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EXPERIENCE 9 | Becky Lauridsen with IOME

LoCo Experience Podcast

Becky Lauridsen is the Founder of IOME - Guilt Free Self Care.  IOME is a membership organization that provides access to a supportive community in the areas of Mind, Body, and Soul, with plans that include access to discounts with community partners, monthly therapy/coaching session, and monthly small group engagements.   IOME provides the therapy/coaching/small groups, and partners provide an array of discounted services to members, including but not limited to massage, chiropractic, nutrition, yoga, fitness, skin care, travel, and interior design.   Becky is a LoCo Think Tank member, and founded the business several years after burning out early in her career as a therapist and leaving the industry.  She later realized her struggles were due to her failure to tend to her own mental health needs, and she founded IOME in 2018.  Her basic premise is that the mental health industry would be more effective if they could engage people in their mental health maintenance before they're in a terrible place.  Becky shares how it's not selfish to make space for self-care, and that you can serve others better if you keep yourself in good shape - Mind, Body, and Soul.    

1hr 11mins

26 Jan 2021

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E15 Postpartum Self Care - Becky Lauridsen

The PUSH Revolution Podcast

Becky Lauridsen joins us to talk about all things self care! Learn all about what self care is and why it is so important in the postpartum period. 


13 May 2020

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E13 Healing Birth Trauma with EMDR Therapy - Becky Lauridsen LPC

The PUSH Revolution Podcast

 Becky Lauridsen Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of self-care company, IOWEME, discusses how eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) can be used to rapidly heal past traumas.


29 Apr 2020

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Episode 12:: Soul Care - An Interview with Becky Lauridsen

Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

April is FINALLY here! We made it through another LONG week in the midst of COVID-19, social distancing  and the global pandemic. Today, We are starting a new series on soul care.  For years, I used the term self-care. I heard influencers online talk about self-care Sunday. Chatting about facial masks and getting a pedicure. Getting pedicures and massages are amazing! But these acts aren’t enough to truly care for your soul. Most of us are overwhelmed, depleted and exhausted. Our batteries are generally drained. Our relationships are anemic. I believe we must first care for our soul. In these series, I’ll be talking with friends, colleagues, and you’ll hear from me about soul care. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty by defining soul care. And discuss practical ways to practice soul care. Today, I'm  interviewing Becky Lauridsen . Becky  is an Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of IOME. It’s an I Owe Me instead of an I Owe You, offering Guilt Free Self Care by partnering with local businesses to offer discounted self care services and products. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, it became alarmingly clear to Becky just how important self care is and just how detrimental it is without. On the show today, Becky and I  discuss some of the following: The difference between self-care and soul-care strengthening relationships by practicing soul-care Whether or not soul care is spiritual ? Practical and tangible ways that you practice soul care through establishing a routine, spending time alone, doing something you love Listen now: Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts  Click here to listen on Spotify   Click here to listen on Stitcher    Resources: You are the girl for the job! By Jess Connelly IOME self care membership program The IOME Guilt Free Soul Care Journal  You can find Becky at @iowemenow for Facebook and Instagram and Email her at becky@iowemenow.com Thank you so much for joining me this week on the Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free! Make sure to visit my website where you can subscribe to the show so you never miss a show. Hey, while you’re at it, help me out by adding some stars to the rating and tell a friend about the show. Be sure to tune in next week, where we continue our conversation on Soul Care. I’ll be chatting with a new friend, Rachel Kang. Have a great week, stay healthy and wash your hands! Melissa


3 Apr 2020

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Preparing Mentally For Postpartum with Becky Lauridsen, LPC

Talk Birthy To Me The Podcast.

Becky and I sit down and talk about mentally preparing for postpartum. Learn more at: Talk Birthy To Me  Link to the course, Code for 20% off: TALKBIRTHY https://www.iowemenow.com/offers/VAFLyo27?coupon_code=TALKBIRTHY Contact Becky: www.iowemenow.com @iowemenow becky@iowemenow.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talkbirthypodcast/support


31 Dec 2019

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People You Should Know: Becky Lauridsen (LPC & Founder of ioweme)

Say It, Sarah!

Becky is a proud self care advocate! However, you might be surprised what self care actually means. In this episode, she dives into the difference between self indulgence and self care and really breaks down what it is and what it does for us   We talked about how self care is best practiced when we dive into the things that challenge us. How not having enough time can be a big excuse that people use to avoid self care. This conversation was truly life-giving, can’t wait for you to listen!


19 Sep 2019

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Episode 40: Discipline, self care, and processing with Becky Lauridsen

Wunder Life Podcast

Becky Lauridsen is the founder of IOME, which provides counseling and guilt free self care services. She and Andrea discuss the uncomfortable kinds of self care and being real with yourself so you can become who you are. For more information on the services IOME offers and to take their free assessment, Visit this link. 


30 Jun 2019

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TWP 049: Becky Lauridsen - I Owe Me!

The We Podcast with Sarah Monares

Welcome to episode number 49- I Owe Me. In this episode I interview Becky Lauridsen. Becky is a wife to a handsome cowboy, a mother to two beautiful girls, a career woman, and the proud founder and lead supporter of IOME. She lives in Northern Colorado with her dogs, horses, a pony named bubbles and one goat named dog!She sees a therapist on a regular basis, takes naps, showers (almost daily), washes her face every night, wears makeup, goes to church, cusses a little, takes bubble baths, goes on long walks, and binge watches Netflix when she needs to “check out”. Becky is also a licensed professional counselor. As a counselor,and also in her own personal life, it became alarmingly clear to her that womendo not get enough self-care in their day-to-day lives. The majority of womenare dealing with things like anxiety, depression, guilt, past trauma, low-selfesteem, feelings of stress, excessive fear, poor body image, and limitingbeliefs. Just to name a few. The worst part of it is, women think it iscompletely “normal” to feel this way. That somehow, they arenaturally supposed to live like this and there is nothing they can do about it.Becky believes that you do not have to simply survive life!You can have your cake and eat it too; you can be the best mother and careerwomen. The best wife and mother. The best friend and boss babe. You deserve thebest, and your family deserves the best of you.In our conversation we dive into Becky’s own experience with postpartum depression and one day feeling like she woke up to the fact that she was just going through the motions of life. There is so much goodness in this interview and I cannot wait for you to hear it! You can connect with Becky in the following places:* Her website- https://www.iowemenow.com/ * Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/iowemenow * Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iowemenow Also, you can find the Prenatal Emotional Awareness Course we talk about in this episode HERE.If you want more of The We Podcast make sure you head on over to thewespot.com where you can find all of our episodes as well as The We Spot Blog! The We Spot is your place for growth, connection, authenticity, and encouragement. You can also find us on social media! Head on over to The We Spot Facebook and Instagram pages and get plugged in! If you love The We Podcast we would be thrilled for you to rate the podcast and/or write us a review! You can do that HERE! We just may read your review on our next episode!We want as many people as possible to be lifted up in growth and get connected with our community. Also, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on new episodes dropping every week. We can’t wait to see you over on social media!Thank you for being listening! It means a lot to us!


4 Apr 2019

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006 | An Honest Look at Mental Health and Burn Out with Becky Lauridsen

You Time | Self-Care for the Modern Mama

INTRODUCTION On this week’s episode of You Time™, I sat down with Licensed Professional Counselor and creator of IOME, Becky Lauridsen. As someone who has used self-care to transform her life, Becky has an intimate look at the practices we hold and how they’re impacting our mental health and our overall happiness. From the way that we create space for our own healing to the conversations we hold within our selves, Becky shares impactful tips for creating the happiness we are so deserving of. TOPICS COVERED When Becky hit her variation of a breaking point | 1:52 What you can do when you’re stuck in a burn-out rut | 6:10 How we, as women, are blocking our own happiness | 8:40 Three suggestions to break out of your comfort zone | 11:12 What is EMDR therapy and who benefits from this practice? | 25:43 Transformational self-care as Becky sees it | 34:44 The parts of self-care that Becky still working on | 39:00 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Access Becky’s complimentary goal-setting worksheet as mentioned in the show! Also, learn more about her self-care services and how they can support you. If you’re curious about the work that has helped my nervous system to calm down, re-wire, and virtually stop my migraines, you can find a network chiropractic practitioner in your area. Are you local to Seattle? I go to Way of Life Wellness in Issaquah. Tell them I sent you! BOOKS Boundaries with Soul by Carley Schweet


26 Feb 2019