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44 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Schmidt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Schmidt, often where they are interviewed.

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44 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mike Schmidt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mike Schmidt, often where they are interviewed.

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Mike Schmidt discusses what it takes to be a champion and how baseball has changed since his retirement.

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Mike Schmidt is a Philadelphia Phillies legend and member of the baseball Hall of Fame. He joined Thuzio in June, 2018 to discuss his career and the evolution of baseball. Schmidt also comments on team comraderie and the culture necessary to win a World Series, as he did in 1980.
Oct 14 2020 · 38mins
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JAMES GONIS, SHAWN SHERIDAN, LARRY STROTHE, and MATT WEINHOLD, put on their splash zone ponchos, and brace themselves for the return of an insanely popular topic. It's that one where one of brings up a movie tagline, and the rest of us try to guess what film it's from. But this time, it's a... TAGLINE TIDAL WAVE!!!

In the past, we did HORROR TAGLINES, and we did SCI-FI TAGLINES. Now, we widen the net to include every possible genre film to offer a brash, boisterous blurb! HORROR, SCI-FI, EXPLOITATION, FANTASY... you're more than welcome to this party!

When something isn't broke, you don't fix it. That's why we're welcoming back a beloved comedian, actor, and podcaster, who made our previous TAGLINE episodes such a success! Let's give out a MONSTER PARTY shriek for... MIKE SCHMIDT! (THE 40 YEAR OLD BOY, NEVER NOT FUNNY, ASYLUM, CHEAP SEATS: WITHOUT RON PARKER, MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE)


Sep 30 2020 · 3hr 21mins

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Mike Schmidt on Stopping a President

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Michael S. Schmidt is a reporter for The New York Times, a reporter who broke a number of key stories during the Russia investigation. He is most recently the author of "Donald Trump v. The United States: Inside the Struggle to Stop a President," a new book with exhaustive reporting on the history of the Russia investigation and the confrontations between the president and those in his administration who tried to put the brakes on his most extreme behaviors.

Schmidt joined Benjamin Wittes to talk about the book. They talked about Jim Comey and his wife Patrice; they talked about former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who was in an impossible situation as both a deep believer in the Trump agenda and an informant for the Mueller investigation; and they talked about the Mueller investigation and why it never answered those counterintelligence questions that everyone expected it to address.

Sep 14 2020 · 47mins
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Ep 1: Mike Schmidt

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Join Chris as he talks to Mike Schmidt about Bill and Ted Face the Music, Class Action Park, Mad Max: Fury Road, Inception, Unsolved Mysteries, and a disagreement on Logan Lucky. Also referred to as Ep 6, (nothing wrong with your feed) as the first 5 episodes are a bonus for Patreon Members.

Sep 09 2020 · 55mins

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District Attorney-Elect Mike Schmidt - Multnomah County DA

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Mike Schmidt talks with Jefferson Smith about current District Attorney Rod Underhill’s recent announcement of his early retirement, making the most impact in this moment, and creating real public safety. For more information: https://www.mikeschmidtforda.com/. (Recorded on 6/17/20.)
Jun 17 2020 · 43mins
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Multnomah Co. DA-elect Mike Schmidt, homeless services tax

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On this week’s Straight Talk with Laural Porter, Multnomah County District Attorney-elect Mike Schmidt discusses reform he would like to see in the criminal justice system and reacts to the death of George Floyd. Then, Laural shifts to the passage of a homeless services tax in the Portland metro area. She is joined by Angela Martin, the interim executive director of Here Together, the coalition that crafted the measure, and Katrina Holland, the executive director of JOIN, a nonprofit that supports efforts of individuals and families experiencing homelessness to transition into permanent housing.

May 29 2020 · 24mins
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Make More Money By Creating a Funnel Hub With Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera, Ep 148

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Today's topic can earn you a lot of money, but hardly anyone talks about it. James and Dean welcome Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera of Anchor Wave, who will share the secrets of a "shadow sales funnel." You can capture all the traffic that's generated in the wake of your active sales funnel to make even more money.

What happens when people do a Google search for your name? Are there things from your past that come up which will hurt your business? The solution is to build a funnel hub so that you control all those searches. A funnel hub will catch anybody that's searching for you and direct them where you want them to go.

A funnel hub works by helping you push potential clients past the trust tipping point. Potential clients will overcome skepticism so that you can convert opportunities into more sales.

"People want to buy from people they admire and have the success they want." – Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera

Outline of This Episode

- [05:51] Learn what a shadow sales funnel is and how it can help you

- [10:04] Seal in the cracks between your online sites

- [12:49] How a funnel hub can push your clients past the trust tipping point

- [17:37] Steps you can take right now to build a funnel hub

- [20:24] What are the key elements of a funnel hub?

What a funnel hub is, and how it can make you more money

A passive sales funnel is what happens when people hear about you and want to know more. A funnel hub takes those searches and pushes them back into your funnel. It's a way to connect all the things you're trying to do to all the people who want to know who you are. Building a funnel hub will catch anybody who's searching for you and direct them to your sales funnels.

How to get your customers past the trust tipping point

The trust tipping point is where you convert skeptics into clients. You need to convince people of what you do and why so that they will overcome their skepticism and become clients. A funnel hub gives people the secondary validation they need to become clients. It's more elegant than a landing page because it's more purpose-driven. Take control of the results that pop up when people search for you and direct them to your sales funnels. 

The difference between a landing page and a funnel hub

A landing page is like a brochure, but you need a funnel hub to link all your online properties. Share your dream, your drive, your manifesto on your funnel hub so that potential clients will trust you. By doing this, you create transparency and trust. People will know who you are, including your hero's journey and lifestyle. By giving them this evidence, you help people overcome the trust tipping point. Creating a funnel hub gives people the validation they need, and makes you the money you're missing.

Resources & People Mentioned

- Funnelhub.com

- Anchorwave.com

- Agencycoach.com

Examples of funnel hubs

- Marketingsecrets.com

- Garretjwhite.com

- Bryandulaney.com

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May 14 2020 · 31mins
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Mike Schmidt Interview

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Holden and Ryan speak with Hall-of-Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt about a number of topics, including how's he's spending his time during the coronavirus lockdown.

May 04 2020 · 54mins
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MJ Stories with Terry Francona, The Weirdest Homer Ever & Mike Schmidt's 500th HR

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- Will There Be a Season? w/ Terry Francona (7:10)

- Francona's MJ Stories (16:00)

- MJ's Scouting Report (28:00)

- 'Doug-out': MJ Pick-up Game (41:45)

- Weirdest HR Ever (53:00)

- Listener Question via @JohnStolnis + Mike Schmidt's 500th homer (1:05:30)

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Apr 21 2020 · 1hr 20mins
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Candidate Mike Schmidt - Multnomah County District Attorney

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Mike Schmidt, candidate for Multnomah County District Attorney, talks with Emily Gilliland about his reform platform, his plans for transparency in office, and the job description of the Multnomah County District Attorney. For more information: https://www.mikeschmidtforda.com/. (Recorded on 4/17/20.)
Apr 19 2020 · 23mins