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Peter Grossman in Page 6

Cooper And Anthony Show

Spencer Pratt claims famous pap shots of Brangelina were a set-up, and calls out Peter Grossman in Page 6. More at www.CooperandAnthony.com, and watch us nightly at 7pm EST https://www.twitch.tv/cooperandanthony


24 Jul 2021

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Peter Grossman Talking about Kim and Kanye

Cooper And Anthony Show

Peter Grossman (formally from Us Weekly) joins us to talk about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West calling it quits.  More at www.CooperandAnthony.com


6 Jan 2021

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Reinventing Compliance & Anti-Corruption Training with Peter Grossman

The Walden Pond

Peter Grossman is the co-founder and Chief Strategist of Labyrinth Training, a leading compliance, innovation, and training company that is redefining how compliance and code of conduct training is delivered to employees. They are dedicated to training employees through captivating storytelling. Labyrinth uses award-winning interactive design to bring their clients’ policies to life, which engages the audience and imparts knowledge when they are paying full attention. He joins Vince Walden to discuss the impact storytelling has as a teaching method, and the importance of abandoning the right-wrong answer narrative.Labyrinth makes each training video specific to each client’s needs and circumstances. Custom-made content has a higher chance of reaching the audience and capturing their attention, as well as ensuring that the delivered training is being retained. A Stanford study showed that creating mini-narratives to memorize something works much better than rote learning. Labyrinth has made videos about data privacy, compliance, anti-harassment, and even human rights training like debt bondage. There is no magic path your employees can walk through where they won’t encounter threats of corruption, says Peter. If you’re trying to teach a lesson where there’s a good path and a bad path, you’re teaching the wrong lesson. ResourcesPeter Grossman on LinkedInLabyrinthTraining.com


15 Oct 2020

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The Speidi Podcast

The man who wrote Speidi's book PETER GROSSMAN chats about living in NYC during the COVID outbreak - how celebrities are problematic in society - AND his untold story of trackig down Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in Anguilla before their breakup! Want a subscription box BY women FOR women? Check out CAUSEBOX! It has all the full-sized, ethical, brand products you want! Go to www.causebox.com/speidi and use code "SPEIDI" for 30% off and FREE SHIPPING!


3 Apr 2020

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Getting Employees to Pay Attention with Peter Grossman

Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox

Peter Grossman comes from a publishing and entertainment background, having worked at US Weekly and Rolling Stone. Given this background, he and his partner initially targeted the entertainment industry when they co-founded their production company, Labyrinth Training. However, they were offered the opportunity to work with AB InBev to create compliance training that their employees would actually pay attention to. Since that time, Labyrinth has focused on creating training for the compliance industry. Peter joins Tom Fox on this week’s show to talk about the innovative ideas, strategies and techniques in training and communications that his company brings to the compliance space. Fixing What’s Wrong With Compliance TrainingPeople love learning, Peter says, but they generally do not like school. The problem with compliance training is that it’s usually built by test takers, with little to no emphasis on engaging learners. Oftentimes you have a situation where compliance training is done in December when employees are the least engaged. That’s not the time to try to shove information down people’s throats, Peter argues. Training should be something that makes a difference, that changes behavior. As such, it should be something people want to do, not just have to do. You need to attach creative and innovative ideas to what you're trying to convey to grab people’s attention and make it memorable. Essentially, your training should be about engaging your workers year round in a culture change. Memorable StorytellingWhenever you roll out a training, it should feel like a cool office party, Peter says. The goal is to have people talking about it afterwards by attaching your policies to storytelling. Tom asks him how he applied this strategy at AB InBev. Peter shares the attention-grabbing narrative they developed for AB InBev’s compliance training program. It was so memorable and relatable that it became a company inside joke. What’s most important, he says, is that workers now remember what to do in certain moments because of that training. “The idea is that when you create characters that resonates with everybody, that’s what sparks the behavior change and gets people remembering it throughout the year,” Peter comments. He advocates bringing storytelling to everything - from broad topics to the most nuanced - because people will remember it.A New PodcastTom mentions that Peter will be joining the Compliance Podcast Network with his new podcast. He asks him to give listeners a preview of what is to come. Peter says the name of the podcast is In The Lab. It’s going to be a very loose, conversational show. He will bring his storytelling background to the show as the format will be about talking to people and hearing their stories. ResourcesLabyrinthTraining.com peter@gadfly.io 


14 Jan 2020

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02- Dr. Peter Grossman, Pt. 2

Medicine, We're Still Practicing

Continuing their conversation from last week, Dr. Peter Grossman continues his discussion with Dr. Steven Taback and Bill Curtis about the healthcare industry and plastic surgery. After devling a bit more into the healthcare insurance industry (0:30), Dr. Grossman encourages audiences to investigate and research certain practices that may be misleading to consumers (13:00). In conclusion, Dr. Taback and Dr. Gossman debate how we, as a society, should approach age and aging (35:10). Hosted by Bill Curtis and Dr. Steven Taback Learn more about Dr. Steven Taback and Medicine, We're Still Practicing: https://www.curtco.com/stillpracticing And Follow Us: Instagram: @curtcomedia Facebook: @curtcomedia Twitter: @curtcomedia Music by Celleste & Eric Dick Produced by Mike ThomasSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Nov 2019

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01 - Dr. Peter Grossman - Part 1

Medicine, We're Still Practicing

Dr. Peter Grossman is a top surgeon in the fields of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeries. After some brief introductions, Bill reveals a personal connection he has with Dr. Gossman’s practice (3:20). Then all three men take some time to consider the future of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine (10:50) before closing out this episode considering the state of health insurance in America (20:02).  Hosted by Bill Curtis & Dr. Steven Taback Learn more about Dr. Steven Taback and Medicine, We're Still Practicing: https://www.curtco.com/stillpracticing And Follow Us: Instagram: @curtcomedia Facebook: @curtcomedia Twitter: @curtcomedia Music by Celleste & Eric Dick Produced by Mike ThomasSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Nov 2019

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Episode 62: Peter Grossman on U.S. Energy Policy

Power Hour with Alex Epstein

For this episode of Power Hour, Alex Epstein talked with Dr. Peter Grossman, Professor of Economics at Butler University, about his latest book, U.S. Energy Policy and the Pursuit of Failure. You can follow Dr. Grossman’s work at http://peterzgrossman.wordpress.com. Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes


9 Aug 2013

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2/20-Loose Talk w/Cooper Lawrence & Peter Grossman

Loose Talk

Today on Loose Talk, Cooper and Peter have an exclusive interview with Demi Moore's (alleged) new boy-toy, and then Cooper yells at Peter for a while about the Kardashians. Enjoy


22 Feb 2013

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11/21 - Loose Talk with Cooper Lawrence & Peter Grossman

Loose Talk

Today on the show -US Weekly scooped Barbara Walters and got an interview with Lindsay Lohan to which they say, "SUCK IT, BABS", also who is Taylor Swift's NEW new guy, and finally is Kate Middleton pregnant


14 Dec 2012