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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Osborn. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Osborn, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Osborn. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Osborn, often where they are interviewed.

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Mike Osborn is Making a Scene

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Michael W. Osborn was born in Illinois and grew up in the country on the bank of the Kankakee river, not unlike Huckleberry Finn hiking, hunting and fishing, enjoying the outdoors. His family listened to country music and “blue grass” often, He hated it at the time but it would later have a big influence on him musically. When he was 13 his family moved to Woodland CA (near Sacramento), he started taking guitar lessons in school. By the time he was 16 he was performing regularly in local clubs as a lead guitarist in a country rock band.

From there he went on to play in rockabilly and metal bands for years and played in church frequently.  In 1991 he played professionally for a couple years doing blues and classic rock and become influenced by the recently deceased Stevie Ray Vaughan. After taking a hiatus from music for a few years to focus on raising his children as a single father, Mike started back up again in October 2006 performing weekly and building up a network of musicians and music and re-establishing his reputation.

Oct 28 2019 · 49mins
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Mike Osborn, Vice President of Finance, Catholic Health System, Buffalo, NY

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Mike Osborne helps administer a best practice robotic program at 4 hospitals in the Buffalo / Niagara region, and discusses his program’s commitment to achieving highest quality, cost-effective operation.

Jun 26 2019 · 18mins

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The Mike Kara Radio Program - What's Up America - Mike Osborn

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5/02/19 - Edition of The Mike Kara Radio Program - "What's Up America".
Today we have an interview with Mike Osborn who is a singer-songwriter, musician, performer, & guitarist.
His websites are located at https://www.mikeosbornmusic.com/ and
He lives in San Jose, California, USA.
May 03 2019 · 51mins
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WHAT THE HELL with Mike Osborn

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CHRISTIAN HELL: This is a fun one! What the heck is Hell anyway? To get the scoop on Christian Hell, I of course asked my Father, Mike Osborn. Some creepy philosophies on demonic dwelling come about when my Dad reveals there's no Hell for Demons to live in, all the devils have to live on earth😵 (editors note: there are 6 not 5 realms on the Dharma wheel. my bad, dawg)

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Oct 24 2018 · 34mins

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Invested in Music Marketing – Mike Osborn

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Mike Osborn and Music Marketing

Music marketing is synonymous with the name Mike Osborn. He’s still figuring it out like so many other indie music artists, but Mike has always been heavily invested in how he markets his music and brand. This was evident when I heard him speak at a 2014 musician marketing event that I co-hosted in San Jose California. Mike showed up with notebooks containing marketing ideas and strategies that he’d implemented or was otherwise exploring. Much of Mike’s methods and strategies come from John Oszajca’s Music Marketing Manifesto, which has more recently become known as the full service agency Direct to Fan International (DTFI).

Beyond Music Marketing

Mike and his Mike Osborn Band are a group of hard working musicians who work smart, but he wants to work even smarter. He acknowledges that diversification has been a key driver of success in his career, but now he’s looking at the long-term. This is not an easy game in Mike’s home of San Jose California, which is among the most expensive places one can live on this lonely planet. Like the rest of the working world, Mike wants to work a little less, to have freedom for time off, and to feel good about retirement. He never mentioned retirement, for the record, but I believe he’s practical and somewhat traditional. Sure he can play into old age, but there’s likely something beyond performing and recording for this Osborn.

In our most recent conversation, Mike and I talk about more than just marketing and the long game of life. He’s fired up about an increased investment he’s made with Music Marketing Manifesto and DTFI, but he did humor me in discussing his forthcoming album, ReverbNation’s calendar widget, pickup bands in the blues scene, and why he finds drummers to be an x-factor in any new ensemble.

Mike’s forthcoming album is in final production stages. He seems confident in releasing at least some of it in time for the holiday season. He also tells me that the new recordings are stylistically more country than his past work. This makes sense given that Mike finds most of his songs start out that way. We’ll soon hear if that country feel supersedes his traditional blues-rock sound. Whatever the case, Mike is excited about the project and I’m excited for him.

Find Mike and follow the progress of his marketing and recording projects on Facebook @MikeOsbornBand.


Mike Osborn Band on Facebook In the Dog House – Mike Osborn on CDBaby Lovin Time – Video ReverbNation Widgets Math Class DTFI


Episode 34 – Tribute Bands, Jam Etiquette, & Backing Tracks–Mike Osborn Episode 61 – Circus Swing and the Transformation of Dean Johanesen Episode 41 – Reverb and Whiskey (or Iced Tea)–Singer Songwriter Joe George Episode 60 – House Concert Host Amy Killingsworth Episode 62 – Tapping into the House Concert Scene–Robonzo


The Unstarving Musician’s Guide to Getting Paid Gigs, by Robonzo Growth Farming the Seth Godin Way, a FREE ebook by D Grant Smith More resources for musicians

Aug 10 2018 · 51mins
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Mike Osborn & Robonzo on Tribute Bands, Jam Etiquette, Backing Tracks, and Reaching Festival Organizers

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Last weekend I sent an email to my listener's list asking what topics they'd like to hear discussed on the podcast. Thank you to all who replied! Among those who chimed in was San Francisco Bay Area blues-rocker Mike Osborn. We did a little back and forth via email, and I ended up inviting Mike to join me on the podcast for a listener questions episode. He kindly obliged.

Here are some of the topics and questions that listeners sent in, which also happen to be the ones Mike and I discussed in this episode.

  • What's with the large demand for tribute bands?
  • What's the proper etiquette for jams?
  • Who to approach and how to approach organizers of municipal events and festivals
  • Yes or no to backing tracks at live gigs?
  • Setting up gear checklists for gigs
  • Carrying extra gear for band mates

Here are a few takeaways that are summed up by the fact that we musicians sometimes lose sight of  a few facts. I'm no exception.


Jan 19 2018 · 42mins
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Markus James, Blues411 Report, Blue Lunch & Mike Osborn Sit On The Couch

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SHOW # 264 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

Markus James released his latest album back in October.  The album is entitled Head For The Hills and was recorded in the delta in Mississippi. He is backed up by some Hill Country royalty.  He music is the result of his love for the Hill Country of Mississippi and the sounds of West African Music and even toured in Mali, West Africa to continue his studies.  Markus and I will explore this unique journey and listen to tunes from Head For The Hills.

Blues411 Report for April with friend Chefjimi Patricola will look back on the last month and look ahead to what is coming up with the music in the next month.  

Blue Lunch hails from Cleveland and had a hit with their debut, Blue Lunch Special.  They are back with Above The Fold, which dropped in November and there was no sophomore jinx with this one.  The album has been getting a ton of airplay.    Combining all types of blues, from Chicago, to Jump to New Orleans R&B and everything in between the band's music is infectious.  I will speak with Guitarist Bob Frank about the new album and where the band is headed next.

Also released in November, Mike Osborn'sIn The Dog House blends blues, rock and country to provide some powerful music.  Osborn's guitar work is stellar throughout and the whole thing was produced and mastered by Grammy award winner Alan Mirikitani who also wrote most of the music.  Mike and I will talk about his musical influences and the album and more when he joins me.
Apr 07 2015 · 2hr 57mins