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The Storied Recipe, Becky Hadeed Interviews Molé Mama

Molé Mama Cooking With Love

I was recently interviewed as a guest on The Storied Recipe Podcast and our episode went live today!! Here’s what the host, Becky Hadeed, had to say about the episode and the highlights of our interview.  So grateful to welcome Diana Silva to the podcast today with a set of stories that will challenge and inspire us to live with more love. Diana is a YouTuber, podcaster, and author of the book Molé Mama: A Memoir of Love, Cooking, and Loss. The book begins when Diana’s mother, Rose, was given 3 days to live. It chronicles the 13 months that she outlived that diagnosis - the 2nd time in her life that she survived against the odds. As Diana walks with her mother deep into “the valley of the shadow of death”, she also cooks for her. In this way, Diana sustains her mother, comforts her, and finally learns the delicious Mexican recipes that Rose made for the 15 (yes, 15!) children and hundreds of migrant workers that she welcomed into her home over 50 years. We have much - so very, very much - to learn from both Diana and Rose in this episode, as their lives challenge us to love with greater sacrifice, endurance, and joy. Highlights From This Episode with Diana Silva (Molé Mama) The universal Molé Mama and her message to us to leave our best behind The diversity of Mexican food that we don't get to experience in the United States The meaning of a molcajete - and what has it seen? Working in the fields as a child, the "bad men" that chased them through the fields, and what her mother taught her The intense discrimination Diana's mother faced as a Mexican woman Tuberculosis: living 7 years, from 17-24 in the ward. Laying flat on their backs , coughing, enduring experimental treatments, and losing all her siblings - and not as long ago as you think. "My mother had faith. And I'm not talking about religion. She lived her faith." Caring for 15 children as if they were her own - and how did Diana learn to accept that? "Just like scientists say we only use 15% of our brain, I think we only use 15% of our capacity to love." Saying goodbye to her mother with no regrets

1hr 4mins

9 Mar 2021

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Ep. 059 - A Sacred Story from Molé Mama, Diana Silva

The Storied Recipe

Diana Silva is a YouTuber, podcaster, and author of the book Molé Mama: A Memoir of Love, Cooking, and Loss. The book begins when Diana’s mother, Rose, was given 3 days to live and chronicles the 13 months that Rose outlived that diagnosis - the 2nd time in her life that she survived against the odds. As Diana walks with her mother deep into “the valley of the shadow of death”, she cooks for her. Diana finally learns the Mexican recipes that Rose made for 15 hundreds of migrant workers over 50 years.

1hr 4mins

3 Mar 2021

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Episode 93: Molé Mama Welcomes You To Season Three

Molé Mama Cooking With Love

Tractors, R&B music, Whole Fish, Cheese, Butter, Chocolate, Disneyland, Strong Female Ancestors, are all part of her story. Find out why and more in this fun episode!


18 Aug 2020

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Episode 82: Molé Mama on BEing You Podcast

Molé Mama Cooking With Love

She won a beauty contest in her teens because of how she answered a question about inequalities. Ade, the creator of BEing You, gets Molé Mama to open up about how she's coping with the current global crisis, kindness, gratefulness, being present, and learning to shift from fear to love and the biggest lesson she learned from her mama.


30 Mar 2020

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Molé Mama Serves Up Treats with Diana Silva

Mission Matters Business with Adam Torres

Readers and listeners beware! We can NOT be held responsible for the hunger that will arise after consuming Molé Mama’s content. In this episode, Adam Torres and Diana Silva, Founder at Molé Mama, explore mexican cooking at it’s finest.Follow Adam on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/podcastguest


25 Feb 2020

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Episode 76: Meet Molé Mama In Her New Kitchen!

Molé Mama Cooking With Love

Molé Mama's first video podcast in her new kitchen. Learn more about her love of food, sharing her family's recipes and helping you connect each to another one bite at a time. learn more about Molé Mama and why adding love its the most important ingredient to any recipe!


10 Feb 2020

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Cooking with Love Featuring Molé Mama

Postcards to the Universe with Melisa

Join me with my guest Molé Mama - a San Diego-based author, home chef, vlogger, and podcaster. Diving into her Latina roots, she uses her magical molcajete, and other tools and techniques that make her food taste like grandma used to make back in Mexico. Today we are going to share the POWER of cooking with LOVE.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/PostcardstotheUniverse)


24 Jan 2020

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#47 CrissCross Podcasting: The Food Disruptors on Molé Mama Part 2

The Food Disruptors

The Past is Prologue. Courtesy of a Molé Mama podcast that aired June 28, 2019, this episode of The Food Disruptors continues our two-part look at how the history of our food system informs our food ways today, and points to where we are going. Consider these progressions, each phase the result of a food system disruption: 1) From local butchering to industrialized meat processing to refrigerated dressed meat to Confined Animal Feeding Operations to alternative protein. 2) From a USDA-sanctioned increase in carbohydrate consumption to a sharp rise in obesity and Type II Diabetes to consumer demand for less added sugar and more transparent food labeling. 3) From industrialized Big Ag and the prevalence of mono-cropping to an outcry against environmental degradation on land AND sea, and demands for a lower carbon footprint, fewer chemical inputs, and more diversity in our food supply. We learn from the past. We learn from the decisions taken by Food Disruptors of the past — both the right ones and, especially, those that turned out wrong for our society and our environment. Our food system mess today is based largely in individual initiatives to accumulate personal wealth combined with a societal failure to identify and redress unintended consequences. However, United States food history is also rich with amazing technological advances that in their day promised better lives for more people. Looking forward, we hope our market system, and the initiatives taken by future food disruptors, will bring us out of the unjust, environmentally damaging industrialized food system of the past. The capitalist system can work. But its outcomes and collateral effects are up to us. We have a much better chance of seeing where we are going with our food system if we heed how capitalism has intersected with our food culture in the past. So please listen to The Food Disruptors, and send us your comments and suggestions for future topics!  Here are two interesting food podcasts — each presents an opposite side of the meat v alternative protein controversy: https://sustainabledish.com/podcasts/ https://heritageradionetwork.org/series/what-doesnt-kill-you/ Also, for great recipes, cultural insights, and wonderful interviews with amazing entrepreneurs who start out small in the food space but who have scalable potential: https://www.molemama.com/mole-mama-cooking-with-love-podcast And if you want to access easy, delicious Mexican-American cooking, check out: https://www.molemama.com/all-cooking-videos


19 Jul 2019

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#43 Molé Mama: Hard Work and Gratitude on a California Dairy Farm

The Food Disruptors

Diana Silva aka Molé Mama with her Mama Rose.Diana Silva comes from a line of brave, resilient women. Her grandmother, a Mexican immigrant, and Diana’s mother built lives for themselves and the people they loved by working on California farms. This was long before the days of Caesar Chavez. Conditions in the fields were brutal, particularly for women. Workers’ rights, per se, did not exist. They worked and lived under the long shadow of racist oppression. Nevertheless, these women celebrated the joy of work that kept their families fed, the joy of keeping loved ones close, and the joy of cooking as the gravitational center of their community.Sometimes cows need help to calve. Diana grew up helping her father manage a dairy farm in Central California. Through the lessons she learned doing hard farm chores as a little girl, she came to understand milk as a gift from cows. And grass-munching cows as gifts from the land. At her mother’s bidding, Diana would lug from the barn to the kitchen cream-rich buckets of raw milk. Her mother would skim some cream and make butter and cheese. Diana learned what real, whole food tastes like. She learned to cook at her mother’s side, feeding a community of immigrant workers. And, from her immigrant roots, she learned to seize opportunity while staying connected to community through food. One delightful upshot is Diana’s podcast Mole Mama, Cooking with Love, which brings great Mexican cooking within reach to those of us who don’t have a treasure of family recipes like Diana’s. And Mole Mama also showcases inspiring entrepreneurs who, like Diana, have found niches in America’s capitalist economy and are bringing amazing food and cultural treasures to market for the rest of us. 12Radio.com Thursday nights at 6 pm, PT. Molé Mama: A Memoir of Love, Cooking, and Loss Molé Mama Blog Molé Mama Terry Hanson Mead Piloting Your Life Podcast: More (fascinating) info about Diana’s career in Tech Insta: Mole_Mama  Alicia’s Delicias on Molé Mama Here is a little round-up of opinions Pro and Con the consumption of cow’s milk by humans: Is Drinking Milk Healthy for Humans?


6 Jun 2019

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#42 Molé Mama: Cooking with Love

The Food Disruptors

Diana Silva created and produces Molé Mama, a multi-media platform all about connecting with food and with family. Molé Mama qualifies as a Food Disruptor because she offers an accessible means for stepping out of the powerful currents of our industrial food system and planting a firm stake of community, around which other food disruptors, big and little, can grow. Diana Silva with her Magical Molcajete Molé Mama advocates for saving — and of course cooking from — family recipes. Not only is this a way to connect with people close to us, but family recipes can connect us over time and space, filling the void of absence. As Diana has said, the secret ingredient that makes all family recipes so special, even magical, is love. But if you, like so many of us, lack an inherited treasure of handed-down recipes, do not despair. Molé Mama is just the forum you need to begin creating your own legacy of delicious connection. Diana’s cooking videos take us right into her kitchen, where we can craft amazing Mexican food as only a Latina who grew up on a dairy farm on California’s Central Coast knows how. Molé Mama offers us the real deal — no twee extravagant or extraneous flourishes, just authentic, affordable, mouth-watering meals. There is so much more to the Molé Mama community. Her lines of connection zip right through The Food Disruptors’ nexus: Where Capitalism meets America’s Food Culture. Many of Molé Mama Cooking With Love podcasts feature entrepreneurs in the food space. The unique and delightful spin is that many of these are boot-strapping Latinas who have gravitated to some aspect of their cultural heritage and brought to market food and objects related to food. These growing businesses, some of them alone, others as part of the broader culinary community into which Molé Mama is plugged, WILL shift our food system.  Much of The Food Disruptors historical stories relate to broad demographic shifts in the United States. As of 2018, 58.9 million residents of the U.S.– nearly 20% of the population — were of Latino descent. The math is easy; the coming hispanic-market food disruption will be major. Check out Molé Mama to get a big, delicious taste of what’s coming. 12Radio.com Thursday nights at 6 pm, PT. Molé Mama: A Memoir of Love, Cooking, and Loss Molé Mama Blog Molé Mama Terry Hanson Mead Piloting Your Life Podcast: More (fascinating) info about Diana’s career in Tech Insta: Mole_Mama  Alicia’s Delicias on Molé Mama RADICAL ACCEPTANCE FOR ALL – HOW HIDING FROM LA MIGRA AS A TEN YEAR OLD CHILD CHANGED ME FOREVER


30 May 2019