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Sir Isaac Newton

Dead British

They were British, they were dead, but this week Dead British brings back to life... Sir Isaac Newton, and it turns out he knows how to freestyle rap. Enjoy a completely unauthorised account of his life in this fully improvised comedy show. Listen on Union JACK Radio every Thursday from 7pm or subscribe to the podcast in the JACK Radio Player app! Improvised by: Will Naameh, Jenny Rowe, Ki Shah, Rhiannon Vivian. Music: Joe Samuel. Produced by Folder Media. Supported by the Audio Content Fund.


13 Jan 2022

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Sir Isaac Newton Knows Marketing

One-Minute Marketer with Mark Mathis

In this episode, Mark Mathis talks about organizations struggling to find their voice in this new digital world and how content marketing can help move the needle.

3 Dec 2021

Similar People

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Sir Isaac Newton

Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter

On today's episode of Macrodosing, the crew discusses Sir Isaac Newton and big brains. Billy has an idea that will blow all of your minds. Turning lead into WHAT!? Also, Hendon Hooker and Tyler Baron are BACK after a huge 45-42 win over Kentucky this past weekend. All of this and more on today's episode.Macrodosing is presented by DatChat.

3hr 17mins

9 Nov 2021

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Is Indigo the Pluto of Hues? - Sir Isaac Newton and the Visible Spectrum

Chromosphere: The Color Theory Podcast


19 Oct 2021

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#100 - Nuclear Fission, Nature, Sir Isaac Newton, Magical Thinking, Malagasy & Cattle Raiding!


EPISODE 100! And it’s a classic. First we blow your minds with NUCLEAR FISSION WAS DISCOVERED, then move on over Scientific American we dive headfirst into the publication NATURE! From there it’s over to our favorite zaddy scientist, SIR ISAAC NEWTON! He’s hot and skeptical, which leads to MAGICAL THINKING. Did you know the MALAGASY people have their own system of taboos known as fady? And a part of the fady is CATTLE RAIDING which, as it turns out, if full of action and intrigue! Celebrate 100 Episodes with us by leaving a review, telling or a friend or simply listening to the pod. We love ya, freakz!!!--------------------------------------------------------------------Follow WikiFreakz IG and Twitter @wikifreakzz ————————————————————————————————————-Follow Jill Weiner on IG and Twitter @jill_lives www.jilllives.comVenmo @jill-weiner-1--------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Connor Creagan on IG and Twitter @connorcreagan www.connorcreagan.infoVenmo @connor-creagan

1hr 9mins

29 Jun 2021

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Sir Isaac Newton - Master of the Universe

People Time

Math, science, astronomy, philosophy, invention, alchemy and virginity! Isaac created and discovered some of the most groundbreaking sciences in history. Invented calculus, discovered components of light, oh yeah... and he only discovered gravity and wrote out mathematical equations of how it functioned. Come join People Time podcast as we dive into the fun and interesting life of one of the most influential scientists and mathematicians, Sir Isaac Newton! #PeopleTime #Podcast #Histroy #Biography #IsaacNewton #Newtonain #Newton #Science #Math #calculus #Principia #Gravity #Astronomy #Alchemy #PhilosopherStone #KnackersInTheBreeze #Velocipodcast #England #London #Genius #Orbit #Space #telescope

2hr 39mins

30 Nov 2020

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A Short Story About Sir Isaac Newton

The Void Show

Sir Isaac Newton in many ways may be known as the Father of Modern Physical Sciences. He invented Calculus, described motion and gravity.Also, he made many contributions to Astronomy.


5 Nov 2020

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Episode 37: Sir Isaac Newton

Meet Your Heroes

You might have heard of his three laws of motion, but have you heard about him executing people for breaking counterfeiting money laws? You’re about to because Episode 37 is all about Sir Isaac Newton.


17 Sep 2020

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Minute 080: Sir Isaac Newton

Apollo 13 Minute Podcast

In the Lunar Module, Lovell and Haise are listening to Mission Control. Swigert floats in the  Command Module tunnel, eating dinner out of a plastic bag. “Forward Omni when Earth’s in the window, and we’re switching to Aft Omni when we see the Moon,” says Haise. “We copy that, Thirteen,” says Capcom. “Aquarius, we don’t want you to make any more waste dumps. The venting may push you off course.” “Good Christ,” says Haise. “What’s up?” asks Swigert. “No more waste dumps,” replies Lovell. “We’re just gonna have to store it. Jack, we’re gonna need some more urine bags.” Swigert taps his spoon against his bag of dinner. “Okay, Houston, that leaves us with just the computer – – which I’m shutting down now, ” says Lovell. Swigert tags his spoon to a piece of velcro on the wall. Lovell presses a few buttons and the computer goes dark. “And that’s it,” says Lovell. “We just put Sir Isaac Newton in the driver’s seat.” Back on Earth, in a computer tape library, engineer sleep on the floor. “Is it AM or PM?”  asks an engineer. “AM,” replies another GUIDO White. “Very, very AM.” In the same room, the flight surgeon talks to Deke Slayton. “Haise is running a temperature,” says the flight surgeon, “and none of them has slept since the explosion…” “I can’t order these guys to go to sleep!” replies Deke Slayton. “Would you sleep up there?” IN THIS MINUTE: Tom Hanks as Jim Lovell Bill Paxton as Fred Haise Kevin Bacon as Jack Swigert Andy Milder as GUIDO White Christian Clemenson as Flight Surgeon Chris Ellis as Deke Slayton

10 Apr 2020

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How Sir Isaac Newton Left a Riddle to the End-Times with Neill G. Russell

Strang Report

Neill G. Russell, an award-winning retired astronomy teacher from Annapolis, Maryland, returns to present evidence from Sir Isaac Newton's intensive studies into Bible prophecy. Listen as Russell shares from his book "Newton's Riddle," that we may be closer to the End-Times than we think.


9 Apr 2020