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Day 16-Daniel Packard

21 Days with FBCA

Day 16 of 21


25 Aug 2020

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Day 10-Daniel Packard

21 Days with FBCA

Day 10 of 21


19 Aug 2020

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Day 5-Daniel Packard

21 Days with FBCA

Day 5 of 21


14 Aug 2020

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#9 Daniel Packard - Build your Support Group

Idaho Business Podcast

Spencer interviews Daniel Packard to discuss the importance of having and building a support group.


21 May 2020

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Daniel Packard - A Committed Love Athlete - Life Athletics Podcast Ep 142

Life Athletics

Daniel is the man behind Love Athlete Academy whose mission is to help people who feel that they are not enough to be loved. He offers online training, coaching, retreat, free master class and a free book that will surely make you realize your worth. He believes that like training the physical body, Love Athletes can also train their consciousness for leveling up in Love. "I wake up every morning trying to fall in love with myself more and more every day and show other people how to fall in love with themselves every day.” On this episode, he talks about vulnerability, self-worth, inner software and lots of inspiring lessons on love and what it takes to be loved. Daniel shows people that what they are now is enough and that they don’t need to change anything or be better at something just to be loved. "You don’t need to be any different to be loved.” If you think that you are not good looking enough, not funny enough, not successful enough, THINK again! Listen to this episode and it will surely change how you feel about yourself.  “When we tell ourselves we’re not enough to be loved and there’s something wrong with us, we basically tell God he made a mistake.”


3 Aug 2017

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HLP023 - On Mastering the Science of Love as an Overachiever with Daniel Packard, Trainer of Love Athletes

The Happy Lawyer Project | Inspiration, Advice & Lifestyle Strategies for Young Lawyers

Whether it's attracting love or nurturing the love you already have, it can be challenging as a lawyer to figure it all out. How much time and energy have you spent learning the skills and tools you need to get it right? Or are you just winging it? For the last episode of this month on love I chat with love researcher and trainer, Daniel Packard, from the Love Athlete Academy. He's a former mechanical engineer who used his love of logic and systems to uncover the science of love and developed a unique program to help train what he calls, "love athletes" and help his clients reach Olympic level love! What you’ll learn: What it means to train to be a love athlete How to excel in the science of love What is the real reason that people love you What is a "zombie relationship" The importance of self-love and worthiness in finding the love Best Advice for Finding Happiness: "At the end of the day people choose you based on how they feel around you" Connect with Daniel: On His Website: (http://www.danielpackard.com) On His Facebook Page: (https://www.facebook.com/danielpackardpublic/) On Youtube: (https://www.youtube.com/user/danielpackard) Thank you! I know that time is your most valuable resource so I really appreciate you spending some of it with me. If you enjoyed today's show, please share it! If you'd like to help me improve and grow the podcast, I'd love if you could take 60-seconds to leave an honest review and rating on iTunes at http://bit.ly/happylawyercast. Reviews and ratings are extremely helpful when it comes to the ranking of the show and I genuinely love hearing from you! Lastly, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, so you won't miss an episode! ********** While you're here, check out some of these great affiliate links: If student loans have you down and you are considering refinancing, consider CommonBond. http://bit.ly/CommonBondStudentLoan using this link gives you $200 towards your student loan! They have some of the best rates and give a portion of their proceeds to charity. Stop paying those big banks and start doing some good with your interest payments! Or download your first book for free over at audible: http://www.audibletrial.com/TheHappyLawyerProject *********** Don't forget to follow me: IG:@thehappylawyerproject https://www.instagram.com/thehappylawyerproject/?hl=en FB:@thehappylawyerproject https://www.facebook.com/thehappylawyerproject/ Twitter: @theHLPpodcast https://twitter.com/thehlppodcast Podcast equipment: Blue Yeti Microphone- http://amzn.to/2pNRHch


28 Feb 2017

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Daniel Packard: Love Greatness

Power Your Life

Are You ready to take your Love to the Next Level? Then it's time to lace up and start training as a Love Athlete!Daniel Packard fuses his passion of helping people create better love with his passion for making people laugh. He spent 10 years as a professional stand up comedian before starting to train Love Athletes. He's also created several projects for TV, Broadway, and Radio where he delivers insightful lessons in an entertaining and engaging way. Now he's training Love Athletes through his webinars, books, and public speaking engagements. What is a Love Athelete? Daniel believes that just like a physical athlete trains their bodies for an Olympic level sport, you can train your consciousness for Olympic level love. Through self-love, non-attachment, and many other great tools, you too can learn to be a Love Athlete and rewrite your future. Daniel's book, "Love's One Lesson: How One Thing Can Change Everything" works with his online training series ‘Next Level Love’ using a proprietary process Daniel developed, so Love Athletes can use their lives as an experiential inner workout gym to build strong inner muscles that allow them to love themselves, and others, at the highest level possible.Tune In as Dr Jo Anne White, author and host of Power Your Life, talks with Daniel Packard about how YOU can start training to be a Love Athlete and love better.http://www.nextlevel.love/http://www.danielpackard.com/


15 Feb 2017

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You ARE Worthy: Putting in the Work as a Love Athlete with Daniel Packard

Kickin' It with Daree

As an athlete, you know that if you put the work in, something better will happen.  That applies to love too. Daniel Packard, Trainer of Love Athletes says that you can have more love if you want and are willing to work on yourself. The biggest issue is often related to self-worth. Daniel explains how to move from being a love amateur to a love athlete, and how to understand your true worthiness factor (it may not be the same as the "I am worthy" or other mantras made popular in culture).   Show Notes - http://dareeallen.com/you-are-worthy/


14 Feb 2017

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QLC 040: Achieving Next Level Love with Daniel Packard

The Quarter Life Comeback with Bryan Teare

In this episode of The Quarter Life Comeback podcast, I chat to Daniel Packard about the importance of self-love in our lives and how to build it daily. Get the full show notes at https://bryanteare.com/040 The post QLC 040: Achieving Next Level Love with Daniel Packard appeared first on Bryan Teare.

28 Nov 2016

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Training for Love Greatness with Daniel Packard

Kickin' It with Daree

“You can’t love somebody until you love yourself." Sure we know about the importance self-love, but how do you build that self-love, and how does its presence or lack thereof impact every area of your life?   After 10 years of experiential and academic research and experimentation, Daniel Packard, Trainer of Love Athletes, has built a very precise, clear model of the mechanics of self-love.  This 'Science of Self-Love' he created gives a clear and practical understanding of how self-love works, and how to build self-love on a daily basis. Show Notes - http://dareeallen.com/love-greatness-daniel-packard/


15 Nov 2016