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HC053 - The Dragon Slayers meet - with Emmie Faust

Live it Love it Sell it

An epic episode where two real dragon slayers meet! We exchange our stories and tales from the Dragons' Den and look at the journey's we have both had and what we learnt.Find out...How we both applied to go in the den and what happened when we didWhat happens on the day of filmingWhat you see and what really happensWhat happens after you've done the deal in the denWhat happened to our Dragons' Den businessesWhat we learntWhat we did next!It was such a great conversation to share our experiences and thoughts about going on one of the UK's biggest business programmes. It is still running today and is now on series 18. Both Emmie and I pitched to Dragons who are still on the programme, and my initial investor is still the longest serving dragon - Peter Jones. You can connect with Emmie here:-Website - www.emmiefaust.comLinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmiefaust/Podcast - https://www.emmiefaust.com/podcast/The moral of the story - it's not always about what happened, it's always about what happened next! Grab your cuppa and enjoy this unique episode! Jules x


7 May 2020

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A Conversation with Emmie Faust - Business Growth Consultant

The Courage to Be

Emmie Faust has a rich professional background. She has set up, scaled and sold multiple businesses in the media and marketing space. She has saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds and has generated millions in net profit for her businesses. But in today's conversation, Emmie talks to some of the tougher moments, sharing very openly and with strength and vulnerability, the mistakes she has encountered along the way and what it took for her to recognise that her failures were critical to the overall success of her career. Emmie shares her experience on Dragons Den and what it meant to receive investment for a company that ended up failing.  We hear about decisions Emmie has made over the years and quickly get a sense that her capacity and her courage to make tough decisions is one of her strengths. Emmie shares her experience in Google and what it took to leave the company after just 6 weeks.  We delve into Emmie's experience with her Business Coach, in particular the mindset work that has enabled Emmie to own her story, her failures and her successes, as well as lean into her voice in a more meaningful and impactful way.  Click here to find out more about Emmie. 


6 May 2020

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Series 2: Starting To Scale with Emmie Faust

Growth Podcast with Emmie Faust

You can find all the show notes for the podcast herehttps://www.emmiefaust.com/podcast/


8 Apr 2020

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The Business Greenhouse by Emmie Faust - business planning in 5 mins

Pod Buffet

In this episode, I want to talk to you about business planning, which, believe it or not, can be great fun!If you’re looking to get funding for your business from a bank or from external investors, a business plan is a must. But even if you’re working as a solopreneur (like a coach or a consultant, for example), and you’re planning to use your own time and energy to set up and grow your business, it’s worth going through the process of understanding what might happen, how, and what things might get in your way, so you can create a clear plan of action!You can listen using the link below or via your favourite podcasting platforms here The Business Greenhouse with Emmie Faust.Tune in, and you will learn…How to create your business plan.Creating a business plan, especially if you haven’t done it before, can feel like a scary and overwhelming task. But it doesn’t need to be! My advice? Get some help! If you can, hire an expert. If not, why not get together with a business-minded friend and work on your business plan together? Perhaps you could look into hiring a mentor or finding a course?Download the Business Plan from the Prince’s Trust and fill it in. It’s a big document (and the task can feel overwhelming), so consider breaking it down into small chunks and completing one section a week. It might take you the best part of two months, but the exercise (and the outcome) will be worth your time!


17 Feb 2020

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The Business Greenhouse by Emmie Faust three tips

Pod Buffet

I'm Emmie Faust and I am the host of a podcast called The Business Greenhouse With Emmie Faust. It is a podcast for entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs for small to medium size businesses and I share strategies, tactics and tips to help you grow a thriving business.My first tip is around measurement (episode 11). So many potential clients that I go meet, they're not actually measuring their marketing or measuring what's going on in their business and they don't actually know some of the key vital information. So it's really tricky to know what to focus on when you don't actually know what's working and what's not working.I set up a reporting document for all my clients so that they can measure what they're doing every month and report back on that and then that can be discussed at a monthly review meeting with the rest of the team and the key stakeholders in the business.The second tip is to make sure that you know your finance and your numbers (episode 22). Make sure you've got a proper accountant, make sure your bookkeeper is really on top of things and make sure that as a business owner you actually understand your financial documentation and your management accounts and things like that. My third tip, which is a really, really important one is to make sure you know your customer journey (episode 15). Make sure that you've mapped out the journey that your customers go on. The whole process from start to finish and make sure that every stage of that journey you are injecting your brand, that you're delivering a fantastic customer experience. And really think about the customer. The customer is key.Do have a listen. Search for The Business Greenhouse With Emmie Faust and there are links in the show notes you can find all of those at my website which is EmmieFaust.com.


10 Jan 2020

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Just a Nudge 8 with Emmie Faust

Just a Nudge

Such a great conversation with Emmie Faust. Here is Emmie's contact information: Website: https://www.emmiefaust.com/ Podcast: The Business Greenhouse with Emmie Faust LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/emmiefaust If you like Just a Nudge, please make sure that you share your thoughts in the form of a REVIEW on the service that you listen to the podcast. Every bit helps us ensure that MORE peeps get a chance to listen. You can also follow us at: Twitter: @justanudge Instagram: justanudge Please feel free to contact me about L2GO at: Email: dugan@L2GO.net Phone #: 813-336-1977 Website: L2GO.net LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dugan-fry-56aa2368 Thanks in advance!


5 Feb 2019