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Podcast One Shot N°88 : Gloomhaven, d'Isaac Childres...

La Cellule

(Durée 01 : 31 : 18)Télécharger le podcastGloomhaven est un jeu de société coopératif créé par Isaac Childres. Sur les hexagones de Gloomhaven, des groupes de héros et d'héroïnes se succèdent pour explorer des donjons conçus comme de véritables puzzles. La richesse des mécaniques et des scénarios est telle que le jeu casse les codes de son propre média... Cette semaine, avec Maxime, Natacha, Luca, Céline et Adrien, nous tentons vainement de définir Gloomhaven. Est-il un jeu de rôle ? Un dungeon crawler ? Et s'il fallait s'éloigner de la simulation pour comprendre Gloomhaven ? A moins qu'il ne s'agisse d'une simulation d'un jeu-vidéo sur table ? Quelles sont les mécaniques principales du jeu et comment celles-ci nous donnent l'impression d'être tantôt dans un jeu de plateau, tantôt dans un jeu de rôle, tantôt dans un jeu-vidéo. Chacun voit dans Gloomhaven ce qu'il veut y voir. Mais lorsque nous découvrons ce qui semble être le propos du jeu, tout est dit : Gloomhaven apparaît soudain comme le récit d'une aventure collective...Bonnes semaines à tous et à toutes, portez-vous bien et, surtout, jouez bien !

3 Jun 2021

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218: Frosthaven and Culture - Continuing The Conversation With Isaac Childres

One Stop Co-Op Shop

This is part two of Jason's coverage of the lore and cultural background of Frosthaven. Please listen to or watch Part One which clears up some misunderstandings of cultural consulting. In this one, Isaac Childres shares his own insights, what he hopes to accomplish, what will change mechanically (spoiler: not much!), and how he feels all gamers will benefit. Shelf Stories YouTube (with video of this recording) - www.youtube.com/channel/UCnaZ7055IWOdm8XCJfFRDcw YouTube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOtGhui_jdLdoQNI7PU4Pg and www.youtube.com/channel/UCPCIkULbgzMEW612cSdUX7Q Discord - discord.gg/p4jX8AF Facebook - www.facebook.com/onestopcoopshop Donate to One Stop Co-op Shop - www.patreon.com/onestop Email - onestopcoopshop@gmail.com


23 May 2021

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Designing Massive Games with Isaac Childres

Board Game Design Lab

Isaac Childres designer of Gloomhaven, talks about how to design games that are massive in scope.Gloomhaven is a 25-pound box of hours upon hours of gameplay, and we dive into design challenges, player progression, marketing, and more. The post Designing Massive Games with Isaac Childres appeared first on Board Game Design Lab.

1hr 11mins

10 Mar 2021

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Episode 23: Special Guest Isaac Childres! Plus Cooper island & Barrage

The Board Game BBQ Podcast

Topic of the Week: Isaac Childres (01:04) Sizzling Games:  Cooper Island (41:33), Barrage (52:21) Board Game Bracket (01:05:05) Swear An Oath (01:07:58) **BOARDGAMEBBQ.COM** https://boardgamebbq.com/ Head on over to the Board Game BBQ website for links to previous episodes, more information on all of the games mentioned, and upcoming events. **JOIN OUR DISCORD!** The BGBBQ now has a Discord Channel. Want to join the community and chat with the team and other listeners about your favourite hobby? Like to get updates when our podcasts are released, and get exclusive content? Need a place you can chat with other players while you're playing your own online games, overlooking for some like-minded gamers to play online with? Well, here's your invite: https://discord.gg/rzQxJyR **FACEBOOK COMMUNITY** https://www.facebook.com/groups/995437657579603/ Why not join The Board Game BBQ Community page on Facebook. It's a place where everyone can post about their games, write reviews, engage with the community, and support each other. Regardless of if you are a casual gamer, a designer, an artist, a content creator - everyone is welcome! **INSTAGRAM** https://www.instagram.com/boardgamebbq/ Follow us on Instagram to be notified when a new episode drops, or when our Discord events are happening. And don't forget to use #oathfulfilled when you finally get a game off your shelf of shame. --- Join in the conversation on our Facebook on Instagram pages, or drop us a line at podcast@boardgamebbq.com If you enjoy the podcast please consider leaving a short review on your podcast app of choice. Your feedback will help us improve the podcast, and we might even read your review out on the show!

1hr 20mins

12 Aug 2020

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Think Like a Game Designer #18: Isaac Childres

Think Like A Game Designer

Isaac Childres is the creator of Gloomhaven and Frosthaven. Gloomhaven is the #1 rated game on BoardGameGeek for three years, and Frosthaven, the highest funded game on Kickstarter. We’ll dig into what motivated Isaac to create these legendary games, and what he’s learned along the way.

21 Jul 2020

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RDTN Episode 201: Isaac Childres Interview, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast

Tony McRee00:00 Intro02:36 Background of Gaming06:00 Video Games with Isaac08:40 Then the Board Games13:09 What sparked the interest15:28 Back to Video Games18:00 The Gloomhaven spark27:19 Time to get educated28:41 Gloomhaven: Jaws […] The post RDTN Episode 201: Isaac Childres Interview, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion first appeared on Rolling Dice & Taking Names.

1hr 16mins

23 Jun 2020

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Will it Game? Episode 50 with Isaac Childres

Will It Game? Podcast

It’s episode 50! This week we have a very special guest on the show. Our guest judge is Isaac Childres, the creator of Gloomhaven, the co-designer of Return to Dark Tower and his latest creation Frosthaven. With such a fabulous guest on the show, Ric and Ryan thought they would put together two amazing game pitches in hopes of impressing Isaac. Unfortunately, both of them dropped the ball, spent 45 seconds on their game pitches and made total fools of themselves. In other words, it’s a pretty normal episode. Will Ric have enough fuel in the tank to pull out a win? Can Ryan roll his way to yet another victory? Be sure to check out the amazing games that Isaac creates at Cephalofair Games. Be sure to check into the Frosthaven Kickstarter that is live now through May 1, 2020. Like the content that is filing your ears? Consider giving to our Patreon and connect with One Board Family even more. https://www.patreon.com/oneboardfamily The track “Balkana” was created by 4bstr4ck3r. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/4bstr4ck3r/ The post Will it Game? Episode 50 with Isaac Childres appeared first on One Board Family.


22 Apr 2020

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Episode 147 - Talking Frosthaven & Jaws of the Lion with Isaac Childres

The Cardboard Herald

Talking about the hot new entries in the Gloomhaven series, and about the changes from then to now with the founder himself, Isaac Childres.01:02 - COVID Impacts on Frosthaven04:21 - The Gloomhaven phenomenon and managing expectations09:31 - Prepping for Jaws of The Lion Retail Release12:31 - Unique challenges in JoTL Design & Development17:20 - Design approach to Frosthaven24:11 - Could Frosthaven become the new, definitive edition?29:05 - Unique approaches to characters31:46 - Legacy elements35:14 - Changes to campaign structure?37:48 - Adjusting to “boardgame celebrity” status41:57 - Open ended city building in Frosthaven46:24 - How do the seasons & weather affect the game?48:14 - Fail forward games?50:20 - Most challenging aspect in designing Frosthaven53:17 - If you weren’t the “Gloomhaven guy”56:28 - Expanding the 3 pillars of GloomhavenHOT LINKS:Our Site - www.cardboardherald.comOur Video Channel - https://www.youtube.com/TheCardboardHerald\Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/CardboardHeraldOur Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9669551


1 Apr 2020

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038 – Gloomhaven and Designing Epic Games with Isaac Childres

Nerdlab Podcast

In Episode 38 of the Nerdlab podcast, I had the honor to talk to Isaac Childres about the design process of Gloomhaven. In our discussion, we focussed on the following questions: What games did influence the design of Gloomhaven? What was the design process of Gloomhaven like? How to playtest big epic games like Gloomhaven?

1hr 3mins

8 Dec 2019

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Episode 141- Glancing Blows Pre-Essen 2019 and Interview with Isaac Childres

The Game Pit

We try out a new format called Glancing Blows, based around early impressions on games we have played once or twice. Ronan is joined by Ellie and Rachel to discuss nine new releases or games due to drop tomorrow at Spiel 2019.  We also have an interview from Chris O'Regan, esteemed video game podcast host, and Issac Childres, designer of Gloomhaven. Check our Chris' work at; https://caneandrinse.com For overview videos on many of the game discussed in this episode head to; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbaocuNbGuhs6iLFraUVdqRHxZiPPPWAz

1hr 32mins

23 Oct 2019