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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josef Rakich. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josef Rakich, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josef Rakich. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josef Rakich, often where they are interviewed.

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Josef Rakich on Fitness, Mindset, and Building an Online Empire

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Josef Rakich is a New Zealand based online fitness trainer & entrepreneur who has amassed a huge social media following reaching almost 5 million fans across Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook. 

Having serviced over 130,000 clients online, Josef Rakich is regarded as one of the top online fitness trainers on the planet. 

In this episode, we chat about Josef's passion for fitness, how he has built his business, and we dive into the mindset and attitude that has helped him achieve his success in business and as a leader in the fitness space.

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Jun 18 2020 · 1hr 7mins
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Episode #96 : Fitness Passion, Purpose & Prosperity with Josef Rakich

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Josef Rakich is one of the OG’s of the fitness industry, he has built a vast fitness business, transformed tens of thousands of lives all over the world and is always in incredible shape!

Listen in to this incredible conversation and have a pen ready as we discuss the following:

  • How Josef first got into the fitness industry
  • How Josef Utilises Keto alongside his own unique approaches with clients
  • The best way to structure your day for success
  • Why we need to have passion about what we do to be successful
  • Josefs thoughts on the best way to train at home during Covid19

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May 18 2020 · 42mins
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Josef Rakich on Fitness Fame & Fortune Ep 7

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Coming to us from New Zealand, personal fitness super star, Josef Rakich, talks to Rich Gaspari and John Romano about how he built one of the most successful online personal training and diet programs in the world. 

Apr 30 2020 · 57mins
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EP08 Josef Rakich

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Fitness guru, Social media conquerer and all round nice guy. Josef Rakich joins me to talk about life, drive and the good that social media can actually accomplish.

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Apr 25 2019 · 55mins
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Perform Podcast E020 - Josef Rakich

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It’s time to train Nutrabolics Nation. Episode 20 of the Nutrabolics PERFORM Podcast features Online Personal Trainer Josef Rakich. As a high-profile fitness guru, Josef has extensive knowledge about personal training and has helped over 100,000 clients create custom plans and find passion within fitness. In the podcast, Josef goes into detail about the science behind muscle building, and how successful the ketogenic diet can be in leaning down. He has a great technical explanation about fasted cardio and emphasizes consistency in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re super interested about getting in shape, we highly recommend this informative episode!
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Feb 01 2019 · 18mins
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Interview w/ Josef Rakich (Episode #1)

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Rare behind the curtain interview with Josef Rakich of Josef Rakich Fitness where he shares some of his secrets on how he was able to grow and sustain that growth across his online fitness empire.

Oct 01 2018 · 31mins
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3 Keys to Becoming a Successful Fitness Influencer with Josef Rakich

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“Do what you love and love what you do.” That’s the mantra of Josef Rakich, the online personal trainer who’s killing it on social media while specializing in life-changing transformations that have helped tens of thousands of people around the world gain muscle and lose body fat.

In today’s episode, Josef shares his personal strategies that have helped him skyrocket his social media following on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Plus, if you’ve struggled to figure out Facebook’s new algorithm, you’ll definitely want to hear Josef’s insight on how to gain a positive ROI from that platform. Check it out!

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

-Josef Rakich


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8:00 Josef’s backstory: The early fitness business

15:40 How to get people to click on your content

18:00 Why some succeed while so many others fail

22:20 Josef’s approach to social media consistency

26:52 Why curiosity-, promised-based headlines are crucial for clicks

32:00 The right way to collaborate and make connections with influencers

43:00 Vince and Josef discuss their current Facebook struggles

47:00 How to boost your engagement on Instagram and SnapChat

56:30 Josef’s customer’s transformation journey

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Jul 17 2018 · 1hr 10mins