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510: Fred Schott on the Past, Present, and Future of Astro


Regular listeners will know Chris has been big on Astro for a while now, so it was a treat to have one of the co-creators of Astro, Fred Schott, on to answer all our questions about Astro.

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11 Apr 2022

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Episode 48 - Astro with Fred Schott

FSJam Podcast

In this episode we discuss the lasting influence of the Pika project, whether ES Modules have gone mainstream yet, current approaches to bundling, and the benefits of implementing the islands architecture with partial hydration.Fred Schott Twitter GitHub Blog Astro Twitter GitHub Home Page Snowpack Twitter GitHub Home Page Skypack Twitter GitHub Home Page Links Original Pika Pack README Introducing @pika/pack A Future Without Webpack Introducing: Pika CDN + Deno Introducing Astro: Ship Less JavaScript Partial Hydration in Astro Islands Architecture 5 Things I Learned Building Snowpack to 20,000 Stars 6 More Things I Learned Building Snowpack to 20,000 Stars


26 Oct 2021

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Founder Friday: Fred Schott of Astro

PodRocket - A web development podcast from LogRocket

Why is it still difficult to build a website that's fast? Fred Schott returns to PodRocket to talk about Astro, a new kind of static site builder that delivers lightning-fast performance with a modern developer experience. Learn more in this episode. Links https://twitter.com/FredKSchott http://fredkschott.com https://astro.build https://www.snowpack.dev https://www.skypack.dev https://podrocket.logrocket.com/1 https://twitter.com/slightlylate https://twitter.com/_developit https://jasonformat.com/islands-architecture https://www.11ty.dev https://astro.build/blog/introducing-astro https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27440553 https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8863 https://twitter.com/zachleat/status/1405883585836601350 https://vitejs.dev https://astro.build/chat Contact us https://podrocket.logrocket.com/contact-us @PodRocketpod What does LogRocket do? LogRocket combines frontend monitoring, product analytics, and session replay to help software teams deliver the ideal product experience. Try LogRocket for free today.Special Guest: Fred Schott.


25 Jun 2021

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Skypack and Snowpack with Fred Schott

Remote Ruby

[00:01:45] Fred gives us a brief introduction of what he’s working on these days.[00:03:50] Fred did a conference talk about the Third Age of JavaScript and he tells us what it is.[00:07:07] Andrew asks Fred to explain what ESM is and modules.[00:10:53] We learn about using Skypack when Andrew brings up about not having to run NPM install on your local machine. [00:14:30] Chris wonders if there is a use for Babel still in the ESM world or not.[00:16:37] We find out more about Snowpack. [00:21:13] Andrew gives an example how he used Snowpack. [00:23:00] Andrew asks Fred to talk about any issues that he’s seen as people try to transition away from Webpack to Snowpack. [00:30:21] Fred fills us in about his team at Snowpack and Skypack. Andrew asks him what the differences are in a package that you would require from a script versus an ESM available package.[00:34:00] Andrew wonders if Fred can tell him what the exports field in a package JSON is because he has no idea what it is.[00:38:16] Fred tells us what we get with the service side rendering stuff they’ve been working on. [00:42:03] Andrew asks Fred if he thinks the web is every going to adopt a universal bundler now that ESM is fully specked out, or are we always going to be in the situation where if you need it you’re going to have to find it somewhere.[00:47:27] We learn one last important thing from Andrew and Fred about using Babel and bundling with Snowpack, and where you can follow Fred online.  Panelists:Jason CharnesChris OliverAndrew MasonGuest:Fred SchottSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Fred Schott TwitterFred Schott WebsiteSnowpack TwitterSkypack TwitterThe Third Age of JavaScript by Shawn@SWYX SkypackSnowpackCascadiaJS 2020-Snowpack, Webpack and the Third Age of JavaScript with Fred Schott


26 Mar 2021

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448: Next Gen Bundlers with Jason Miller and Fred Schott


This week we talk with the maintainers of Snowpack and WMR, two newish flavors bundlers, to discuss how ES Modules change the game for modern JavaScript development.

1hr 15mins

1 Feb 2021

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4: Fred Schott on Breaking Changes

The Babel Podcast

> What is a breaking change about anyway?Fred Schott (@FredKSchott) joins Henry to have a discussion around the topic of breaking changes in programming. We chat about Snowpack and Babel's major versions, different vision means a new name (Rome), semver, RFCs, BDFLs, breaking changes as bug fixes, forking, and more (recorded in April)! Transcript at https://podcast.babeljs.io/breakingHeadings: Intro: What is a Breaking Change? What is Snowpack: V1 to V2 When is a Breaking Change Just a New Package? Re-Defining Semver? Famous Coder, Bruce Lee Commit: "fix stuff" On RFCs Project Vision: BDFLs and more On Removing Babel's TC39 Stage Presets Communicating Breaking Changes: React, Yarn, etc Are the Changes We Make Even Helpful? Different Vision, Different Name React 17, Babel 8? Rationalizing Breaking Changes as Bug Fixes Breaking Changes and Plugin Ecosystem Reverse Transforms for All Proposals Project Sustainability and Sponsorship Streaming Coding The Difficulty of Reaching Out Scaling Your Time, Managing Your Attention The Freedom of Contributors To Join and Leave The Value of Forking Platform Funding, Sponsorship "Babel Pika Fellowship"


13 Aug 2020

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Ep. #55, Smaller Builds, Less Tooling with Fred Schott of Pika

Podcasts – Heavybit

In episode 55 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Fred Schott of Pika. They discuss the Pika project, ES Modules in Javascript, and how bundling code has shifted over the years.The post Ep. #55, Smaller Builds, Less Tooling with Fred Schott of Pika appeared first on Heavybit.


30 Apr 2020

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Ep. #55, Smaller Builds, Less Tooling with Fred Schott of Pika

JAMstack Radio

In episode 55 of JAMstack Radio, Brian speaks with Fred Schott of Pika. They discuss the Pika project, ES Modules in Javascript, and how bundling code has shifted over the years.The post appeared first on Heavybit.


30 Apr 2020

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A Conversation with Carol Harnett & Fred Schott of the CDA

Plan Francisco

In this episode of Plan Francisco, Maxwell talks with Carol Harnett and Fred Schott of the Council for Disability Awareness about changes in work and life since COVID-19 and how Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) will look different this year.


7 Apr 2020

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Pika Dependency Management with Fred Schott

Podcast – Software Engineering Daily

Modern web development involves a complicated toolchain for managing dependencies. One part of this toolchain is the bundler, a tool that puts all your code and dependencies together into static asset files. The most popular bundler is webpack, which was originally released in 2012, before browsers widely supported ES Modules. Today, every major browser supports the ES Module system, which improves the efficiency of JavaScript dependency management. Snowpack is a system for managing dependencies that takes advantage of the browser support for ES Modules. Snowpack is made by Pika, a company that is developing a set of web technologies including a CDN, a package catalog, and a package code editor. Fred Schott is the founder of Pika and the creator of Snowpack. Fred joins the show to talk about his goals with Pika, and the ways in which modern web development is changing. Sponsorship inquiries: sponsor@softwareengineeringdaily.com The post Pika Dependency Management with Fred Schott appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.


30 Mar 2020