africa The hazards of speaking a foreign language Her career path and following a normal path Building a company and being a CEO Dealing with the company going under and having to make changes in her life The Tour D'Afrique is the longest bike race on earth (12,000 kilometres from Cairo to Cape Town) Training and preparation for the bike race… Cycling in a big group and struggling at the start Day to day life on the road and how the tour worked Dodging Elephants….. Going through a life changing experience and making decisions about her life Dealing with the adventure blues Trying to find a normal job again… Deciding to do the Marathon des Sables even though she’d never run a marathon before! Moving to Morocco to train and deciding to become a professional adventurer Learning languages  Doing her first - World First - the Atlas Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean - 350km Why it was so much harder than she though it was going to be How she coped with the mental pressure of challenging times and why staying in the moment was so important The cultural challenges of being a woman in Morocco Loss of status and income and friends and family reaction to becoming an adventurer Money and making it work financially Corporate sponsors - Craghopper and NTT Data UK Not having a typical day or week at work What’s been happening since November 2018 Deciding on a new challenge  - The Everest Trail Race  The magical moments on the race Not having much of a break before heading of on another adventure Walking the length of the River Darr in Morocco (1,200km from the start to the sea at Tan Tan) Her new book! My 1001 Nights What’s next?! Quick Fire Questions Final words of advice  Social Media New Book just out! My 1001 Nights Website : www.alicemorrison.co.uk Twitter: @aliceoutthere1 Instagram: @aliceoutthere1   Facebook: @AliceHunterMorrisonAdventures

1hr 4mins

22 Oct 2019

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Alice Morrison (Otago Museum Science Communicator on medicinal plants in the tropical forest) Interview - Jamie Green - Radio One 91fm

Radio One 91FM Dunedin

Alice Morrison (Otago Museum Science Communicator on medicinal plants in the tropical forest) Interview by Jamie Green on Radio One 91fm Dunedin

25 Jun 2019

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Why Morocco 018 – Alice Morrison on trekking along the Draa River

Why Morocco

Alice Morrison describes herself as an adventurer and she has just completed an 81-day trek along the Draa River in Morocco’s south. Palm groves, adobe houses, and kasbahs that dot the landscape, and of course the flowing Draa River make this region one of my favourite region of Morocco. Accompanied by a team of local guides, Alice witnessed the effects of climate change and learned about nomadic life and how to spot a well in the middle of the Sahara Desert. But what really fascinated me about her adventure was her discovery of a former village while sat atop a sand dune one evening. Listen in to hear about Alice’s adventures in Morocco’s south. To support Why Morocco, please consider buying me a coffee nouss nouss. For more Morocco ideas and advise, follow me on Instagram at @mandyinmorocco. My other projects include: Tasting Marrakech food and cultural tours in Marrakech tasting-marrakech.com A boutique PR agency that works with brands based in Morocco seeking to reach international audiences or those seeking to break in to the Moroccan market saysomethingcommunication.com Freelance writing for print and digital  mandyinmorocco.com/freelance-writing/ And the little blog called Why Morocco that started back in 2010 when I decided to swap public employee life to pursue life in Marrakech mandyinmorocco.com.


15 May 2019

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S1 - E7 - Alice Morrison - Consolidated

Bait and Switch Podcast

Consolidated File for Episode 7 with author Alice Morrison. Enjoy!


15 Nov 2018