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Usage-Based Pricing: What Most SaaS Businesses Need to Know with Kyle Poyar

Impact Pricing

Kyle Poyar is the Vice President for Market Strategy at OpenView since 2016.  He is responsible for helping OpenView’s portfolio companies accelerate top-line growth through deep insights.  He leads segmentation, positioning, channel/partner strategy, new market entry, and packaging/pricing initiatives, partnering closely with portfolio leadership teams. He also covers OpenView’s SaaS metrics and benchmarking research.   Previously, he worked for Simon-Kucher & Partners as a Pricing Consultant for six years.  Kyle earned his AB Economics & Environmental Studies at Brown University.  He graduated Magna cum Laude with departmental honors in Environmental Studies. In this episode, Kyle shares how you have to charge based on a pricing metric that has a lifetime value to your business. Why you have to check out today’s podcast: Find out the many nuances of usage-based pricing and see where customers are seeing value and provide more of that Understand the nuances between consumers and businesses in terms of how they make purchase decisions so you create a long-term value and availability to expand customers over time Find out what forms part of your ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) and track them to see the health of your business “Really do the work to figure out what are the one or two usage-based metrics that correspond with the value your customers see. You might find that, hey, these are things where the customers you keep or that spend more tend to consume more of that, as opposed to the ones who churn tend to, you know, consume less of it. And think about how you could maybe incorporate that as like a limit or a fence from one package to the next.” - Kyle Poyar Topics Covered: 01:39 - Defining usage-based pricing 02:34 - Usage-based pricing being a customer-friendly model 04:40 - Is buying a hamburger at McDonald’s a usage-based pricing? 05:17 - Pricing metrics as also usage-based pricing 06:47 - The nuances to think about in usage-based companies 08:04 - That rollover minutes that is giving folks that peace of mind 09:10 - Understanding usage-based subscription tiers 10:23 - Kyle’s interpretation of Zuora’s report where it says 25% usage and 75% subscription 11:48 - Why minutes are probably not the best value driver or value metric for phone companies 13:50 - What is part of your annual recurring revenue (ARR) 17:11 - Lifetime value of customer 20:10 - How credits can get in the way of simplifying customers’ buying experience 23:34 - Are credits related to the value the customer gets or to the usage companies are using 25:50 - Credits as used and shown in arcade games 26:48 - Piece of pricing advice that can greatly impact one’s business Key Takeaways: “You don't necessarily want to price out usage. If your usage metric is declining rather than increasing, you'd rather make a creative move and say, hey, we're going to give you unlimited usage, but we're going to charge you per gigabyte of data.” - Kyle Poyar “While you don't want to have unprofitable customers, you really need to simplify the buying experience for them. And trying to align how you charge with how someone sees value, and how your cost structure is set up is really on you. It's not the customer's responsibility.” - Kyle Poyar “A good way of thinking about credits is building a retainer for a customer and having an agreed upon rate schedule at which they will draw down that retainer.” - Kyle Poyar People / Resources Mentioned: Twilio: https://www.twilio.com/ Snowflake: https://www.snowflake.com/ SendGrid: https://sendgrid.com/ Zuora: https://www.zuora.com/ Connect with Kyle Poyar: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyle-poyar/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/poyark?lang=en Connect with Mark Stiving:  Email: mark@impactpricing.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stiving/


1 Nov 2021

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Maximizing Your Growth Rate Through PLG Strategies with Kyle Poyar

Blindspots by DoubleCheck

On this episode of Blindspots by DoubleCheck Research, Kyle Poyar is here to discuss Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategies. Kyle is the VP of Growth at OpenView, helping companies fuel growth to become market leaders. As an expert on PLG, Kyle shares what it means to be a PLG company and his knowledge on product-led growth strategies that can help you successfully impact your organization's growth rate. He gives us insight into how to make this strategy successful and what results a company can expect when committing to a PLG strategy. Listen now!Key Takeaways:💡 03:19 - 04:12 What Exactly is Product-Led Growth(PLG)?🧩 05:16 - 06:13 Capturing End-User Research to Enable Your Organization's PLG Strategy🧐 06:13 - 07:23 How Do You Scale Your End-User Research To Inform Your PLG Strategy?🎬 08:30 - 09:40 Translating PLG Research Insights Into Concrete Actions📐 09:53 - 11:49 The Measurable Impact After Adopting A Product-Led Strategy😣 12:09 - 13:59 Common Challenges When Adopting A Product-Led Model💡 14:19 - 15:52 PLG Motion Adoption: The Pandemic Created Demand For The Digital Transformation Initiative⚖️ 17:28 - 19:04 How Product-Led Organizations' Growth Rate Compares With Other Orgs📈 20:25 - 23:21 Noticeable Trends From OpenView's Pricing Study


13 Oct 2021

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Under the Hood of Product-Led Growth with OpenView's Kyle Poyar

Operations with Sean Lane

The tech industry is definitely one of trends and hype for those trends. Go on Twitter, go on LinkedIn -- you’ll find evangelists for the next big thing.One of those new shiny things in our industry is PLG, or product-led growth. So on this episode, we're going under the hood of product-led growth to figure out how Operators should think about it and what considerations to make in this Go-To-Market motion.Our guide, and our guest on this episode, is one of the foremost thought leaders on product-led growth: Kyle Poyar. Kyle is the Operating Partner at OpenView, the VC firm that coined the term "product-led growth" in 2016.In our conversation, we talk about how to make smart pricing decisions in product-led growth, the burden it creates on Operators, and why he views this approach as less of an on/off switch and more of a light dimmer. Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends! You can connect with Sean on Twitter @Seany_Biz @DriftPodcasts


1 Oct 2021

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#65 Pricing & packaging with Kyle Poyar / OpenView

Sales & Marketing Talk Show

Pricing & packaging with Kyle Poyar In this episode of Sales & Marketing Talk Show, Kyle Poyar, Partner at OpenView will share his thought on: ✔️ Why is pricing so important for your growth? ✔️ What are the legit ways of pricing research methodologies to determine your pricing? ✔️Typical ways to do pricing: value, guess, copy competitors, cost-plus approach ✔️ How pricing should change at the expansion stage or at the growth stage of your company? ✔️ Should pricing always be shown on websites? ✔️ The issue with your Free plan might be that you're *not* giving enough away for free.


5 May 2021

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Product Led Growth - with Kyle Poyar - OpenView Partners

Metrics that Measure Up

In this episode of the Metrics that Measure Up, Kyle Poyar, Vice President of Growth at OpenView Partners discusses a Product Led Growth Go-To-Market motion for B2B SaaS companies.High growth B2B SaaS companies like Zoom, Twilio, DataDog, Box and DocuSign have used a product-led go-to-market motion to decrease initial customer acquisition costs, expand the total addressable market and reduce dependency that an Enterprise sales led motion can have on getting executive buyers to engage.Topics discussed include how Gross Dollar and Net Dollar Retention Rates are different from sales led motions, critical KPIs and metrics that seem more B2C oriented and how understanding the marginal Customer Acquisition Costs for Enterprise led versus product-led cohorts is critical to understanding the overall CAC ratio.New terms and concepts for B2B SaaS leaders, including Product Qualified Leads, Natural Rate of Growth and how Free to Paid conversion rates are correlated to # touches are covered in this fast-moving, information-rich episode.


6 Oct 2020

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Kyle Poyar joins Product Love to talk about pricing and growth

Product Love

This week on Product Love, I talked to Kyle Poyar, VP of Market Strategy, about pricing. We discussed how pricing is seen as a dark art sometimes, but it shouldn't be. In fact, it's an essential part of product management that requires training and a lot more noise. Interested in hearing how to strategize pricing? Listen to the episode to learn more.


6 Nov 2019

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Kyle Poyar: Mastering SaaS Pricing: How to Price and Package Your Service

Impact Pricing

Why you have to check out today’s podcast: Know how to find the right value metric for your business  Learn the difference between subscription and recurring revenue  Discover the strategies in packaging and pricing metrics  Kyle Poyar is the Vice President for Market Strategy at OpenView since 2016.  He is responsible for helping OpenView’s portfolio companies accelerate top-line growth through deep insights.  He leads segmentation, positioning, channel/partner strategy, new market entry, and packaging/pricing initiatives, partnering closely with portfolio leadership teams. He also covers OpenView’s SaaS metrics and benchmarking research.     Previously, he worked for Simon-Kucher & Partners as a Pricing Consultant for six years.  Kyle earned his AB Economics & Environmental Studies at Brown University.  He graduated Magna cum Laude and with departmental honors in Environmental Studies.  In today's episode, Kyle shares his pricing journey and his perspective on how pricing is essential in decision-making. Check out his expert advice that will undoubtedly impact your business to its optimum level.  “Pricing is the tip of the spear. It's a pain point that's universal among companies, especially among earlier companies. But then once you do a pricing project, you uncover so many areas of opportunity for follow-on work.”  – Kyle Poyar Stay updated on all thing pricing.   Subscribe to 'The Pricing Perspective' here   Topics Covered:   02:59– Kyle talks about why he thinks pricing is a Trojan horse, a spear and a pain point among companies  04:12 – Sharing the reasons why he left Simon-Kucher & Partners (SKP) and moved to OpenView  06:31 – Talking about OpenView’s expansion team and the pricing challenges he encountered in their early stages of the business  08:41 – Company in expansion stage defined  09:49 – Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) as a marketing metric, and what it reveals about the status of your business   11:22 – Spearheading the SaaS benchmark initiative as Kyle’s first roles at OpenView   13:15 – Subscription and recurring revenue, understanding both revenue streams   15:44 – How he helped one company pivoted from subscription to recurring model  20:03 – Difference of packaging from pricing metrics: the good, better, best services  24:08 – Not spending time to look at pricing as one of the biggest pricing problems that subscription companies currently have  27:32 – Pricing advice to listeners – “If you start getting involved in thinking about what model (free trial or freemium models) could look like and what are the KPIs for it in your business, that elevates the role of pricing in the organization and helps you stay relevant with your users.”  29:43 – His opinion on the similarity of designing the sales force out of the system and product-led growth   Key Takeaways:   “I think the biggest ‘AHA’ moment for CEOs is when someone finally tracks the revenue impact of pricing changes and they start counting all of the dollars that they're making from making a pricing change. It's amazing if you can bring proof points around impact and real dollars and cents. I think you can change minds quickly.” – Kyle Poyar  “The early stages of business founders tend to undervalue their products. They start with extremely low pricing, and they don't change that and increase it. There's just a ton of opportunity in the early stages for business to increase prices and in many cases, not even seeing any sort of impact to win rate or conversion, just additional revenue, and bottom-line profitability.” – Kyle Poyar  “Subscriptions is a great business model for a lot of companies, and obviously the investors recognize that and are willing to pay a premium for subscription companies.  But you can get a lot of the same characteristics without actually having any sort of commitment for your customers. That can be a disruptive value proposition. And I think the investors will recognize companies that are disruptive and winning in the market and reward them.” – Kyle Poyar  “I think structurally speaking, companies are not spending enough time on pricing.  The biggest challenge is just a lack of great pricing skills and then more tactically for businesses.  It's a very competitive world in technology right now.” – Kyle Poyar   Resources mentioned:  Mastering SaaS Pricing SaaS Metrics Connect with Kyle Poyar:  openviewpartners.com  LinkedIn Twitter  Connect with Mark Stiving  Email: mark@impactpricing.com  LinkedIn  Twitter 


3 Jun 2019

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210: SaaS Pricing Strategy: Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid - With Kyle Poyar

The SaaS Podcast - SaaS, Startups, Growth Hacking & Entrepreneurship

Kyle Poyar is the of VP Marketing Strategy at OpenView, an expansion-stage venture capital firm that helps build software companies into market leaders.The Show NotesOpenView PartnersSimon-KucherExpensifyHotjarSalesforceNew RelicKyle on TwitterOmer on TwitterEnjoyed this episode?Subscribe to the podcastLeave a rating and reviewFollow Omer on TwitterNeed help with your SaaS?1. Join SaaS Club Plus: our membership and community for new and early-stage SaaS founders. Join and get training & support.2. Join SaaS Club Launch: a 12-week group coaching program to help you get your SaaS from zero to your first $10K revenue.3. Apply for SaaS Club Accelerate: If you'd like to work directly with Omer 1:1, then request a free strategy session.


27 May 2019

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How to get SaaS pricing right with Kyle Poyar, OpenView

The SaaS Revolution Show

Kyle Poyar is a self-professed pricing and growth nerd. The latest guest on the SaaS Revolution Show, Kyle is Senior Director of Market Strategy at Openview, one of many speakers we will welcome in Dublin for SaaStock18. His passion lays in seeing how packaging and pricing have the power to build large and enduring business. Kyle helps OpenView’s portfolio companies accelerate to top-line growth through deep insights into their market landscape and customers. Kyle recently published an article studying the price changes Netflix introduced https://labs.openviewpartners.com/netflix-pricing-strategy/#.Wnx15pOFjOQ. The point he was making there, as he does so on the podcast as well, is that few companies understand the true effect price increases have on a company’s bottom line, a contributing factor to the reluctance of many SaaS founders to charge more. Kyle is also the author of a comprehensive pricing e-book - Mastering SaaS Pricing. http://offers.openviewpartners.com/mastering-saas-pricing Listen on to learn How to be more data-driven in your pricing decisions How to have better pricing conversations with customers What are the signs it’s time for a price increase What are the impacts of increasing prices and why no one should be scared of that How do you implement and communicate a price increase P.S. Boston where Kyle comes from, like many other cities around the world, has become a hotspot for SaaS. In the next year, we will visit some of them, bringing SaaStock on Tour, starting with London on March 21st where we’ll gather 300 SaaS founders, their executive teams, and local VCs. In an epic day of content, learning, and networking, we will host amazing speakers such as Peter Bauer, who to this date is the only UK headquartered SaaS to IPO with Mimecast, Peter Holten Muhlmann, CEO of one of Europe’s greatest scaleups, Trustpilot, and Des Traynor Co-founder of Intercom. To see full agenda and grab yourself a ticket head over to SaaStock.com/ontour/city/london. For a special 20% discount for podcast listeners use code saasrevolution. https://ti.to/saastock/SOT-London/discount/saasrevolution


1 Mar 2018

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How to Go From Growth to HyperGrowth with OpenView's Kyle Poyar - TALKS B2B GROWTH

Enterprise Sales & Marketing Leadership - for B2B Companies - CXO - VC - Startup - Success - SaaS

Video Emails by Covideo = http://www.Covideo.com The Best Way to Stay Focused on Your Deals: https://www.pipedrive.com/brian Free A.I. Ice Breaker app: https://nudge.ai/ A.I. Call Analysis by Gong.io = https://www.gong.io/bt Audible 30 day Free Trial: http://www.audibletrial.com/BrutalTruth Check out my YouTube channel and watch my Free Sales/Social Selling Course. https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MaverickMethod Acuity Scheduling Free Trial:  https://acuityscheduling.com/?kw=YToxMzE1MDM2MA%3D%3D RingCentral FREE Eval: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8255383-12813127 Get Grammarly: https://grammarly.go2cloud.org/SHrp Get Free Emails addresses from any company: http://elucify.grsm.io/e/65f Listen to The Sales Questions PodCast: https://itun.es/i67d3Ry Listen to The B2B Revenue Leadership Show: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/b2b-revenue-leadership-show/id1174976428?mt=2 Join The Gaggle and Spread The Brutal Truth: http://gaggleamp.com/i/xfpnkxv Get a 10% discount code = Bburns10 http://www.findthatlead.com


19 Feb 2018