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Anonymous Post - Question and Answer with Dr. Mike Chua

Alternative Healthcare Careers

Anonymous Post - Question and Answer with Dr. Mike Chua Do you have questions about finding your alternative career? Dr. Mike answers common questions that you have when finding your alternative career. In this episode: 06:10 – QOTD “I used to say, ‘I sure hope things will change.’ Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change.” – Jim Rohn 07:35 – Question: Should I consider the offer to work remotely for a company who offered half my pay (as a PTA) or should I keep looking? 09:00 – When God humbles you down that is the time you step up. – Dr. Mike 11:10 -- Question: I have been offered a position with a local hospital as a case management assistant – helping with discharge placement and trying to get things approved by insurance. Currently in the hospital’s College of Nursing and I think it is time for something different. The only downside is the pay, it will be $10/hour less than what I’m currently making. Any advice? 11:55 – Work on a job and you will make a living. Work on yourself and you will make a fortune. 13:20 – Question: Looking for someone to help with interview preparation. Got 2 interviews for at least 3 awesome positions for the past 6 months but cannot seem to go any further. 13:55 – Do not take it personally. 14:30 – The more rejections you get, the closer you get to the goal. 14:40 – F.A.I.L – First Attempt in Learning. 16:40 – It is important to do self-assessment. 21:05 – Question: In terms of job opportunities, does it matter if you have a Certified Dementia Practitioner or a Certified Dementia Specialist Credential? A COTA with a certification coming up by end of March and her long-term goal is a Geriatric Case Manager. 22:05 – The goal when getting certifications is to use it to your advantage. 25:30 – It is important to learn how to find multiple strings of income. 27:05 – Question: Has anyone revamped their resume so that it can be used for either therapy or non-therapy job? Do you have an example of how to revamp it? 27:50 – Question: What certification do you recommend to transition from being a PT to assisted living administrative position? 32:40 – Question: Has anyone in the group take a side gig or transitioned into a real estate mortgage property realm? Would you recommend it? 39:55 – Question: Experiencing a healthcare and terrified to make another career change especially that she is only 6 months into her current job. What to do? 43:15 – Remember the 3 P’s. 46:30 – Always remember the word FAST. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar (the required course to be a Certified Dementia Practitioner) -- Sign up at DrMikeChua.com/ADDC www.medbridgeeducation.com and use the code “Alternative” to get 40% discount --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/althealthcareers/message


17 Feb 2021

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Ep 157: Finding Your Passion & Expertise in an Alternative Career with Dr. Mike Chua

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast | Build a Successful Physical Therapy Business Without Relying on Insurance

Just when we think we’re being rejected, we’re actually being redirected. That couldn’t be more true in the case of Dr. Mike Chua, an immigrant PT, DPT who suffered a series of rejections in the pursuit of the elusive green card. Just when he thought a promotion could up his chances of approval, it became another bout of rejection that made him want to give it all up. But, it’s also true that the universe is kind to persistent dreamers. A nudge to a different career paved the way to his approval. It also launched him to a successful venture - helping healthcare professionals find an alternative career to boost their profits. How do you know which alternative career is a good fit for you? The answer is simple - find your passion!“Taking care of people was natural for me.”-     Dr. Mike ChuaWhat do you want to hear from the CashPT Lunch Hour?Tell us here! Get Your CashPT Checklist to Start Building Your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Now!Find it Here 10x Your Marketing, 10X Your Action, 10X Your Thinking, 10X Your Income, and 10X Your Impact in 12 Months or Less with The CashPT Platinum Mastermind!Learn More Here!In This Episode:- Why people don’t take action no matter how bad they want something- Therapists find it hard to ask for help because of these reasons- 4 Ps to push people who are stuck in a rut - What you’re looking for is looking for you- Why 80% is good enough - Why you need a good dose of Vitamin NEpisode Resources:- Dr. Mike Chua Website - drmikechua.com/addc- Alternative Healthcare Careers Website - https://www.alternativehealthcarecareers.com- Alternative Healthcare Careers Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/altcareersforrehab/- National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners - https://www.nccdp.org/- FCCPT - https://www.fccpt.org/- FSBPT - https://www.fsbpt.org/- Watch this episode here - https://youtu.be/eAEZ58npZGkConnect with Aaron:- Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AaronLeBauer/- Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aaronlebauer/- Twitter - https://twitter.com/AaronLeBauer- LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronlebauer/- Website - https://aaronlebauer.com/


12 Nov 2020

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Alternative Healthcare Careers with Dr. Mike Chua

The Stay at Home Nurse

Description: In addition to his thriving practice, coaching, and mentoring, Dr. Mike Chua, PT, DPT also helps dementia caregivers through his books, online seminars, and live presentations. He shares with us how he expanded beyond patient care and helps other healthcare professionals to do the same.  Through his many resources, he inspires and equips healthcare professionals to discover the many alternatives out there. In this episode, he also shares with us how to improve our influence and impact and his MENTOR principle for success!  Show Notes: Acronym of MENTOR: M - Meet a need E - Educate N - Network T - Team of winners O - One to one coaching R - Repeat or recurring revenue Acronym of F another acronym he uses (starts with an F) F - Find friends A - Action S - Shoot for the moon T - Teach it https://alternativehealthcarecareers.com/ https://www.facebook.com/alternativehealthcarecareers https://drmikechua.com/ tasha@drmikechua.com


30 Oct 2020

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Finding Your Alternative Healthcare Career with Mike Chua

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

Mike Chua is a physical therapist who helps therapists turn their passion into purpose and profit by becoming a mentor.He lays on us how to improve your influence and impact in the industry using mentor –* M – meet a need/niche* E – educate* N – network* T – finding a team* O – one on one coaching* R – repeat itCheck out Mike’s website at Alternative Healthcare Careers and Facebook group Alternative Healthcare Careers for Rehabilitation Professionals.He has created multiple books on Alzheimer’s and Dementia to give more information to the patients and audience he serves.His Facebook lives not only benefit the audience who listen but are valuable to him by learning and understanding more about his topics.  QUOTES“Find a team that will actually believe in you and actually push you to your next level.” – MIKE“In order to be a good leader, you need to be a good follower.” – MIKE“There’s two parts in being a therapist. Part one is being the business owner. Second one, we are always made to be clinicians. We will always go back to our first love which is taking care of patients.” – MIKEPARTING SHOT“You always want to do everything fast.” – MIKE* F – find friends that will push you to your next level* A – take action* S – shoot for the moon* T – teach it


17 Sep 2020

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Alzheimer's and Dementia Support Group: Q and A with Dr. Mike Chua

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast

Alzheimer's and Dementia Support Group: Q and A with Dr. Mike Chua Do you have a couple of unanswered questions about your loved ones that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Dr. Mike answers and gives advice on how to deal and take care of our loved ones having Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In this episode: 02:10 – Q: Why is my loved one always angry and on that denial stage? 02:40 – Identify what stage using the Kubler-Ross model. 04:20 – 90-second rule (it takes them 90 seconds to process the info). 03:20 – Kubler-Ross model (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance) 04:35 – Ask questions that are answerable by Yes or No. 05:25 – 3 things you need to do when your loved one is in the Depression stage. 07:05 – Why do they keep on jumping from one stage to another (Kubler-Ross)? 08:45 – Q: What information to put on a Medical ID bracelet? 11:25 – Q: My mother wanders all day and repeats the same words, what should we do since we cannot visit her? 13:10 – Q: My mom is fixated on anything negative, what should we do? 15:10 – Q: Admit to a nursing home or just take care of a loved one at home? 17:30 – Q: Did I do the wrong thing by sending my mom to rehab? 18:55 – Always remember the word FAST. 19:10 – You can download Dr. Mike’s book at for FREE at www.drmikechua.com


20 Aug 2020

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Q and A with Dr. Mike Chua: Is falling a common thing with Dementia

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast

Q and A with Dr. Mike Chua: Is falling a common thing with Dementia? Is falling a common thing with Dementia? In This Podcast: 00:55 – Is falling a common thing for Dementia? 01:18 – Your basal ganglia. 01:41 – Your blood pressure. 03:33 – Your eyes. 06:42 – Your inner ears. 08:30 – Your reflexes. 10:03 – Dehydration.


7 Aug 2020

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Ep. 22: Dementia and elevating yourself and your practice with Mike Chua, DPT

PT MEAL: Physical Therapy Podcast

In today's episode, Mike Chua, PT, DPT talked about dementia care, and how we, as physical therapists, can elevate ourselves and our practice. He is a Certified Clinical Instructor, a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Senior Fitness Specialist, an Alternative Career Coach / Mentor, an entrepreneur, and author of several books. He received his Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from University of Perpetual Help Rizal and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at University of Incarnate Word at Texas wherein he graduated Cum Laude. Get ready for another inspiring conversation. Let's take a listen. You can check him out in his website: https://drmikechua.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ptmealpodcast/support


27 Jul 2020

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Who is Dr. Mike Chua? What is up his sleeve nowadays?

JustUpright: Therapies and Life

ANNOUNCEMENT! I am thrilled to announce our upcoming WEBINAR in collaboration with Dr. Mike Chua. This is "Filipino Physical Therapist Path to US." This will be a live webinar in which I will be discussing the step by step process on how to be a licensed Physical Therapist in the US that may save you from lots of mistakes and headaches.  This webinar will include the E-book version of my book "PT Path to US" along the with mentorship group, Dr. Mike Chua's Passion to Profit E-Book, worksheet and a lot more! If you are interested, please make a comment below "PT" and I will send you the link. Thank you so much! We will see you at the webinar! Stay blessed! https://www.bigmarker.com/alternativehealthcarecareers/Filipino-Physical-Therapist-Path-to-US?show_live_page=true


4 May 2020

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How to File for Unemployment Benefits with Mike Chua and Emmanuel Canlas

Alternative Healthcare Careers

How to File for Unemployment Benefits with Mike Chua and Emmanuel Canlas How to File for Unemployment Benefits as a PT, OT or SLP under the CARES Act? In this Podcast: 04:07 – Disclaimer! 06:16 – The CARES Act. 07:02 – Regular Unemployment Income. 11:50 – Pandemic Unemployment Income. 16:53 – Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. 24:47 – Weekly Wages and its Base Period. 29:24 – Sample State Eligibility Requirements and Unemployment Income. 36:26 – Steps on Applying. 40:11 – Current Application Process. 45:32 – Individuals who are NOT eligible for PUI or PUA. 52:16 – Emmanuel Answers all your Questions! 01:30:24 –  Simple Encouragement from Mike. 01:48:31 – Where can you reach Emmanuel? 01:49:50 – Last parting wisdom from Emmanuel. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/althealthcareers/message

1hr 53mins

4 May 2020

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14 - Cheer Up Physio-Poo with Mike Chua

The PHYSIOMission Podcast

Sure reimbursement in shrinking, physios are getting laid off, and corporations are eating up the small clinics. But one man is defying the negativity day in and day out, and that’s dementia expert and coach Mike Chua. In this episode Mike shares with us how to overcome our fear of becoming an entrepreneur, how to make money with alternative careers in healthcare, and how to maximize your impact as a new grad.Mike Chua is the Chief Inspiration Officer at TN Therapy Outsource, the author of MisUnderstanding Dementia, the cofounder of the Alternative Careers for Rehabilitation Professionals, and the host the Alternative Healthcare Careers and MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcasts. He is also a master at creating an acronym for anything...........Grab Mike's book "MisUnderstanding Dementia" here: https://amzn.to/30xpSrZMake sure to check out his podcast "MisUnderstanding Dementia" here: https://drmikechua.com/podcast-2/ and his podcast "Alternative Healthcare Careers" here: https://drmikechua.com/acg/..........Join Dr. Cooper's Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/physiosecrets and make sure to grab your first masterclass for FREE at www.PHYSIOSecrets.com.


17 Jan 2020