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26 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Fedor Holz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Fedor Holz, often where they are interviewed.

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26 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Fedor Holz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Fedor Holz, often where they are interviewed.

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#7 Money versus self-worth ❘ Fedor Holz

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Learning from a professional poker player

To what extent can you maximize your output and how much in poker is fate? What can you learn from poker when it comes to making decisions? And why is it better to focus on the things you can influence? In this episode, I'm talking to Fedor Holz, who, in his mid-20s as a professional tournament poker player, has won more than 30 million. We talk about taking risks, "seeing" the opponent, money versus self-worth, the joy of the game, but also about rejection and vulnerability.

Author: Katharina Baier
Editor: Raphael Spannocchi
Jingle: Samuel Buda

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Nov 22 2020 · 53mins
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052 - Fedor Holz - Do What You Love

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Fedor Holz may have retired from playing poker full time, but that doesn’t mean he’s been sitting on his hands…

Over one weekend this past summer, Fedor scored over $2 million in online tournament wins, and he’s been exploring his other passions in life, like coaching clients and building businesses. In fact, Fedor is the cofounder for Primed Mind, and we’ve got some exciting content in the works for the Primed Mind community!

In this episode, Fedor talks about doing what you love, how it can evolve and shift over time, and what it means to journey down the path of least friction…

Where do you feel the most flow in your life? Follow that to find fulfillment. Listen to this episode to learn more!

Click here to get the full show notes and resources from this week's episode.

Nov 03 2020 · 37mins

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Fedor Holz - Striving for excellence [Rebroadcast]

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Fedor Holz is one of the most successful poker tournament players in the world. He played a key role in assembling "the German team", we discuss how Fedor keeps aiming at bigger goals, his approach to improvement, his mental game tips & tricks, and much more.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:43 How Fedor Holz built his team

00:07:35 The desire for constant improving

00:11:40 Never settling down

00:13:15 Finding a way to play higher and higher

00:16:31 Bringing his friends to the (High Roller) party

00:19:28 The Rat Race

00:20:21 Playing Zoom $500 with Steffen Sontheimer

00:21:49 Sinergy and applying knowledge

00:25:14 Importance of a healthy mental game

00:27:44 When you follow what you want to do, then you're happy

00:30:40 Have a group of people to help you reflect

00:32:34 Taking a 5 months break… And then $2k to 1 million dollars

00:38:01 How the value of money changed over time

00:45:38 What do you actually want to do?

00:51:37 How do you spend your day and why?

00:55:17 Boredom is one of the most important drivers of creativity

00:58:50 Absolute love for getting better

01:04:37 Advice for those starting right now

01:05:44 Not enjoying poker anymore

01:07:22 Want to change something? Try the extremes!

01:09:26 But don't always try the extremes

01:10:07 Aligning YOURSELF to what you want TO DO

01:13:01 Only aiming to be the best

01:16:37 Fedor's poker course: The Pokercode

01:21:42 What Fedor wants to change in the world?

Sep 04 2020 · 1hr 26mins
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Fedor Holz (High Stakes Legend)

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Fedor Holz is my guest today on the Poker Life Podcast. The first time Fedor was on was WAY back in 2014 after winning the WCOOP Main Event. Fedor is back sponsored by GGPoker and will be playing the upcoming WSOP event on their website. We will talk to Fedor about what life has been like back in the high stakes online poker tournament world and see if he considers himself still one of the top players.
0:02 Intro 0:05 Fedor introduction, future guests and plans for the podcast, Fedor acomplishments/plans for the future 2:55 Both of them talking about how they met, their first podcast, where Fedor is living atm what he has been doing and what's going with his return to poker 6:33 Fedor talks why he stopped and started again to play poker, what poker meant to him what he likes and dislikes 11:46 Other revenue streams besides poker why you need them, why Fedor chose to work with GGpoker 20:28 Fedor consluting GGpoker about rake and rakeback related systems, GGpoker what is all about 28:20 Why GGpoker does much better than other sites, the poker player experience and what should change to make it more enjoyable 43:00 Predatory aspect of poker pros and why they ruin the game, how the game should change for the better 57:25 WSOP/MTTS formats discussion, rakeback system structure/rules on GGpoker, shouting out chat after Fedor disconnects 1:22:08 Fedor reconnects after technical problems, GGpoker rakeback system positives/negatives 1:29:01 Sponsors and the value they bring, Fedor talks about being back in poker, studying poker, DTO and what is next 1:38:55 Poker project called "The Academy" focused on MTTs, 500 to 5k challenge discussion, Fedor Twitter phase, discipline in poker and more

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Jul 11 2020 · 2hr 1min

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123 - Fedor Holz - The Comeback, GG Poker, and WSOP Online

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Click Here To Try Elliot Roe's Primed Mind For Free

After his legendary run on the Super High Roller scene in 2016, Fedor Holz shocked the poker world with his announcement that he was retiring from the game. While he did play the occasional live High Roller tournament, he has mostly stayed off the virtual felt… until now.

In this episode of the Mindset Advantage Poker Podcast, Fedor Holz returns to the show to discuss his comeback to the online MTT scene, his new partnership with GG Poker, and the Online WSOP series. Topics covered include Fedor’s motivation for returning to the game, how he’s preparing to perform at his best during WSOP, and what he’s doing with PokerCode to help his students ship a bracelet.

Click here to get the full show notes and resources from this week's episode

Jul 03 2020 · 31mins
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Ep 010 - Fedor Holz

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Steve Fredlund chats with Fedor Holz who, at the age of 26, has made more than $30 million playing poker and was widely regarded as the top player in the world. He now focuses on other ventures and has a compelling perspective on the world.  You can follow him on Twitter @crownupguy or check out his website at fedorholz.com.

Apr 17 2020 · 53mins
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116 - Fedor Holz - Turning The Tables On Elliot Roe

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Recently, Fedor Holz invited Elliot to participate in a community coaching session for Fedor's PokerCode students. Usually, it's Elliot who is interviewing Fedor, but this time the tables were turned. What resulted was an engaging and insightful conversation, where Fedor permitted Elliot to be "fully open" with what they've worked on over the years in private coaching sessions.

Click here to learn more about Elliot Roe's A-Game Poker Masterclass (currently available for 70% off)

Apr 02 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Ep 164 - Fedor Holz

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Steve Fredlund, Jim Reid, Rob Washam, John Somsky, & Ian Matakis chat with Fedor Holz who retired from poker after quickly earning more than $33 million on Hendon Mob and more on-line. Fedor is incredibly interesting on his perspectives of life and you can learn more about him and connect at FedorHolz.com, Instagram Fedor Holz, or Twitter @crownupguy.

You can watch the video at https://youtu.be/H3nl0rXEFaw
Jan 25 2020 · 1hr 22mins
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#26 Fedor Holz: #1 Poker Player 2016, $32 Million in Live Tourney Winnings, & 2x Online MTT POY

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My guest today is, indisputably, one of the greatest players to ever sit down at a poker table. He came onto the scene like a hurricane and swept away anyone and everyone in his path to being the number one ranked poker player in the world

And then, equally as abruptly, decided to call it a day and retire.

All before the age of 26.

Today I am joined by Fedor Holz.

Fedor, originally from Germany, has absolutely dominated both live and online poker tournaments during his career. He’s earned more than $40 million, taking down several multi-million dollar cashes along the way.

He has a WSOP bracelet and his WSOP circuit results as listed on WSOP.com show him with 12 cashes totalling just over $11.9 million. Among those are:

A 1st place finish in the High-Roller for One Drop, $111,111 buy-in, for $4.9m + his bracelet
A 2nd place finish in The Big One for One Drop, $1m buy-in, for $6m

He’s ranked as #1 on the all-time money list for Germany, and 8th in the world.

He was ranked as the #1 poker player in the world in 2016 as well as being ranked #1 in the world for online poker in 2014 and 2015.

My conversation with Fedor covers what got him into the game, his unique perspectives on poker and life, what it was like to truly achieve poker greatness and reach the top, and finally, his surprising decision to leave the game.

He’ll let you in on the importance of physical tells in live poker and what you should be looking for, as well as why you should stop looking for cut and dry solutions and instead strive to build your poker strategy around logic.

Oh and you’ll also learn Fedor’s method to super-accelerate your learning and the amazing results he’s achieved simply by connecting talented people to one another.

By the time you’ve finished listening to this podcast, you will undoubtedly be inspired to get to work on something you are passionate about, no matter what that might be.

Thank you very much once again for listening and now...This is Chasing Poker Greatness featuring Fedor Holz.
Jan 14 2020 · 1hr 16mins
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Fedor Holz - Launching His Poker Course, Pokercode

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Aug 12 2019 · 1hr 37mins