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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Natha Campanella. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Natha Campanella, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Natha Campanella. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Natha Campanella, often where they are interviewed.

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5.5 Using Astrology for Self Care with Natha Campanella

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When we think of Astrology, many of us think of daily horoscopes and comparing our sun signs with each other. I know I used to. In fact, I used to think Astrology didn't hold any merit at all.
But then, about a year ago, I met today's guest, Astrologer and Intuitive Guide Natha Campanella. She introduced me to aspects of Astrology that helped me understand myself better and opened me up to how I could use the energy of the cosmos in my everyday life. And since then, Astrology has become a fun and valuable part of how I govern my self-care practices.
So I thought it would be interesting to bring her on the podcast to educate us on what Astrology really is, how it works, and how we can apply it in a grounded and personalized way, in case it might be something you are curious about and could use right now.
Take a listen as we chat about:
- what astrology is and why people tend to misunderstand it
- how to find an astrologer you can trust
- what the cosmos have to say about the pandemic
- how to use the planetary energies to guide your self-care
- how it can teach you how to trust your own intuition
- and more!

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Apr 10 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Understanding Our Children Through Astrology with Natha Campanella

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Natha Campanella shares how we can better understand our children through astrology.


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Mar 15 2020 · 52mins

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Natha Campanella: Astrology Explained

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After many years of seeking her own answers to life’s big questions and doing the healing work to go with the answers, Natha Campanella realized that her skill set included helping others understand the underlying dynamics in their lives too.

Natha holds a comprehensive certification as a Life Coach, and has studied astrology for many years. Now, she combines her astrological knowledge with her ability to help people “see” themselves clearly, and has found her true calling. Natha combines her ability to translate the personal experience of her clients into astrological terms with her sharp intuitive skills. She is adept at giving practical and useful advice.

You can find Natha at www.nathacampanella.com and on instagram @nathacampanellaastrology

Nov 07 2019 · 59mins
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Episode 202: Natha Campanella on using astrology to support our parenting

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Joyful Courage: Calming the drama and taking control of your parenting journey AUDIOBOOK will be available just in time for the Back to school season – it’s summer now, but soon we will all be looking at the transitions that come with fall. I am confident that the Joyful Courage audiobook will be a supportive companion as you ride it out with your kids – full of stories and tools that will connect you with self and others, the audiobook will be something you can listen to over and over and over again.  Keep staying tuned in for details as we get closer to launch day!! Follow Joyful Coruage on FB and IG, and sign up for my weekly newsletter at www.joyfulcourage.com/join


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Today’s guest is Natha Campanella.  She is a professional writer, a mother, a teacher, an astrologer and intuitive guide. Natha is also a certified master life coach and she uses a unique blend of modalities and her approach with an emphasis on traditional coaching and astrology. She often supplements with knowledge from the enneagram. We will be discussing  astrology. Join us!

"There's something that is very objective about astrology and also very validating.”

“The beautiful thing about astrology it is that it is so similar to the way that we as humans just navigate the world.”

“Meeting them where they're at is understanding who they are, and then working with them from that place.”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How natal charts are created and what they mean 
  • What archetypes are and what they do
  • How a chart is laid out and what each section symbolizes
  • Ways your sign can influence your approach to life 
  • How you can use your astrological information to shape your choices
  • Astrological insights as additional, objective, non-judgmental information for self-exploration
  • Why charting your family can be helpful
  • Astrology as a means to meet your kids where they are at
  • How astrology can interface with or be complementary to positive or peaceful parenting
  • Using astrological information to navigate parenting challenges
  • Astrology and the iceberg metaphor
  • Resources for understanding astrology
  • Ways to work with Natha

What does Joyful Courage mean to you?

I think joyful courage means to me that, you know, even when stuff feels really hard, which it does a lot. Especially, I don't know for the rest of you, but for me, that there's always this sort of invitation to be courageous and keep moving forward and to really look for what is joyful within the context of what's happening. And I always find really amazing things even when I'm, you know, having a dark night of the soul. It's like "Oh, you know, look at how beautiful that bumblebee looks on that flower right now" and so you know, it's like always just seeking out, always knowing that there is something beautiful happening and that can bring joy.


Caroline Myss - Sacred Contracts 


The Inner Sky

Jan Spiller

Where to find:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 


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Joyful Courage: Calming the drama and taking control of your parenting journey

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Thank you to everyone that has been so encouraging on this journey!!!  I appreciate you!!!!


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Sep 24 2019 · 52mins

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Navigate Aging + Sobriety Using Astrology with Natha Campanella

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Episode 82 

Navigate Aging + Sobriety Using Astrology with Natha Campanella 

Natha Campanella is a professional astrologer, writer, teacher, and podcaster.  Natha writes and speaks on topics of spirituality, personal growth, and astrology. 

Using her ability, Natha translates the personal experience of her clients into astrological terms.  Natha Campanella combines her sharp intuitive skills, with practical and useful guidance.  She also teaches people how to use astrology as a transformational toolkit for mental and emotional health. 

We talk about the lovely transition that happens in the middle of life, quitting drinking + finding sobriety through astrology.  We had a beautiful conversation about the teen years and starting drinking because of shyness + not feeling good enough. 

Natha shares her story of what led her to quit drinking. 

Also, Natha talks about the Neptune transit + the Saturn transit in midlife, where we are less concerned with what other people want from us and expect from us. Setting boundaries + realizing what you are no longer willing to accept.

I ask a lot of beginner astrology chart questions! 

To find Natha: 


Website Instagram FacebookGrab your free Four Elements Guide    To find Lori:    EmailWebsite  Instagram To 50 & Beyond Facebook community 
Sep 10 2019 · 57mins
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How Saturn Can Help You Work Smarter with Natha Campanella

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About Natha

Trying to make sense of her own life and experiences, led Natha Campanella on a path of spiritual evolution. It was during this journey that she came to understand that her purpose included helping others understand the underlying dynamics in their lives too.

Natha holds a comprehensive certification as a Life Coach, and has studied astrology extensively. Using her ability to translate the personal experience of her clients into astrological terms and her sharp intuitive skills, she’s adept at giving practical and useful guidance.

Natha is a professional astrologer, writer, teacher and podcaster. She writes and speaks on topics of spirituality, personal growth and astrology.

Connect with Natha

Website: http://nathaperkins.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natha_campanella_astrology/ Podcast: http://nathaperkins.com/star-narratives-the-podcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nathaastrology/

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Aug 06 2019 · 58mins
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A HEALING JOURNEY with Natha Campanella | Episode 3

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On this episode, I get real about my own healing journey as I sit down with my life coach and one of my favorite humans, Natha Campanella. Natha uses intuitive guidance and astrology to help her clients come into a deeper connection with themselves. She’s got a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that i can’t wait to dive into. We discuss why its important to get in tune with our body and how we can heal the past trauma that's stopping us from living the life we dream of. We also talk about some of my favorite topics including boundaries, relationships and intuition. And of course, she reveals what she thinks of the word “bitch."
Oct 27 2018 · 46mins
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#42: Listening for Truth with Natha Campanella

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Natha Campanella, Intuitive Guide, professional astrologer, and writer, uses her skill to read people as a way to help them also step into their own intuition and authenticity. Natha shares how she first realized she possessed the ability to feel the emotions and thoughts of others, how we can stand in our own power and claim our happiness without depending on others, the deep connection between our emotions and our physical health, the opportunities in life to step up and get more real, and the challenges that come when we show up and step into the world in our biggest way.

“We don’t need examples of perfection; what we need is examples of imperfection.

“When we face our fears and get to the other side, we fear them less and they don’t feel their power anymore.”

Natha Campanella


“Five Skills to Get Good at If you Want to Stop Drinking”

“Episode 22: Taking a Break From Drinking With Rachel Har

Super U Resources:

Sep 21 2018 · 33mins