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#109 Hockey 2 Hell And Back Ft. Graeme Bonar and Stuart Smith

Hockey 2 Hell and Back

Brady Leavold welcomes former OHL sniper Graeme Bonar and former Weyburn Red Wing captain Stuart Smith. The talk will be about all things hockey, mental health, trauma, addiction, Puck Support and of course anything else that comes up! #mentalhealth #hockey #trauma


30 Aug 2022

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#025 | Stuart Smith - Cyber Security, Data Privacy, and Tech for CPA Firms

The Innovative Accountant Podcast | Integrated Advisory by WealthCo

On this episode of the Innovative Accountant we are joined byCo-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Keyworks, Stuart Smith. We chat about technology, specifically cybersecurity and data privacy, because these days it is timely to focus on the key risks business owners are facing and best practices for Risk Management and Governance as it pertains to technology.   We also explore the opportunity that exists to elevate customer experiences with technology through digitization, automation, AI & the modernization of operations.   With decades of experience in the Information Technology domain, Stuart has held a number of executive leadership and technical roles during his career working for several of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies includingcShaw Communications – served in various roles including, Vice President (Business Transformation), Senior Director (Information Technology), Manager (IT Infrastructure), Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for the technology strategy firm Keyworks in 2014 and most recently, BluesPoint in 2021.

1hr 19mins

10 Aug 2022

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159. Is Stuart Smith a Geek or a Nerd?

Dissecting Popular IT Nerds

Stuart Smith Stuart Smith is the IT Director at Medtronic. Stuart has been working at Medtronic for 22 years, climbing the IT ladder from Principal IT Project Leader to IT Director of R&D and Quality Systems. Starting out in economics and languages, Stuart came to IT in an indirect way, but has been with the...


28 Jul 2022

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Stuart Smith (Head Chef Blue Ginger) - ALTBAYS SHOW #65


Show 65 Stuart Smith (Head Chef Blue Ginger)Welcome to ALTBAYS Show (feat. Fabian Roberts and Leo Magri)Meet Stuart SmithStu and his partner Becs have been cooking around the world, from Europe, London, SE Asia, Australia & the Pacific for a very long time.​After two years in the Pacific Islands spearheading the “think global, act local” movement training hotel chefs in utilising local produce and kitchen staff in the re-invention of traditional dishes, they washed up on the Coromandel and started the iconic Blue Ginger.Blue Ginger is a fusion restaurant that brings together Polynesian, Asian, Thai and Vietnamese flavours with fresh, delicious dishes straight off the wok.Stu is passionate about colours, flavours and aromas. He cooks delicious dishes and also makes sure to check in and chat with his customers, providing an enjoyable experience for everyone who enters his restaurant. ALTBAYS Show invites awesome people from Aotearoa, New Zealand, to have an honest, laid-back conversation. Our platform focuses on bringing communities together to grow and thrive.

1hr 58mins

4 Jul 2022

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Otto Skorzeny: The Devil’s Disciple w/ Stuart Smith

Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael

On this edition of Parallax Views, Stuart Smith, author of Otto Skorzeny: The Devil's Disciple, joins the program to discuss the life, myths, and controversies of Nazi SS commando Otto Skorzeny. Skorzeny is perhaps best known for his involvement in a 1943 rescue mission operation to save Benito Mussolini in what has become known as the Gran Sasso raid. In this conversation we discuss: - The Luftwaffe and the controversies around the credit Skorzeny gets for the Gran Sasso raid - The connection between Otto Skorzeny and Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novel Moonraker - Skorzeny, Operation Greif, and the Battle of the Bulge; efforts of the Axis forces to deceptively dress as Allied soldiers to cause havoc during the Battle of the Bulge - The myth-making of Otto Skorzeny and the media; discussing how Skorzeny's superficial qualities, such as the distinctive scar that got him nicknamed "Scarface", and his self-aggrandizing memoirs (My Commando Operations: The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Dangerous Commando) made him appealing to media - The trial of Otto Skorzeny in 1948 and how he skirted justice - The Operation Long Jump assassinations plot; Operation Knight's Move (the airborne raid against Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito); War crimes and the death squad-style Operation Peter aimed at taking out the resistance in Denmark - Otto Skorzeny and post-war intelligence; the CIA; Reinhard Gehlen and the Gehlen Organization; the Mossad; Skorzeny's brother Alfred and the Soviet Union; French intelligence; was Skorzeny a post-war spy?; surveillance of Skorzeny after WWII - Skorzeny's lack of organizational skill and his penchant for having big ideas that weren't focused on the fine details - The question of the post-war fascist international, Nazi ratlines in South America, and Skorzeny's involvement in those matters; Die Spinne (The Spider) and Skorzeny in Latin America - Otto Skorzeny's wealth in his final years and his involvement in private mercenary contracting (the Paladin Group) and arms dealing - Skorzeny and antisemitism - Skorzeny's attempts to paint himself as merely patriotic German  rather than a killer - Otto Skorzeny in Egypt; Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser - 

1hr 30mins

15 Jun 2022

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The Reality Of Full-Time Football, Formartine Under Steve Paterson And Career Highlights : Stuart Smith: S3 E4

Highland League Podcast

Formartine defender Stuart Smith talks to Sean McAngus about Dons youth days, Peterhead, ups and downs at Formartine and much more. 🎧 LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE for FREE on iTunes!! Scottish Fitba Base: seanmcangusfootballblog.wordpress.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/ScottishFitbaBase/BUSINESS ENQUIRES: ScottishFitbaBase@gmail.com


31 May 2022

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Episode 159 - Stuart Smith

The ForgeCast

Ask us a question at:ask.forgecast@gmail.comfind us at:https://www.instagram.com/the.forgecast/https://www.facebook.com/TheForgeCastPodcast/Sam Townshttps://www.instagram.com/samtownsbladesmith/https://www.facebook.com/SamTownsBladesmithhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaJMbidCdie0rbmfN9ckkqwAlex Nortonhttps://www.instagram.com/valhallaironworks/https://www.facebook.com/valhallaironworksAU/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSPCF71g7v974gaBVleSWg

1hr 19mins

13 May 2022

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How a Former Ogilvy Exec is Helping Build A $500 Million Brand Around Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Stuart Smith, CMO at Caulipower

Marketing Trends

Making a shift from an established agency like Ogilvy PR with over 10,000 employees to leading a skeleton team at the fastest growing food brand isn’t an easy thing to do. Learning to scale a team while finding new ways to educate your target consumer in a fun way isn’t an easy task. Today we’re going to hear from Stuart Smith, the CMO of Caulipower. We’ll hear about his marketing journey where he educated people about a new type of product, and leaned into influencer marketing with incredible talent like Dan Levy.Tune in to learn:How Caulipower is Meeting the Rising Demands of Customer Experience (01:26)Where Stuart Worked Before Caulipower (8:54)How Their Team Stays Connected in this Virtual World (14:57)Stuart’s Take on Current Events (24:23)Marketing Trends is brought to you by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For more great marketing insights, sign up for the The Marketing Moments newsletter. You'll get ideas to help you build better customer relationships, invites to upcoming events, and access to the latest industry research. Subscribe at https://sforce.co/MarketingMoments


6 Apr 2022

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Author Stuart Smith discusses his book Otto Skorzeny: The Devil's Disciple

William Ramsey Investigates

Author Stuart Smith discusses his book Otto Skorzeny: The Devil's Disciple.

1hr 24mins

13 Oct 2021

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Author Stuart Smith discusses his book Otto Skorzeny: The Devil's Disciple

William Ramsey Investigates

Author Stuart Smith discusses his book Otto Skorzeny: The Devil's Disciplehttps://www.amazon.com/Otto-Skorzeny-Disciple-Stuart-Smith-ebook/dp/B07H5PZTKB/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=otto+skorzeny+the+devils+disciple&qid=1634150223&sr=8-1

1hr 24mins

13 Oct 2021