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Episode 178: Christine Bortolin v. Music Fans

Blocked Party

Christine Bortolin (comedian) returns to the show for a third time and in a weird role reversal is she is in studio but Stefan isn't, as he hosts the show remotely from Ontario. His connection is poor but his takes are strong as Christine shows us what it's like to run a music venue's social media when a musician's fans get weird. But it's ok because we get weird as hell too, talking about cheese curds, Brazilian butt lifts, gravity bongs, white-out, and marking papers. Plus, Christine tells us all about her days writing anime fan fiction, Stefan guests on Howell Dawdy's Fast Track, we discuss our favourite niche meme accounts, and the Blocked Boys become the focus of a podcast that makes fun of other podcasts. If you want to focus more on THIS podcast, you can head on over to patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This week, it's a special John and Becca bonus episode, as they answer your questions about love, sex, and relationships. Mostly about their own relationship, really, but it's a good time. We also have merch discounts, a great Discord, and much more, so head on over and check it out! Christine Bortolin is a comedian, writer, and director whose work you can find by checking out her Instagram at @theonlybortolin.

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19 Apr 2022

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Poor Lil Thing

Director, writer, and comedian Christine Bortolin joins us in the PLT bed this week. Topics of discussion include barfing on the bus, catechism life, waking up in the wrong apartment, and lonelybitches.com.For more Christine, go here! linktr.ee/bortchrFor more Ryan and Amy, go here! beacons.ai/ryanandamyshow See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 11mins

6 Apr 2022

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Retail Nightmares Episode 329 - Christine Bortolin!

Retail Nightmares

Extremely talented comedian and commercial director Christine Bortolin returns to discuss bowls of rocks, the forgiveness of toilets and THIS BIRD!

1hr 16mins

18 Oct 2021

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E29: …Because it’s Search History with Christine Bortolin

This Time It's Different with Peter N' Chris

This time the podcast is different because we load up Google and discuss our search history with our guest, Vancouver actor and comedian Christine Bortolin! Garth Brooks, Double chins and Bambi’s Mothers Death — it’s all in here! Follow our guest: @theonlybortolin Follow Us! Instagram: @ttidpodcast Twitter: @peternchris Theme by Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll Animation by Ryan D Anderson Brought to you By: The Sonar Network


3 Jun 2021

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29. Best Bad Movies w/ Christine Bortolin

Dear Pop Culture

This week Christine Bortolin (The Slowest Show, Little Mountain Improv) joins Gina and they chat about Real Housewives taglines, anime fan-fic, Freaky Friday and the best bad movies! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 4mins

24 May 2021

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Retail Nightmares Episode 300 Spudtacular with Abdul Aziz, Christine Bortolin, Graham Clark, Jasmine Lukuku, Kelli Ogmundson, and Aaron Read!

Retail Nightmares

The co-ghosts are joined by some best friends of the podcast to discuss 69ing a potato, C.H.A.M.P. and the huge moo. Happy episode 300 everyone!

1hr 27mins

29 Mar 2021

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Episode 9: Ava Julien and Christine Bortolin

So You Ruined the Party Again

Ava Julien and Christine Bortolin are our guests! We talk ruining high school parties, fingerbanging, and TMI Corner gets out of control.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Mar 2020

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Episode 61: Christine Bortolin v. An Ex-Employee

Blocked Party

Christine Bortolin (improviser) returns for an episode that gets wild right out of the gate, as talk of the #FunkoPopChallenge goes sideways. John opens his first Funko Pop from a listener (and Christine brings him one as a gift!) and it leads to discussion about the hairy-faced twins from Mexico, whether or not there's Funko porn, and John's very least favourite subreddit. Elsewhere, Christine tells us of having to block a former employee of her work to spare him from constant tweets from them, and John shares what might be the greatest nutshot of all-time. If you don't want to feel like you got hit in your precious parts, you can donate to the show at https://patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month will get you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This month, we've already brought John's girlfriend Becca on the show for a predictably wild and embarrassing mailbag episode, and this past weekend, Will Menaker from Chapo Trap House joined us to record another all-Cameo bonus episode, where we reveal the worst Cameo we've ever purchased. It'll be coming out this week and worth the $5 all on its own. We also release bi-weekly newsletters and give out t-shirts and you'll get access to our Discord server, one of the happiest places on the internet. So come on in. It's nice here.

1hr 15mins

20 Jan 2020

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Episode 32: Little Figurines, Are You The One, Dog Grooming Videos (with Aaron Read, Christine Bortolin, Seraphine)

Obsessed with Sophie Buddle

This week Sophie is joined by Aaron Read, Christine Bortolin, and her cousin Seraphine to talk about their obsessions with little figurines, the reality TV show "Are You The One", dog grooming videos, and plastic surgery.

1hr 3mins

7 Nov 2019

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Episode 592 - Christine Bortolin

Stop Podcasting Yourself

Improviser Christine Bortolin returns to talk European toilets, broken fridges, and Stranger Things.

1hr 31mins

22 Jul 2019