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L2W Presents: In Memory of Tarik Jackson - Austin Powers in Goldmember

License to Watch

Recently, we here at L2W lost a former guest of the show and friend, Tarik Jackson.Reek was an extremely funny and kind-hearted person. He was happy to help us out when we recorded this episode 8-months-ago without even really knowing what our show was all about. It didn’t take much to get him to come and essentially be funnier than we were at our own show.Reek was also the first guest that we had come back a second time. We had such a blast with him doing this Goldmember episode that we had him back again on our M:I:3 episode.This Goldmember episode was done as a part of a patreon-only series back in January 2020, in which we covered all three Austin Powers films. We did this series as part of a testing ground that was never really planned on ever being released from behind our patreon paywall.It feels right to release it now so that fans of his and newcomers alike can hear how funny he was one more time. We here at L2W are proud to present this previously unreleased episode of the show and we are honored to have been lucky enough to know Tarik Jackson and for him to be a part of our show as well as our friend.May he rest in peace.

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19 Sep 2020

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Mission: Impossible III (w/ Tarik Jackson)

License to Watch

Today we'll be discussing Mission: Impossible III, directed by J.J. Abrams. This movie came out immediately after Tom Cruise's couch jumping and Scientology antics, so people weren't exactly in love with the guy as much. Did that have an effect on this movie's box office return? That's for YOU to decide! Here's the official synopsis of this film:"Ethan Hunt (Cruise) gets a new team together to help him hunt down an arms dealer named Owen Davien (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and a mysterious MacGuffin called the "Rabbit's Foot". It's J.J. Abrams at his finest, before he discovered lens flares!"Joining us on this adventure is friend of the pod, writer, director and improviser, Tarik Jackson!Follow our guest Tarik Jackson on Twitter: @ReekSpeaksFollow Tarik's comedy antics on Instagram: @CornbreadKitchenCheck out Tarik's film on Instagram: @BushBabyFilmDon't be a fool, stay in school! I mean...join our Patreon for only $1 a month here: www.patreon.com/L2W

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24 May 2020

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Ep 3 The Panthers Rise with Tarik Jackson & Lucena Herrera

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Guests director Tarik Jackson and actress Lucena Herrera get real about the pits & struggle of an actor's life. As well as balancing relationships while filming. Plus a Black Panther Recap!

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24 Feb 2018