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The More You Know: It's More Than Knowing- Erin Simpson

The Cornerstone Corner

Today, we continued with our series on James with a message about Faith and Works. To do this, Erin Simpson takes us to James chapter two. While we are saved by our faith, we need to remember that faith without works is dead! If God has given us something, it is our responsibility to use it.  Join us next week as we continue our series, "Forward Progress: Keys to Living Spiritually Deep"


14 May 2021

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Erin Simpson of Brick Lane

Dear BAMf

In today's episode of the Dear BAMf podcast, Erin Simpson of Brick Lane breaks down how to know when a start-up needs an agency.


3 May 2021

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Erin Simpson: Website launched to get young people summer jobs in orchards

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

A new way to help students get summer jobs in orchards.The Pick Tiki online job site has won applause from Apples and Pears New Zealand.Development manager Erin Simpson told Mike Hosking they're trying to get students to help with a worker shortage in orchards.He says they want to bring back the summer experience of seasonal work for students."There's a lot of demand, we are pushing hard to make some money and spending time outside. "Simpson says the good thing about the student site is they're taking into account their accommodation and transport needs.LISTEN ABOVE


29 Oct 2020

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S2 | Ep 3 with Erin Simpson

The Boggcast NZ

Erin Simpson is a New Zealand Television presenter, best known for her hosting on shows such as Sticky TV, What Now and of course The Erin Simpson Show. In this podcast Erin reflects on her journey from growing up in a rural community on the farm, to hosting shows and interviewing some of the biggest names you can think of. We chatted about her experiences interviewing All Blacks, creating and developing shows, even meeting her husband on the red carpet. Tune in for a few laughs and some golden advice with Erin Simpson

1hr 8mins

22 Sep 2020

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That's Not Fair- Josh and Erin Simpson

The Cornerstone Corner

Today, Josh and Erin Simpson look at the story of the laborers in the vineyard and we see an example of what God's justice looks like. Because of sin, justice and mercy cannot depend on us or our views of justice. We are broken and the world around us is broken. Thankfully, God is the most fair and His justice is perfect.  Join us next week as we continue our series, "Moral of the Story: Exploring the life changing Parables of Jesus"


14 Jul 2020

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Remember the Poor- Erin Simpson

The Cornerstone Corner

We can probably all think of somebody in society that might be considered an outsider or an outcast. We too were once outcasts but Jesus calls us to be with him and he calls us to love the outcast in our lives. Today, Erin Simpson teaches from Galatians 3 and we learn that we all have our common identity in Christ and there should be no division between “outcast” and “in-crowd”.  This message continues our series: "Distinctively Unique: Unveiling What Makes Us Who We Are"


9 Mar 2020

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Erin Simpson and Hamish Gow on International Horticulture Immersion Programme

The Country

Capability Development Manager at New Zealand Apples and Pears Inc and Professor in Agribusiness at Massey University report from the International Horticulture Immersion Programme (IHIP) which is taking place in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.


17 Feb 2020

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Pursuit: Chasing a Life Set Apart- Erin Simpson

The Cornerstone Corner

A new year is upon us and as we move into 2020, we need to remember what it is that makes us different. We are called out and set apart by God and we must pursue what He calls us to! This week, Erin Simpson teaches from Deuteronomy 14:2 as well as other passages on pursuing Righteousness, Faith, Peace, and Love.  This year, let's pursue the life that God has for us! 


30 Dec 2019

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#31- How to outsource your weaknesses Feat. Erin Simpson


Erin Simpson is the founder and owner of Third Born Ginger Beer, A Houston based company. This clip was taken from our long form segment which was rudely interrupted by the wind.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theflexcoach/support


24 Dec 2019

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Interview with NZ Celebs Erin Simpson & Zac Franich

Natalie Williams Coaching presents 'The Hustle' podcast Season 1 - 3

Listen into 'The Hustle' podcast to hear from two of NZ's celebs about the realities of being in the public eye, how to build and monetise your brands on social platforms! Plus hear how this amazing recently married couple met! Watch video interview on YouTube @ The Social Experience. Learn how to accelerate your business @ thesocialexperience.co.nz 


13 Nov 2019