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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Maras. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Maras, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Anthony Maras. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Anthony Maras, often where they are interviewed.

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Hotel Mumbai (2018) with John Collee - Screenplay by John Collee and Anthony Maras

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Screenwriter John Collee is joining William this week on a very socially-distant recording, calling in from 7,511 miles away! We discuss John’s thoughts on living an exciting life that gives you the inspiration to write, collaborating and building relationships, and his ideas about story structure, and then talk about the screenplay to ‘Hotel Mumbai’, which he co-wrote with director Anthony Maras.

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Jun 25 2020 · 1hr 14mins
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'Hotel Mumbai' Director Anthony Maras

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Hotel Mumbai, the feature debut from Australian writer-director Anthony Maras, deserved more attention when it premiered in the United States earlier this year. Now that the film has premiered in the most important country on its release calendar, India, we spoke to Maras about the horrific attacks that inspired Hotel Mumbai and the heroism of the real people involved.

Maras' story is essential listening for anyone making their first film. Many surprises that seemed likely to doom the project turned out to be its salvation. He talks about how he won it back from The Weinstein Co. after the Harvey Weinstein story emerged, the injury that delayed shooting, and other hurdles. But he never loses sight of the real focus on the tragedy, its victims and its survivors.

Hotel Mumbai is now streaming on Hulu.If you enjoy this interview, please check out similar interviews and features at MovieMaker.com.

Here's a breakdown of our talk, with timestamps:

1:45: Anthony Maras discusses the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, and how he decided to make Hotel Mumbai.

4:45: Maras talks about the altruism of the people targeted in the attacks. "You had kitchen staff from the Taj Hotel who were literally stuffing pots and pans and baking trays down their shirts. These were to act as bullet -proof vests as they were shielding their guests from gunfire."

8:20: How Dog Day Afternoon influenced Hotel Mumbai.

10:45: How the filmmakers made decisions about how to portray the terrorists in the film.

20:30: How Maras and co-writer John Collee researched the film, and why Dev Patel was determined to make Hotel Mumbai.

23:00: Hotel Mumbai was initially a Weinstein Co. release. The first Hotel Mumbai test screening was on the same day as the first New York Times story about Harvey Weinstein. That led to a fight to get the film back.

24:50: Why moviemakers should have good lawyers.

25:25: How an on-set accident ended up rescuing the film.

40:55: The importance of listening.

42:35: Maras' oddest job on the road to becoming a moviemaker.

43:00: An impromptu toast to UC Santa Barbara, America's finest university.

49:45: Five Things Anthony Maras has learned as a moviemaker.

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Dec 02 2019 · 54mins

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Kathleen Robertson and Anthony Maras

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Actress and Writer Kathleen Robertson joins Ben to talk about her new Netflix show "Northern Rescue", as well as the upcoming "The Possibilities", and of course...90210. Then, director Anthony Maras is in the den to talk about the challenges and rewards of his feature directorial debut, "Hotel Mumbai."
Mar 26 2019 · 59mins
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Hotel Mumbai - Anthony Maras, Jason Isaacs, and John Collee Q&A

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Director/Screenwriter Anthony Maras, Actor Jason Isaacs, and Screenwriter John Collee speak with moderator Scott Mantz about their new film HOTEL MUMBAI.

Recorded at the Landmark in Los Angeles on 3/23/19.

Mar 23 2019 · 29mins

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The Playlist Ep 87 - Dev Patel & Anthony Maras ('Hotel Mumbai') / 'Captain Marvel' / 'Leaving Neverland'

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0:37 Hotel Mumbai

4:04 Dev Patel and Anthony Maras

14:36 Australia In Colour

19:05 Captain Marvel

34:23 Leaving Neverland

41:49 Game of Thrones

This episode was recorded on Wednesday, 13 March 2019.

Mar 19 2019 · 45mins
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One HEAT Minute: Episode #94 - Anthony Maras (Director of HOTEL MUMBAI)

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ONE HEAT MINUTE is the podcast examining Michael Mann's 1995 crime opus HEAT, minute by minute. It's the 94th minute (1:33:00-1:34:00) - host Blake Howard joins writer/director Anthony Maras from the Australian Premiere of his debut feature HOTEL MUMBAI at the 2018 Adelaide Film Festival. Blake and Anthony discuss his production team's gift of an original theatrical poster of HEAT, how legends like Pacino and De Niro realise that the camera is reading their thoughts and Anthony's view that HEAT feels like the urban reworking of THE WILD BUNCH. Hope you've got enough time, to do what you gotta do and listen to the show.

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Nov 01 2018 · 22mins