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Five Suggestions for Near Term Professional Selling Success with Top Sales World's Jonathan Farrington

Sales Game Changers | Tips from Successful Sales Leaders

This is episode 427. Join the exclusive Institute for Excellence in Sales. Read the complete transcript on the Sales Game Changers Podcast website. JONATHAN'S TIP FOR EMERGING SALES LEADERS: "All the economists that I speak to and everybody that I listen to that is a so-called financial expert are predicting a boom for the next two, three, four, maybe even five years. Beginning, they suggest, at the end of Q3 this year. If we’re going to take advantage of all of this, we’ve got to be prepared. First of all, we’ve got to conduct an audit of ourselves, we’ve got to understand what we need to do to improve because the day we stop improving and the day we stop learning, we might as well pack up and go home, frankly. The next thing we have to do is to understand the people that report to us, and we do have a duty of care to them. We’ve got to make sure that they fully armed not just to win the occasional skirmish, but to win the war. Then third and probably the most important, think about customers. Get as close as you can to customers. Work across the line, work up, work down, understand their entire commercial objectives, understand their concerns, their fears and just get closer to them because they want you to. Stop selling, start understanding."


2 Nov 2021

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124: Is there a Future for B2B Sales Reps? Absolutely! w/ Jonathan Farrington (Sandler Research/ Top Sales World)


Buyers say they will do business with a seller that can best: 1) Understand their business 2) Prove value for money 3) Reliably follow-up and communicate This, the latest post-pandemic research revealed for the first time here, and discussed in great detail with Jonathan Farrington, Director of Sandler Research and founder of Top Sales World. Checkout what this research means and Jonathan's take on how to best enable sellers for post-crisis success. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfarrington/ #b2b #salesenablement #growthmindset #digitalselling


14 Jun 2021

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Brian Sullivan Interviews Jonathan Farrington The Sandler Research Center The Hunt For New Clients

Selling the Sandler Way Podcast

Brian Sullivan Interviews Jonathan Farrington about the Sandler Research Center survey on The Hunt For New Clients In this episode: What’s in the survey and what makes it different The Hunt for Clients in 2020 The good, the bad, and the ugly How much does your lead generation actually cost you - per customer? Prospect profiling is key to the most profitable use of a sales person’s time Targeting relevant opportunities – instead of chasing everything Three questions to ask to determine if you want their business Strategizing growth within existing clients Great stats on how much you can save and earn with existing clients Team selling – Hunting in packs Final thoughts and how you can participate in The Hunt For New Clients Survey


3 Jan 2020

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Brian Sullivan Interviews Jonathan Farrington about the Sandler Research Center Final

Selling the Sandler Way Podcast

In this episode: Why this sales research is different than other sales research The journey begins with the first sale It’s no longer just about the product or service, it’s about the entire experience Identifying Critical Moments Good customer service is no longer enough The importance of regular feedback from your clients Clients remember their last interaction with you A.B.C. Always Be Closing Caring Look after your employees and they will look after your clients What is Sustaining Symbiotic Value, and how do you do it? What’s coming in the next survey and how you can participate in it Brian Sullivan is VP of Sandler Enterprise Selling. Jonathan Farrington is the Director of Research for the Sandler Research Center.


26 Nov 2019

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Engaging the Global Sales Community w/ Jonathan Farrington

Sales Tips For The Pros Show from CPSA

In this podcast, we chat about how to grow a following of sales pros. Our guest is Jonathan Farrington, a globally recognized business coach, mentor, author, keynote speaker, and consultant, who has guided hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals around the world towards optimum performance levels. He is also the creator and CEO of Top Sales World and the editor of Top Sales Magazine


19 Nov 2018

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Jonathan Farrington

Confidentapproach's podcast

Jonathan Farrington: Jonathan har lång erfarenhet av att arbeta med säljutveckling av säljorganisationer. Han har sålt sitt konsultbolag och är idag CEO för Top Sales World och chefredaktör för deras tidning som han startat då han brinner för att utveckla säljorganisationerna i världen. Han säger att 80% av försäljningscheferna är inkompetenta för sin uppgift, bl a beroende hur de tillsätts. Intervjun handlar mycket om synen på säljorganisationen som behöver ändras om företag ska lyckas överleva och nå sina budgetar. Jonathan Farrington is a globally recognized keynote speaker, business coach, mentor, author, consultant, and sales futurist who has guided hundreds of companies and more than one hundred thousand frontline salespeople and sales leaders towards optimum performance levels. He is the CEO of Top Sales World and the Executive Editor of Top Sales Magazine. Jonathan’s written work has been republished by a host of journals, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The London Times. He is consistently named amongst the top most influential sales and marketing experts in the world. In this Conversations that makes a difference we are talking about the necessary changes in sales that needs to be done. If sales are important for you this is worth listening to.


4 Jun 2018

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Jonathan Farrington - Top Sales World

Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders, MBA

CEO of Top Sales World, Executive Editor of Top Sales Magazine, Author, Customer Experience Evangelist, Sales FuturistLearn more: www.topsalesworld.comInfluential Influencers with Mike Saundershttp://businessinnovatorsradio.com/influential-entrepreneurs-with-mike-saunders/


16 Mar 2017

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Sales Training Expert Jonathan Farrington: The Founder of The Top Sales Blog In The World

The Sales Podcast

Find your best CRM for sales for free here. Get all of the notes and links for every episode of The Sales Podcast. Overcome your toughest sales objections with these sales training flashcards. Get a signed copy of Wes's book here. Grow your sales with this on-demand video series, Make Every Sale. Know your sales numbers with this free Sales Calculator. Connect with Wes: Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook


5 Jun 2014