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Chris Holt & Ronnie Holt - Accent Group | 089

A Kiwi Original

Listen now | Chris Holt talks about moving into starting his own business after 21 years and what happened next. Office furniture was one of many product ranges in the 90's and when they realised this could be a solid line of business they began to specialise. You may not have heard of Accent because they've never sold direct and only sold branded product from 2012. 1,800 desks and cabinetry supplied. Accent has serious skill. Get on the email list at www.akiwioriginal.com

15 Mar 2021

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LIVE: Chris Holt, Keegan Akin on Inside the Yard

Baltimore Orioles: Inside the Yard Podcast

Pitching Coach/Director of Pitching Chris Holt joined Brett Hollander and Geoff Arnold to chat about a potential 6-man pitching rotation and when he first learned about the other Chris Holt. After his MLB debut in 2020, LHP Keegan Akin talked about becoming more consistent in 2021 and trusting the process for his true rookie season. Orioles Insider Roch Kubatko joined the pod to talk roster predictions, Hyde naming a closer for the season and his first impressions of veteran Matt Harvey.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


26 Feb 2021

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Playing Guilty with Chris Holt

Clan From The Stands Podcast

In the latest episode we chew the fat with former Clan netminder Chris Holt. He shares life post hockey, his memories of his final year with the Clan and some amazing exclusive stories :P 

1hr 34mins

13 Jan 2021

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The Sea Shepherd Experience with Captain Chris Holt

SuperYacht Radio

Join us as we chat with Captain Chris Holt, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society , as he shares his story of transitioning from yachting to conservation, their recent exploration and discovery of a new whale species in the Gulf of Mexico, life on board, what Sea Shepherd do around the world, and discovering the pandemic when at sea! #SeaShepherd #yachtcrew #conservation #wildlife #marineconservation #seashepherd #yachtcast #yachtingpodcast


4 Jan 2021

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Clan Chat - Chris Holt

Clan Chat

He played for only one season, but his big personality will always be remembered.  Chris Holt is the latest guest on Clan Chat, talking to Gerry and Craig about what turned into his final season as a professional. Watch the original video on the Glasgow Clan YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/OW22mkn1Qb4 *This show was originally aired on 28th August 2020 PHOTO: Al Goold


29 Nov 2020

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2.10: Orioles Director of Pitching Chris Holt

One Flew Over the Shorebirds Nest

Newly-promoted Director of Pitching Chris Holt (@ChrisHolt20) breaks down how the Orioles are developing arms for the future and staying in shape through the long hiatus in an insightful conversation on One Flew Over. Don't forget to follow Orioles Player Development (@OsPlayerDev) for even more info on Baltimore's rising tide! SEGMENT RUNDOWN: New Business - 0:43   Call of the Week (Gray Fenter/Drew Rom 4-hit SHO, 6/5/19) - 2:33   Feature Interview with Chris Holt - 5:18   Fan Shots* -  33:05   Outro - 34:13 *Write about or record your favorite Shorebirds memories and send them to wdeboer@theshorebirds.com - you might hear YOUR memory on our Fan Shots segment!


3 Jun 2020

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Food, flicks and politics with Adriano Ciotoli, Vincent Georgie and Chris Holt

Rose City Politics

Sarah Morris comes back to the show to talk Mark Boscariol 48-Hour Flick Fest with Vincent Georgie, and Don and Doug chat with Adriano Ciotoli and Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt about the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry and the Holt/Frncis motion passed at the city's BIA committee meeting that would soon be known as the Windsor COVID-19 Small Business Action Plan.

1hr 2mins

21 May 2020

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Chris Holt on autonomy, utilizing coaches strengths, and whats next in pitching development

Ahead Of The Curve with Jonathan Gelnar

Coaches vs. Covidfredhutch.org/coachesvscovidToday we have on the pitching coordinator for the Baltimore Orioles, Chris Holt. Chris Oversees the development of every pitcher in the organization and have an increased presence on the Major League side. On the show we talk about how he builds in autonomy and lets the coaches in the system utilize their strengths, how we can embrace who the player is but also help the improve and we talk about what he thinks the next wave is in pitching development is.  Show notes courtesy of Zach CastoWhen you have a small amount of players. (6 players) play double or nothing. Players go for a double no matter where the ball is. This can build instincts. “Coordinators coach the coaches.” You have to realize you want guys around you who will do things the right way. You want your players to do things their own way in order for them to problem solve the best way possible. Once you have buy in the approach has to be “Let’s get work done.” There is less difficulty to create buy in when there is objective data. Tell players what they do well and what they don’t. Explain why behind each finding and how they can improve. Understand the player as a person and find out how they learn best. With players who aren’t buying in be honest and real with the player. Players need to realize that “We don’t have time to waste, so let’s not waste it.” Our time playing the game is very short. Be close with your players so that you can be completely truthful with them. Understand where the player comes from and his background. Spend time in the office talking to the player and what they believe in. “Players need to maintain what got them good in the first place.” We want our players to own their performance. Throw your regular bullpen and then then finish off with a game called one shot. The coach gives the location, count, pitch, and situation.If the player executed this pitch then the coach will do ten pushups or some other exercise. If the player misses then they have to do the exercise. This allows you to be vulnerable around your players and creates a fun atmosphere. The next goal is to maximize the sequencing and deception aspects of the pitcher’s mix and delivery. To get a players as good of a pitch off that he can the pitcher needs to have athleticism, rhythm, and tempo in the delivery. The pitcher must have a be on attack mindset. There must be an intent behind the work instead of an intent to throw hard. “Intent is having a purpose.” The next wave of guys are those who can pitch vertically and horizontally. (Nightmare repertoire). Work on simplifying what you are saying for clear understanding. Get into the art of cues. This can help players understand to maximize their performance. “You want to be simple and concise.” Find out what kind of learning that excites the players. Players need to understand that failing is a part of improvement. Be positive and enthusiastic with the player. Take complicated aspects and simplify it down to simplistic terms. When reading and learning focus on what speaks to you. Your thoughts become your habits, and habits become your performance. Whatever we are learning, we need to create mastery in order to teach it well.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Apr 2020

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Chris Holt on O's minor league pitching


28 Sep 2019

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Special Edition: Chris Holt Uncut

Clan Chat

Former net minder Chris Holt joins us for a special, extended one on one chat about his time and experience with Braehead Clan during the 2015/16 season, including the CHL, his friendship with Gary Russell and THOSE Chris Bruton comments


16 Sep 2019