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#274: Up-and-comers roundup with Matt Hartman and Marcus Chairez

Scuffed | U.S. soccer, World Cup, Yanks Abroad, futbol in America

The wheel keeps turning and we’ve got a new crop of male American soccer prospects emerging, especially at the U17 level. Marcus Chairez and Matt Hartman join the podcast to highlight the top players at the Generation Adidas Cup tournament, and we do a quick rundown of news in the men’s youth national teams.Roughly in order, here are some of the players we discussed:Cruz Medina, CM, San JoseBryan Destin, FW, Inter MiamiStu Hawkins, CB, SeattlePedro Faife, CDM, Inter MiamiAngel Martinez, CB, SeattleDeCarlo Guerra, CM, LAFCAndrea Gitau, FW, HoustonLuis Rivera, CB, Real Salt LakeNoah Santos, FW, PortlandIzzy Boatwright, RB, Inter Miami...and many more!Marcus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chai_ascMatt on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MattsHartmansupport Scuffed on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scuffedjoin the Discord: https://discord.gg/X6tfzkM8XU buy our merch: https://my-store-11446477.creator-spring.com/drop us a question at this link and we’ll try to answer it: https://forms.gle/rfzSEZJwsvnWSCxW7

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28 Apr 2022

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49. Matt Hartman: NEW ALBUM RELEASE for Subsist, + Dead To Fall, + Bares His Teeth

The FAMILY? Cast: Food And Music Is Life Yes? with Chef Josh K

What does it look like to record an album, let it rest for 2 decades, then revive it and release it?  Matt will tell you.  He was on Victory Records with Dead To Fall, now he has 2 bands: Bares His Teeth, and this episode is all about his Steadfast Records release "The Rhythm Method" you can order here: therhythmmethod.bigcartel.com Here's a bit of the bio: "Thankfully, those who heard the album recognized The Rhythm Method as what it remains: a true classic of 2000’s era metallic hardcore. Together, longtime friends, Steadfast Records and Dropping Bombs, are excited to release Subsist’s vital swan song LP in the format it deserves, wrapped with beautiful new artwork and crushingly remastered by Dereck Blackburn (Quiethouse Recording)." Hope you enjoy it!! Go listen to his albums!! ====================== You need a KNIFE or 2? or 3! check out GRUMPY CHEF: visit grumpychefshop.com use code FAMCAST at checkout for 15% off everything! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL (video clips of the interviews) good COFFEE+TEA: essexcoffeeroasters.com use code FAMCAST at checkout!!! Get some HYDRATION: shop liquiddeath.com and use code FAMCAST at checkout. Special thanks to the homies at Downwrite.com for the new Shure Mic, making me sound tasty!  Hit them up to make a custom song with your artist of choice.  Want this microphone?  Here is a link for ya! https://amzn.to/3GirPfZ ..THANKS FOR LISTENING AS ALWAYS -- LOVE CHEF JOSH (YOSH) Follow the show on instagram.com/thefamilycast and for more exclusive content check patreon.com/familycast and linktr.ee/familycast for all the links!! Check out buymeacoffee.com/punkchef too... #chefjoshkemble =================== That's all folks!! ============ #foodandmusicislifeyes ============= #thepunkchefpodcast =============== #thefamilycast =============== #punkchefpairings ============= #SRRSS share | rate | review | subscribe | support ==================== --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/familycast/message


14 Mar 2022

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61 - Home Icons: Table Saw by Matt Hartman

Real Life: Audio Edition

Woodworking — and crafting more generally — holds appeal as something outside of the everyday experience of capitalism. This mode of thinking has a long history, one traditionally more concerned with middle-class discontents than the material conditions of capitalism itself. Read more essays on living with technology at www.reallifemag.com and follow us on Twitter @_reallifemag.


29 Mar 2021

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Matt Hartman and Adam Baker from Bares His Teeth

As The Story Grows

Chapter 219 - "All Of My Friends Online" ...as read by Matt Hartman and Adam Baker of Bares His TeethThis week I’m excited to finally share my chat with Adam Baker and Matt Hartman from Bares His Teeth. There’s a lot of fun conversation about growing up as fans of hardcore and the scene both guys came through, as well as a quick look into both Matt and Adam’s band history. Then we talk about how a Facebook group led to starting a band in the midst of a pandemic.You can pre-order On Second Thought, which features  Bares His Teeth debut single, Hope Like An Ocean at https://friendclubrecords.bandcamp.com/album/on-second-thought-vol-1 Follow the band on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bares.his.teeth/  You can also snag the Toledo Knives EP at  https://toledoknives.bandcamp.com/album/fingertip-memory ----------Chapter 219 Music:Bares His Teeth - "Hope Like An Ocean"Subsist - "Restraint"Dead To Fall - "Memory (demo)"Toledo Knives - "Lonely Because You Like It"---As The Story Grows links:​Help out at PatreonATSG WebsiteATSG Music and MerchJoin the Email ListATSG FacebookEmail: asthestorygrows@gmail.comYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNuP0_JUpT6DoIhhbGlwEYA?view_as=subscriber


23 Sep 2020

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Matt Hartman - Radiology Liason

What Do You Do?

Making the first call in a new position is terrifying. Hanging up at the end of that phone call makes you never want to hear another dial tone. Connecting hospitals and radiologists to read time sensitive material can be a high intensity business. Matt shares with us the tips on how to stay cool when a doctor needs information immediately and also preaches on the importance of proper training and a solid support structure. 


20 Jul 2020

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Ethical algorithm design should guide technology regulation: A Conversation between Matt Hartman and Computer & Information Science Professor Michael Kearns

John's private podcast feed ~ betaworks Studios events & things I'm listening to.. enjoy 👂

Recorded at Studios in Zoomland--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/johnb/message

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19 May 2020

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OFR Farm Report Podcast #37: Matt Hartman

The OFR Farm Report

Andy Harris and Matt Chrietzberg dive into the Braves minor leagues. This week we are are joined by Braves prospect Matt Hartman. But first Andy and Matt talk about the 2020 draft and the state [READ MORE] The post OFR Farm Report Podcast #37: Matt Hartman appeared first on Outfield Fly Rule.


4 May 2020

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Future of Audio w/ Matt Hartman @ Betaworks (0003)

Live from the Future (Frontier Tech | Emerging Tech | Deep Tech)

Future of Audio: AirPods as a Platform, Seamless Computing, Voice Assistants, Voice Interfaces, Cochlear Implants, Voice OS, Social Audio Matt Hartman is a partner at Betaworks Ventures. Betaworks invests in companies that change the way we communicate, such as Giphy, Anchor, Gimlet Media, Bitly, Medium, GroupMe, Venmo, Twitter, Kickstarter, and Tumblr. Prior to joining Betaworks, Matt built ReferBoost (licensed to Apartments.com), and was at Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook). He began his career building the technology platform for Trammell Crow Company (acquired by CBRE) and is the inventor of a patent related to the protection of digital images. In this episode we cover: What does the future of audio look like Privacy and permissions for voice interfaces Context in an “always listening” world Social voice/audio Design constraints of audio On demand interfaces AirPods as a Platform How Matt does research on new spaces How Matt spends his time as a VC Notable Mentions Anchor – https://anchor.fm/ Gimlet – https://gimletmedia.com/ TTYL – https://www.ttyl.fyi/ Rec Room – https://recroom.com/ Resemble AI – https://www.resemble.ai/ Descript – https://www.descript.com/ Peter Rojas – https://twitter.com/peterrojas


16 Jan 2020

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Episode 76 - Matt Hartman

The Alex Kraemer Program

The Alex Kraemer Program RSSMatt Hartman is an Improvisor living in Pittsburgh. Matt and I talk about some of the film work he's done, living in Washington, and our confusion on why reality tv is popular. Matt also talks to me about a lot of the work he's done in science education, from being a science teacher himself to doing the work he does now at the National science Teaching association. We also talk about life as a dad and being civil in the world right now. it was so awesome talking to Matt, I hope you really enjoy it.

2 Oct 2019

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Investor/Developer Matt Hartman on Developing for Impact

Intentional Performers with Brian Levenson

Matt joins us on this week’s episode of the podcast. Matt has a background in venture capital, and he has also developed technology for companies, so he is a developer, but he also invests in companies. Today he works for a company called Beta Works which is a nice convergence of what Matt is passionate about. At Beta Works, they make new products that can make an impact, and then Beta Works will then invest in those products. Matt has a really interesting story that involves music, technology, and partnerships, and he will get into all of that today. At his core, Matt really cares about developing products that can make an impact on people. In this episode, they discuss his story growing up (5:40), his curiosity for products (11:20), when music came into his life (17:10), his thoughts on the performance vs. preparation mindset (20:30), what his high school experience was like (25:40), if he ever thought about going the music route (28:30), when he realized he could go music or software, and then went this direction (33:20), how playing the piano compares to his job (36:15), the willingness of companies to pivot or not pivot (40:15), how he goes from working for someone to building products (44:20), what he thought the next step would be after grad school (47:40), the creativity that he and his siblings have (50:10), what his parents did (51:30), what it was like for him to create products (55:00), what it was like to be in business with someone else (58:40), how he transitioned and ended up in the business of technology (1:02:50), how important his background in development is (1:05:30), why he’s so passionate about communication (1:09:10), his thoughts on subscription pages (1:15:30), what his secret sauce is as far as successful companies (1:18:30), and what he intentionally does to be his best self (1:21:20) Thank you to Matt for coming on the podcast. We encourage you to check out Matt on twitter @MattHartman. He also has a daily 5 minute podcast called TLDR Daily https://tldrdaily.com/, and he is at Beta Works Ventures so if you have a company they could be interested in, please reach out. We also encourage you to check out the piano bar in New York which Matt plays at once a month! Lastly, if you liked this episode and/or any others, please support us at Patreon or follow me on Twitter: @brianlevenson or Instagram: @Intentional_Performers. Thanks for listening. -Brian

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6 Feb 2019