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Natalie McGill one year later

You, Me, Them, Everybody

Natalie McGill one year later Natalie was part of our February 29, 2020 12 hour live marathon show. It was our last live show of 2020. Checking back in after a year. Follow Natalie on Twitter Donate to our Patreon

19 Mar 2021

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Episode 116 - Depression: Nature or Nurture? ft. Natalie McGill

Confessional Podcast

Christine Ferrera co-hosts as we discuss the nature vs. nurture aspects of depression with DC comedian, Natalie McGill.

1hr 14mins

2 Feb 2021

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Read the Room

On this episode I talk with Natalie McGill about her recent health scares, how moms hide bad news and why people believe in conspiracy theories. Follow Natalie on IG at: @hoothollersnapWatch Natalie on Russian Television's "Redacted Tonight" on YouTube.  Follow ME on IG at: @thetimdmiller                   on YouTube: @ timmillercomedy video will be posted on FridaysCAPITALIST COCKBLOCK: SHOP AMAZON THROUGH THE LINKS BELOW.  Ring Light- https://amzn.to/2T0Qn6C Nikon D500- https://amzn.to/3cuKUwv

1hr 27mins

30 Jan 2021

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Let's All Go to The Lobby (feat. Natalie McGill)

Coffee Sip with Chris Hudson

aaayy today I'm joined by NATALIE MCGILL (Redacted Tonight on RT America) to talk her coffee journey and movie theater candy tiers (just in time for Halloween) Plus, I taste a fun mystery coffee! You'll have to listen to find out. it's an ep for the ages Follow us on Instagram: @coffeesippod @chriees @hoothollersnap And on Twitter: @cwhudson @NatalieSMcGill Don't forget to listen to Cruisewave Vaporsynth EVERY Friday at 9 PM PST on Shady Pines Radio (http://shadypinesradio.com)


25 Oct 2020

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Doom Scrolling ft. Natalie McGill

Garden Level

Comedian Natalie McGill (@nataliesmcgill) returns to the pod to discuss doing standup during the time of corona, 90s Fox Cartoons, and pretending to be six feet apart. 


28 Jul 2020

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Live at The Wonderland Ballroom with Natalie McGill, Tommy McNamara, Mister Goblin – Hour 8 of the 2020 12 Hour Marathon

You, Me, Them, Everybody

Live at The Wonderland Ballroom with Natalie McGill, Tommy McNamara, Mister Goblin - Hour 8 of the 2020 12 Hour Marathon Natalie McGill Tommy McNamara Mister Goblin Hour 8 of the 12 hour 2020 marathon The Wonderland Ballroom for venue Washington, D.C. for city

11 Mar 2020

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Hulu & Hangout ft. Natalie McGill

Garden Level

Comedian Natalie McGill (@NatalieSMcGill) joins us to discuss deleting your old social media (especially Livejournal), Bar Rescue, online dating, and more. 


9 Sep 2019

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Counter Currents Episode 46 with Natalie McGill

Counter Currents- Drafthouse Comedy Podcast

Petey and Elena get together with their old friend Natalie McGill to tell old war stories about journalism, early forays into comedy, scorned lovers, and other matters of gravitas.


16 Apr 2019

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Ep. 28 - Natalie McGill's Odd Bus Driver

Dan Has Jokes

Dan talks with DC comedian Natalie McGill about bombing, and then they work on a joke about a song with an oddly sexual connection to Christmas. To Dan’s absolute delight, Natalie sparks a discussion about Kurtis Blow, leading to yet another attempt to salvage Dan’s Kurtis Blow joke. In the extended episode (available at PATREON.COM/DANHASJOKES), Dan and Natalie talk about forgetting things onstage, and ways of writing material from one’s own experience. Natalie shares her love for old TV shows, and Dan tells a story from childhood about how his mother forbade him to watch Pee-Wee Herman’s show or movies in the most traumatizing way possible. Dan tries to build a joke on his experience of almost witnessing a knife fight in the San Francisco Public Library, and Natalie works on a bit about the way prizes are distributed at trivia nights. Dan has a one-liner about an odd food choice, while Natalie has a joke about being invited to join a threeway.


28 Jan 2019

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Episode 41 "The Trip - Part Two" w/ Natalie McGill

What's The Deal With Seinfeld?

Kramer is arrested when he is mistaken for a serial killer. After he is exonerated, Jerry, George, and he return to New York. (BONUS EPISODE)Guest: Natalie McGill


25 Mar 2018