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Ready Set Blow - Ep. 241 Alex Gettlin

Ready Set Blow Podcast with Randy Valerio and Chase Abel

In a special swap-cast episode, the boys sit down with comedian Alex Gettlin, host of the "Let Me Be Clear" podcast. The boys open up talking about their podcast philosophies. After that, they dive into everything culture-war in this episode, ranging from the new 'genderless' potato head toy to 'is it time to update the role of Black History month for usefulness in 2021'. The guys close out the show talking about revenge and vendettas. Be sure to check out Alex Gettlin at @alexgettlin on Instagram and his podcast "Let Me Be Clear" on all podcast platforms Outro: “Stranger Things” by The Honors Class   Social Media: Instagram: @randyvalerio @chaseabel @readysetblowpodcast Twitter: @randytvalerio @chaseabel1 @readysetblowpodcast FB:  facebook.com/randy.valerio.777, facebook.com/chase.abel.54

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3 Mar 2021

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#6 "Feminism Took My Goat" w/ Elliott G-B, Alex Gettlin & Jack Woltering | Best Champions Podcast

Best Champions Podcast

This week on BCP we had Elliott G-B from The Older Kids Podcast, Alex Gettlin from House Rules Podcast & Jack Woltering from True Buds TV stop by to talk about a whole lotta nothin! Joey Haidle produced and we live streamed from the Third Wheel Podcast Studio in Mid City Los AngelesFollow the guests: Elliott G-B:  @GrentRaddishAlex Gettlin:  @AlexGettlinJack Woltering:  @TrueBudsTVBong Boop. Here's your soup! Thanks for watching!!To support the podcast check out https://www.patreon.com/MikeMasilottiFor upcoming Tour Dates go to www.MikeMasilotti.comFollow us!Mike Masilotti:  @MikeMasilottiThird Wheel Podcast Studio:  http://www.thirdwheelpodcaststudio.com and @ThirdWheelPodcastStudio

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3 Nov 2020

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Eduardo Castro with host Alex Gettlin

Designing Hollywood Podcast

This episode we are joined by Eduardo Castro, costume designer for Once Upon a Time, Ugly Betty, And Starring Pancho Villa. 

1hr 7mins

24 Oct 2020

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68. Alex Gettlin Loves His Fiancée, Rachel LaForce

People We Love

Comedian, podcaster, and actor, Alex Gettlin is originally from Virginia just outside DC, but it was in Boston where he really saw himself develop as a comic. We talk comedy, we talk Power Rangers, we talk being in a fraternity. But above all Alex shows appreciate for his fiancée, the multitalented actor, comedian, and writer, Rachel LaForce. instagram.com/alexgettlin peoplewelovepodcast.com

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24 Apr 2020

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Alex Gettlin Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, Cannabis Culture, Content, CBD, Edibles

True Buds Show

Alex Gettlin @alexgettlin Thin The Heard Podcast @thintheheardpodhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/thin-the-herd/id1478538950House Rules Podcast @houserulespodhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2N198lKmNA&feature=youtu.beScoop Heads Little Scoops@ScoopHeadshttps://www.facebook.com/scoopheads/Custom Furniture! BMTMade- Built to Last@bmtmadeTrue Buds Show Notes:Alex Gettlin has done some engineering for the True Buds Show, Alex is a Comedian, Actor, Podcaster an all around a chill cool and creative guy. Alex recently booked a Butterfinger commercial he is the voice over in the Spot. Alex made his own voice over demo reel that helped him book work. A lot of Apps need VO work. Alex likes to smoke at the end of the day chill un winding at the end of the night. Alex likes smoking much more he doesn’t wake up the next day feeling like trash. Smoking is Alex’s favorite, he vapes and takes edibles every now and then. Alex tells funny Brownie story and a blackout drunk story. Alex is performing at the Gateway Comedy Show in Alaska! Alex learned a lot from throwing Parties in College. Alex has had many jobs since he has been out in LA. Alex made about half his living running comedy shows in Boston. While in LA Alex shifted his energy from doing shows to producing more content. Alex’s brother is a professional drummer and his Fiancé is an actress/comedian, one of Alex’s good friend makes really dope furniture. There is no easy path but infinite opportunities if you can hustle. You have to do marketing, accounting, branding, and everything in between. Tic-Toc can be very powerful for musicians. The market is what the market it, it’s like get mad at the weather. Tic-Toc is all about lip syncing and gets millions of views. What are the differences between several Sativas can come down to Breeding, different Terpene profiles, alot of time is comes down to taste and smell and personal preference. Alex likes CBD at night Jack likes Indica and CBD at night. Little pre-roll would be nice, Alex used to stuff his own Black and Milds with flower. Society is waking up to the notion of Cannabis, Booze is much more of a gateway drug than Cannabis. If people don’t like Weed thats fine but if your knocking Weed and saying it’s bad for you. People from other countries like Brazil still look at weed like Heroin. Legalizing Weed can be a good thing for crime. Some company is selling CBD infused sports wear, just by CBD lotion and put it on yourself. Alex loves a good Sativa high when his brain goes to weird places. Alex Fiance likes to take CBD pills often. Take some edibles at Joshua Tree for a good time, look up at the stars. We don’t put our phones down enough to just enjoy the present. Your phone literally know everything about you. Jack will be coming on the Thin The Heard Podcast. Also shout out to Scoop Heads, go follow them and Alex! Thanks for being a True Bud!Thanks for listening to Alex Gettlin Cannabis, Comedy, Podcast, Acting, CBD, Cannabis Culture


25 Feb 2020

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From The Vault Series: 111-Matthew P Brown and Alex Gettlin

I'm Working On It With Matthew P Brown

Episode from the Vault Series: The Vault Series is from the original I'm Working On It Podcast. Matthew has since updated the podcast with a new look, new guests and new style. Subscribe to Matthews YouTube, iTunes and Spotify Channel. Links Below! Instagram|MattPBrown https://linktr.ee/matthewpbrown Subscribe YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC19UqP026YPvXh15pLC_k2g Subscribe iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/im-working-on-it-with-matthew-p-brown/id1192871269 www.matthewpbrown.com This week Matthew talks with Comedian Alex Gettlin. They talk about the affect smart phones have on "us", childhood, making mistakes, evolving and much more! Rate and Review on iTunes!

1hr 18mins

27 Jan 2020

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episode 4 Alex Gettlin

To Live and Bike in LA

In episode 4 I sit down with comic and biker Alex Gettlin. Listen as I mess up the name of the show right off the bat and don't even notice. Alex has a unique job that has him biking a LOT. he has great stories and his own great podcast, thin The Herd. Sit back and enjoy!!!!


8 Jan 2020

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Ready Set Blow - Ep. 170 Alex Gettlin

Ready Set Blow Podcast with Randy Valerio and Chase Abel

The boys welcome back actor and comedian Alex Gettlin to the podcast. The guys open up talking about Jews, which leads to them ranking the types of white people. Alex breaks down his LA experience after 3 years. They move on to talk about high maintenance women. Randy tells the story of Chase getting hit on at a gay bar in Phoenix. They play a little game of breakfast Marry, Fuck, Kill. The gang closes out talking about taking your shoes off in public places. Be sure to check out Alex's podcast "Thin the Herd" and check out his website, www.alexgettlin.com, for all his other upcoming projects  Outro: "It's Friday" by Gee Dubs Social Media: Instagram: @alexgettlin @randyvalerio @chaseabel @readysetblowpodcast Twitter: @alexgettlin @randytvalerio @chaseabel1 @readysetblowpodcast Facebook: facebook.com/alexgettlin,facebook.com/randy.valerio.777, facebook.com/chase.abel.54 

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27 Nov 2019

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017 S02E02: Poser Exposure with Alex Gettlin


Comedian Alex Gettlin from the "Thin the Herd" podcast joins the guys to expose the posers! Josh has beef with kids who LOVE The Beatles and Gerardo transforms into the role of a lifetime. FOLLOW THE PODCAST ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/joshrardo/ SUBSCRIBE TO THE JOSHRARDO CLIP CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBmN... FOLLOW JOSH: https://www.instagram.com/joshmagicmi... FOLLOW GERARDO: https://www.instagram.com/geloldo/

1hr 47mins

7 Oct 2019

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Ep 88: Alex Gettlin - Infinite Options for Everything

Sleeping with Sarah

This week, Sarah had Alex Gettlin in her bed. They talked about starting comedy in Boston, narcolepsy, being in a fraternity, relationships, and more! Follow Alex on Twitter and Instagram @AlexGettlin. Sleeping with Sarah is a podcast where comedian and narcoleptic, Sarah Albritton interviews people in her bed. They talk about sleep, comedy, and relationships. Visit www.sleepingwithsarah.com for more information. You can follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahalbritton & Twitter:@sarahalbritton or visit her at www.sarahalbritton.com. Music by Josh Bryant. To find out more about Super Narcoleptic Girl, please follow on Twitter @SNGWebSeries & Instagram or visit the SNG Website. 


17 May 2019