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39. Keeping Small Circles feat. Hemah K

Clued Up Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Clued Up! In this episode, we have the amazing and HILAROUS presenter and content creator Hemah K (@hemah_k). This week we discuss the inspiration behind her hilarious content, how she started, why it's important to keep your circle small and her amazing career so far. We also discuss the robbery of Molly-Mae’s home, the drama and allegations surrounding Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid and we discuss the lack of attention surrounding Black History month and performative activism. As always we tell you our picks for our weekly playlist #PonDaPlaylist!

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1 Nov 2021

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Ep. 70 - ‘21 Questions ft. Hemah K’ #DBTHPodcast


Don’t Believe The Hype Podcast - Episode 70 - Topics: New releases, music talk, playing 21 Questions with Hemah, and more. Follow the hosts on IG: Michael @mr_mbt - Kesi @kesio__ - Tobi @mrteriba + Hemah @hemah_k #DBTHPodcast

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1 Aug 2021

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Best Revenge is your paper ft. Hemah K

Back To The Matter Podcast

Season 3! The BTTM ladies are back with a bang. This week, Hemah K joins us to discuss comedy, dating and spirituality. She digs in deep and doesn't miss a beat! We are introducing a new segment where we discuss your dilemmas. If you have a situation that you would like a fresh perspective on email us: dilemmas.bttm@gmail.com Enjoy and have a fabulous week!Stay connected and engage with us by using our hashtag #BTTMpod.We can't wait to hear your thoughtsLove JMQ xFollow us on all our social media platforms:Twitter: @bttmpodcast_Instagram: @bttmpodcast3Hemah K's social media platforms:Twitter: @Hemah_KInstagram: @Hemah_KYoutube: Hemah K

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12 Jun 2021

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I'll Bang Man In His Face Ft. Hemah K

90s Baby Show

MERCH IN NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AT - https://teespring.com/stores/90s-baby-show-merchandise For Bomber Jackets (Made to order) Visit 90sbabyshow.co.uk This week the Boyz are back in The 90s Room with their sister, Hemah K. - Basically we got waved and this happened @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow @Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana @TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy @VPinthecut / vpinthecut @Hemah_K / Hemah_K

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6 Jul 2020

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50p In The Cornershop Ft. Hemah K

90s Baby Show

IT'S TIME TO KICK THINGS OFF IN 2020 WITH ANOTHER LIVE SHOW. TICKET LINK: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-show-live-show-tickets-88130435505The 90s Room decided to flood again and the Boyz are back in the living room chopping it up.Inflation At The Shops Dreaming Like A ChildImportance Of Safe SexRoyal Family FeudWhite Supremacy vs White Privilege SOCIALS@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana
@TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy
@VPinthecut / vpinthecut

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20 Jan 2020

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Lick The Gooch, With Consent (feat Hemah K)

Table For Three

This week we're joined by Hemah K.We spoke about:-Finding your sexual balance-Brexit update-RIP to John Witherspoon-And moreFind Hemah:Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hemah_kInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/hemah_k/Register to vote: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

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4 Nov 2019

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Love Yours Ft. Hemah K

90s Baby Show

First of all we would like to thank anyone that came to the live show. We had a great time, and appreciated all the love, support, engagement and the crazy opinions shared lol1.9.9.2 BOYS are back in the dungeon with VP in the cut (Thats a scary sight) and we have sister of the show Hemah K on to help us talk to that talk and give a strong black woman’s point of view on somethings we couldn’t just talk about alone. If you haven’t seen us with Hemz, go check out pod-ography and and the live shows… Its always a blast!We often talk a lot with men in the when we meet so we had to bring in our sister Hemah K to talk about some of the things we couldn’t cover in the live show due to time and so many other things going on.We discuss the importance of a dining table. Even though its something very small, food really does Bring family and people together. So many of us didn’t have space for it or never used it due to being so tied into watching TV whilst eating. Will you ensure that the dining table is used in your house?The main bulk of the conversation focuses on loving our own skin. Fred and Hemah give their experiences of abuse when young due to being a darker complexion and even having thoughts of wanting a lighter baby when young, before melanin was cool. Is this self hate, and if it is can it be helped? We dive into personal experiences, how we have contributed to these negative narratives and some controversial solutions from FredShould we support cancel culture? Does it give opportunity for people to learn from mistakes? Should somebody lose their current opportunities because of what they did years ago? We would love to hear your thoughts so remember to use #90sbabyshow on twitter and keep tagging us on instagram! SOCIALS@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana@TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy@venturepromoter / venturepromoter@Hemah_k / Hemah_K

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9 Sep 2019

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A Phone Call For: Roddy Rich Ft. Hemah K

90s Baby Show

Sunday 24th of March - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-sho…62610?ref=estw BOYS are back with a minisode this week and we are joined by sisters of the show Hemah K to talk that talk Temi has been dancing on the edge with some insensitive words on twitter so the Fred and Hemah do some fishing into it to gain some understanding and say their thoughts. Was Temi being flagrant or was their validity to what he was saying. a question is Are we looking at the R. Kelly situation too much or do we feel like we can do talk enough about situations. does it benefit or is everyone just upholding something that doesnt need to be dragged? Does the media have a hidden agenda? We also dive into the Roddy Rich situation with somebody being stabbed and in the venue of his concert and him ow being ban from the UK. Fred brings a controversial point about Arianna Grande concert being treated different - Is this fair? Feel free to let us know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree PLUGS LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT 
Sunday 24th of March - 90s Baby Show Live - Grab your tickets using the link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/90s-baby-sho…62610?ref=estw SOCIALS Twitter/Instagram:

 @hemah_k / Hemah_k @90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow

 @Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana @TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy


14 Mar 2019

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A Phone Call: For Nyash & Breast Ft. Hemah K

90s Baby Show

LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT Sunday 14th of October - 90s Baby Show Live - Online Tickets Sold Out - More On The Door A Phone Call Minisode is back this week to bless you guys before the live show with sister of the show Hemah K We get to talking about men and women as you do but the lads get to gain an understanding how a woman looks at a man and what they are attracted to Hemah give s run down of what she loves about women; of course the guys gave their opinion. She also details what attracts her to a man The lads feed off some questions that may come up in the live show so pay attention. Make sure to check out Hemah’s new show on the Beat London Let us know your thoughts by using #90sbabyshow on Social media SOCIALS
Twitter/Instagram: @Hemah_K      / Hemah_K
@90sbabyshow / 90sbabyshow
@Fr3dsantana / Fredsantana
@TemiAlchemy / Temialchemy EVENTS 
Sunday 18th of November - In Tune With Fourens - Grab your tickets using the link www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/in-tune-with…ts-49799285002


11 Oct 2018

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Behind The Bar 11 | Save Money And Stay Active (Feat Hemah K)

Table For Three

Joined again by Hemah K the boys talk about how to save money and continue to live life to the best they can, the struggles of not having money and different methods of cutting back. You can follow Hemah K:Instagram: Hemah_kTwitter: Hemah_k


23 Sep 2018