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"Tune in and learn about Moms for Marijuana from three times cancer survivor and CEO of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Cheryl Shuman "

Cannabis Talk 101

The World’s first cannabis branding personality Cheryl Shuman joins the show to talk about how she got started in the industry. Find out how big her farm is. Her involvement with Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and more!moms for mj on FB Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Oct 2020

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60 | Cheryl Shuman, Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

Kannaboom | CBD and Cannabis for Wellness

Being a cannabis advocate can have occupational hazards — just ask Cheryl Shuman. With a knack for PR, she's been extolling the virtues of cannabis for decades, since long before it was safe to speak out on it. A cancer survivor, she is still passionate about spreading the word about the healing power of THC, as she has always done. Listen and learn about how Cheryl: Helped in the pivotal campaign to get Prop. 215 passed in CaliforniaTook part in clinical trials in Israel with Raphael MechoulamHelped bring Dr. Sanjay Gupta to a positive perspective on cannabisLearned about hemp from Jack HererIs optimistic about the future of cannabis-aided healing See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


15 Sep 2020

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Cheryl Shuman

Women Leading In Cannabis

The first cannabis branding personalityOften referred to as the "Martha Stewart of Marijuana" Cheryl Shuman helped redefine the image of a typical women cannabis enthusiast.   Long before cannabis was essential the Beverly Hills Cannabis Queen used her media connections to generate positive cannabis press. She joins Kyra Reed to share stories from her over two decade cannabis educational crusade.Produced by PodCONXhttps://podconx.com/guests/kyra-reedhttps://podconx.com/guests/cheryl-schuman


11 Aug 2020

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[THROWBACK] Soil To The Oil Storytime | Cheryl Shuman Returns

Haze Radio Network

Today's episode is part 2 with Cheryl Shuman and what a day in her life looks like.


1 May 2019

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[THROWBACK] Soil To The Oil Storytime | Cheryl Shuman

Haze Radio Network

In today's episode, we are interviewing Cheryl Shuman and we discuss her day to day life. 


1 May 2019

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Cheryl Shuman, the Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills

Cannabusiness Solutions

Cheryl Shuman, the proclaimed Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills, marijuana branding expert and founder of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club speaks with Kenneth.


19 Jan 2017

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Episode 12 – QB Todd Marinovich and Pot Mom Cheryl Shuman


Former NFL Quarterback Todd Marinovich joins Pat O’Brien and special guest host Erica Spiegelman to discuss how addiction affected his life, and Marijuana Advocate Cheryl Shuman debates the addictive qualities of marijuana.


20 Jul 2015

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Episode #33 - Cheryl Shuman, Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

Cannabis Economy

Cheryl Shuman was introduced to the spotlight through a news report on her hometown at 4 years old, and she hasn’t been far from it since. From her first act as “America’s Coupon Queen,” to her role as “Optician to the Stars,” to Hollywood Producer/Marketer Extraordinaire, to her most recent mission to re-educate the world about cannabis, Shuman is a tenacious self-re-inventor and a force to be reckoned with. The hardships she has overcome with this tenacity have defined her, and it was a dire cancer diagnosis that led her to discover the incredible healing properties of cannabis firsthand. Now she is committed to helping the world view cannabis with the respect and tolerance it deserves. We’re excited to share her incredible story, enjoy!


22 Jun 2015

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PotStockRadio.com w/ Queen of Pot Cheryl Shuman & Tom Quigley CEO of Common Bond


This week on #PotStockRadio Eric Butz @EbizDizzle Ryan Godfrey @ryanmgodfrey and Chris Trace @supergravy welcome back one of our favorite guests ever The Martha Stewart of Weed Cheryl Shuman. We'll talk to Cheryl about how she's taking over as the face of legal marijuana with The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and her joint venture with OSL Holdings $OSLH. We'll also get into her life as an activist who beat cancer and now uses her skills as a master marketer to build her brand. We'll also have on Tom Quigley CEO of Common Bond Collaborative which funds and mentors Cannabis related companies. We'll talk to Tom who's been wildly successful in many other businesses and find out why he decided to turn his entrepenurial efforts towards pot. Between these two guest if you can't get excited about the pot sector nothing will! As always any questions or feedback about the show can be directed to eric@potstockradio.com and don't forget to check outPotStockRadio.com for updates and news!PotStockRadio does not condone or promote the use of any illegal substance. Also, PotStockRadio is for educational and entertainment purposes only!


27 Apr 2015

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#PotStockRadio- w/ Pot Queen Cheryl Shuman & Dror CEO of The Vapor Group


This week on #PotStockRadio Eric @EbizDizzle Ry @ryanmgodfrey and Trace @supergravy will talk to @Cheryl Shuman the Martha Stewart of Marijuana her work with The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and why she was born to be the perfect spokesperson for medical and even recreational legal weed. We'll discuss where she sees the future of the industry and how her and her daughter @AimeeShuman will dominate it! We'll also be talking to @dror_svorai to get some updates and questions answered about @VaporGroup after his last appearence on Pot Stock Radio. If you have any questions for Cheryl or Dror or any feedback about the show send it to eric@potstockradio.comPotStockRadio does not condone or promote the use of any illegal substance. Also, PotStockRadio is for educational and entertainment purposes only! Nothing said on this program is solicitation to buy or sell any security or encite the use of any illegal substances.PLEASE- if you enjoy this show share it with friends and fellow PotStockers!

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24 Nov 2014