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82 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Robin Hood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Robin Hood, often where they are interviewed.

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82 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Robin Hood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Robin Hood, often where they are interviewed.

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Wes Moore, Robin Hood Foundation CEO on Ending Poverty and Systemic Racism in America

The Reopening
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In this episode, Robin Hood Foundation CEO Wes Moore, author of the new book “Five Days: The Fiery Reckoning of An American City” discusses how changes in public policy must occur for poverty and racial inequality to end in America.

Jul 02 2020



103: Disney's Robin Hood with Andrea Cleary

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Andrea Cleary returns to to show to talk about her love for Disney's 1973 animated version of Robin Hood, the sexiest film of all time.

Andrea co-hosts the Nialler9 podcast . Her writing can be found in The Sunday Business Post and other places too.

Alan is @alan_maguire.  Juvenalia is his main thing right now.

Sarah is @griffski. Her many books are in all good bookshops and her many zines are at

This episode was produced by Cassie Delaney. Thank you Cassie.

Thank you to Dee McDonnell for our artwork.

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Juvenalia is a Tall Tales podcast

Jun 24 2020

1hr 5mins


'Robin Hood' Hosted by Murtada Elfadl with Teo Bugbee

Sundays With Cate
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It's not Maid Marian but rather Marion Loxely, a more modern take on Robin Hood's paramour, played by Cate Blanchett in Ridley Scott's 2010 version of the folklore tale of the legendary outlaw and his merry men. For this discussion Murtada Elfadl welcomes back Teo Bugbee.

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Jun 07 2020



May 2010 - Iron Man 2, Robin Hood and the NBA Conference Finals

Back to the Decade
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We go back to May 2010 and hit on the biggest blockbuster event of the summer: Iron Man 2. Nick reflects on his visit to the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in which he snuck into the after-party for the Robin Hood premiere. We also talk some NBA action and...

May 31 2020

1hr 25mins


Wes Moore: CEO of Robin Hood | #ThePlaybook 236

The Playbook
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On this episode of #ThePlaybook, Wes Moore, CEO of Robin Hood, talks about:

  • [8:48] - Why everybody knows the things that make their heart beat faster, but few of us choose to seek them out
  • [10:14] - What he learned from leaving his career on Wall Street to pursue a career he was truly passionate about  
  • [13:31] - How Robin Hood is generating billions of dollars to fight against poverty and how he’s leading the organization through a time of dire crisis
  • [21:16] - Why you need to find your “unmatched skillset” and utilize that to make the world better during the current crisis

May 14 2020



Reverse Robin Hood

The Ben Maller Show
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Ben Maller talks about the Lakers applying for and receiving a loan meant for small businesses, the NFL's contingency plan for the 2020 season, rumors of Amari Cooper's impending departure from Dallas, where Aaron Rodgers' next stop could be, and much more!

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Apr 28 2020

2hr 41mins


#145 - 2020 Draft OL Rankings & Robin Hood

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
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It’s 4/20, which is significant to Chris for some reason. It’s significant to Ahmed because it marks the end of Chris’ draft ranks. We talk O-linemen and then run through some sleeper prospects in Robin Hood: Draft Edition.

(2:20) Guess what day it is??? 😊

(6:10) The Unofficial Uniform Police react to the Patriots going full Color Rush

(9:00) Homies react to LB Ranks: Sellout Simms goes consensus again!

(13:30) Homies react to DT Ranks: Should the Colts have drafted a DT instead of trading for DeForest Buckner?

(17:20) OL #5 Cesar Ruiz: “I think he’s drafted in the 25-to-45 range”

(24:15) OL #4 Tristan Wirfs: “There’s a lack of foot quickness for him to be an NFL tackle at first”

(30:40) OL #3 Andrew Thomas: “He has all the traits to be a franchise LT for a long long time”

(36:30) OL #2 Mekhi Becton: “I’m not gonna be mad if he goes #4 to the Giants. He’s deserving of that.”

(45:15) OL #1 Jedrick Wills: “He could be the best right tackle in all of football”

(49:40) Honorable mentions: Chris is high on Josh Jones & Robert Hunt, down on Austin Jackson

(56:45) Robin Hood: Draft Edition – Chris sheds a light on some sleepers outside his Top 5 lists

(1:19:30) Why is 4/20 significant?

Apr 20 2020

1hr 22mins


Robin Hood with Patrick Edwards

Dolewhip and Dreams Podcast
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We are Now a Proud Member of the Certain POV network of shows. Find out more about all of our offerings and a link to the dischord at this week I'm joined by Pat Edwards as we take a Deep Dive in the 1973 fan favorite Robin Hood.

Apr 20 2020

1hr 53mins


Episode 153 - Robin Hood

Time Bouncers
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We heard about all the time you had to spend out your house, so we released an extra long episode! We talk to Robin Hood about everything!

Thank you so much for listening to our show. If you know anything about time travel, please help. 

The Time Bouncers are:

Robin Hood, played by Carlos Ayala

Kip, played by Richie Lunsford

Harold, played by Pablo Mares

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Mar 17 2020



Jessica Fostekew, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves & Clippy

A Thin Layer of Film with Heidi Regan
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Episode 5 already??? Heidi & Jessica get right into it this week with a look at Gilmore Girls, Hansel & Gretal and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Plus do you remember Clippy? He just wants to help!

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Feb 10 2020