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Ep 80: What Women Want: Discover the Career Platform where Women Rate Female-friendly Companies - Ursula Mead, Co-Founder & CEO, www.inhersight.com

We Get Real AF

Companies seeking to attract female talent and women looking for their next great employer have a powerful tech platform at their fingertips!   Ursula Mead launched www.inhersight.com to help women assess prospective employers from a uniquely female point of view - and help companies create a more inclusive culture.  Find Ursula Mead Online:LinkedInIn Her SightWe Get Real AF Podcast Credits:Producers & Hosts: Vanessa Alava & Sue RobinsonVanessa AlavaLinkedIn Instagram TwitterSue RobinsonLinkedIn Instagram Twitter Audio Producer/Editor: Sam Mclean  InstagramWebsiteTechnical Director: Mitchell MachadoLinkedInAudio Music Track Title: Beatles UniteArtist: Rachel K. CollierYouTube Channel Instagram WebsiteIntro Voice-Over Artist: Veronica HortaLinkedInCover Artwork Photo Credit: Alice Moore Unsplash We Get Real AF Podcast OnlineInstagramTwitterFacebookLinkedInWebsiteSupport the show (https://ifundwomen.com/projects/we-get-real-af-podcast)


27 Jul 2021

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Ep. 44 - Ursula Mead, CEO of InHerSight

You are techY Podcast with Ellen Twomey

Ursula Mead is the Founder and CEO of InHerSight, a powerful product in the data space designed specifically to help women make better career choices through anonymous company reviews focused on their goals and definitions of success. InHerSight provides data for hundreds of thousands of companies. Her work in Product Management and Director and VP appointments in membership at the Motley Fool, along with her experiences as a mother guided her founding of InHerSight to help women make better career choices. >> Women-rated companies for honest assessments of hundreds of thousands of companies>> How CEO Ursula Mead was inspired to found her company from her experience of motherhood>> How a cultural fit is exactly what you need for the tech job of your dreamsThis episode is sponsored by our new free training - 3 Steps to a Flexible, High-Paying Tech Job - The Dream Job Every Mom Wants. In it I’ll cover the requirements for a flexible job, especially if you are a mom, how to build your 6 figure salary trajectory, why tech is great for moms and why moms are great for tech. Join me this Tuesday for this helpful and fun free training - 3 Steps to a Flexible, High-Paying Tech Job. Sign up at youaretechy.com/3steps.


16 Sep 2020

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In Her Sight with Ursula Mead

Martinis and Your Money Podcast

Longtime listeners of the podcast will know that I’ve had my fair share of stories from being one of the only women on the trading floor, early in my career. I think feeling safe, or at least aware, of what your workplace culture will be like before you start is important.  There are a lot of websites where you can read reviews about potential employers and get an insight into what the company culture is like, but what if there was a site that reviewed how female friendly a potential workplace was? Joining me today is Ursula Mead, the cofounder and CEO of InHerSight — a website where women can evaluate jobs and companies and get help finding a company that is the right fit. For more information, visit the show notes at http://financially-blonde.com/inhersight-with-ursula


10 Jan 2020

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Ursula Mead: InHerSight Is Allowing Women To Anonymously Rate Workplaces For Safety

Shades Of Success

Ursula’s company has been mentioned in several press publications and recently caught my attention. The ability to allow women to anonymously rate workplace experiences is crucial. In the interview she explains her personal journey, how employers should keep women safe at work, and her plans to scale in the futureLinks mentioned in interview:---------------------------https://www.inhersight.com/Follow Us:----------Podcast Website: https://penji.co/category/shades-of-success/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shadesofsekinahSponsors:---------Penji is an effective on-demand design service that provides unlimited selections of custom designs at a flat monthly cost. Clients are given [unlimited graphic design][1] hours and revisions that undergo each project.Follow Penji Here:------------------Website: https://penji.coInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dotpenji


20 Nov 2019

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#31-Ursula Mead, CEO and co-founder of InHerSight

The Scott Barstow Show

My guest for this episode is Ursula Mead, CEO and co-founder of In Her Sight. In Her Sight is an engagement platform for women to rate the companies they work for on issues specifically important to women. In Her Sight also provides tools for job seekers to match the issues most important to them with companies who excel in those areas in order to create a more productive, healthy working environment for women. Ursula and I have been trying to get together for this interview for at least three months and I’m thrilled that we finally made it happen. In this interview, Ursula talks about her early days at Motley Fool and how she came to realize that the culture she was a part of was not available to all women, and how she decided to do something about it. We also talk about how fundraising is uniquely difficult for women, the mommy trap, having productive relationships with male investors and partners, and some of the new technology in addition to what In Her Sight is building that is helping to put women on equal footing in the workplace. Of all the shows I’ve done, I don’t know that I’ve had a more important, timely guest. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ursula Mead of In Her Sight, and I hope you hear something in here that challenges you to take action. Thank you for listening.

1hr 14mins

15 Dec 2017

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Ursula Mead: Finding a Niche in a Crowded Market

Dingman Bootstrapped

In this episode of Bootstrapped, we interviewed Ursula Mead, founder of InHerSight.com. The website easily appealed to users eager to rate their experience as a female employee. Unlike other job sites, InHerSight.com gathers data on the female perspective and became a prime location for companies looking to recruit women. Ursula monetized her company by selling data insights back to the companies rated on her site. Now three years old, InHerSight.com has over 170,000 users and 30,000 companies on the website.


1 Mar 2017