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#110: LIVE with Joey Vitale

Velocity Work

Introducing Velocity Work LIVE, our new live interview series. This series focuses on the human behind the business and discusses growth without the grind. We’re honored to have Joey Vitale, the owner and founder of several business enterprises including the Chicago-based firm, Indie Law as our first guest. Joey discusses his journey as a business owner and how he learned how to think like Link (Yes, the character from Zelda).

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9 Sep 2021

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275. Building a Practice That Supports Your Life’s Needs with Joey Vitale

The Law Entrepreneur

Joey Vitale is an attorney in the Chicago area focused on trademark law. He has an interesting story relating to certain events in his life – both professionally and personally – that directed him to build a practice that catered to the work-life balance that met his objectives. This led to his very successful trademark law practice, with a mix of online and service-based products. He’s a good example of the modern law firm model and has a lot to teach us about building a business that supports your lifestyle.Resources:indielaw.comLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joeycvitaleIf you’ve enjoyed the podcast, please head to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating & review for the show! It only takes a moment, and really helps me to reach new listeners. You can also head to the website at TheLawEntrepreneur.com for more information on the podcast and my legal services.--Thank you to our sponsors!Spotlight Branding - A legal marketing company that works with solo and small law firms to increase referrals. Go to spotlightbranding.com/TLE for a better way to market your law practice.Ruby Receptionist - Virtual receptionist & live call services that will help you grow your office (and save money), one call at a time - to learn more, go to callruby.com/lawentrepreneur or call 844.895.7829Daylite - The all-in-one contact relationship manager. If you feel like it’s time to upgrade from spreadsheets to a CRM, visit marketcircle.com and get your first month free when you mention Law Entrepreneur.The Law Entrepreneur is a production of Crate Media


19 Jul 2021

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It can be done! Reducing Client Work to Under 5 Hours a Month with Joey Vitale

Crushing Chaos with Law Firm Mentor podcast

In this episode, I share a conversation with an extraordinary guest, Joey Vitale. Joey is a trademark attorney, and he’s also known as the brand legitimizer for online entrepreneurs, emerging thought leaders and creators. His approach to systematize a law firm is unique and highly valuable to learn from. He successfully cut down the client work to five hours a month or less.  We cover several topics in this episode, including lawyer mental health, business systemization, and Joey's great lessons along his journey from a litigating attorney to a business owner.  Tune in to find out! In this episode we discuss: Taking time to think about and seek a vision for what type of lawyer you want to be.  The need for setting specific goals and understanding what meeting them looks like. The value in systematizing and dialing in the focus on the type of work your firm does. Getting to the point of letting go of being involved in everything. The power of entrusting members of your team to take ownership of their work. Accepting the fact that mistakes will be made, and mistakes can be fixed. Learning to stay out of the way and allowing your team to function without you. Guest Bio:  Joey Vitale is a trademark attorney (also known as a “brand legitimizer”) for online entrepreneurs, emerging thought leaders, and course creators. With his law firm and his courses, Joey helps online business owners call legal dibs on their brand name and signature methods so they never have to worry about losing their brand overnight. Joey has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and has spoken all over the country to help business owners stay safe and thriving.  Company name: Indie Law Website: www.indielaw.com Email: joey@indielaw.com Phone number: +13143301470  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joeycvitale  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joeycvitale/ Twitter Username: @joeycvitale  Instagram username: @joeycvitale Allison Bio: Allison C. Williams, Esq., is Founder and Owner of the Williams Law Group, LLC, with offices in Short Hills and Freehold, New Jersey. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, is Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney and is the first attorney in New Jersey to become Board-Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in the field of Family Law.  Ms. Williams is an accomplished businesswoman. In 2017, the Williams Law Group won the LawFirm500 award, ranking 14th of the fastest growing law firms in the nation, as Ms. Williams grew the firm 581% in three years. Ms. Williams won the Silver Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017.  In 2018, Ms. Williams was voted as NJBIZ’s Top 50 Women in Business and was designated one of the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. In 2019, Ms. Williams won the Seminole 100 Award for founding one of the fastest growing companies among graduates of Florida State University. In 2018, Ms. Williams created Law Firm Mentor, a business coaching service for lawyers.  She helps solo and small law firm attorneys grow their business revenues, crush chaos in business and make more money.  Through multi-day intensive business retreats, group and one-to-one coaching, and strategic planning sessions, Ms. Williams advises lawyers on all aspects of creating, sustaining and scaling a law firm business – and specifically, she teaches them the core foundational principles of marketing, sales, personnel management, communications and money management in law firms.  Contact Info: Contact Law Firm Mentor: Scheduler: https://meetme.so/LawFirmMentor Snip-Its 00:27:27 (56 Seconds) Joey Vitale: But it's so much more to me than just like I value time because that gives me time back. I really do think that the. And I heard someone say this, especially in a law firm setting, the the more your law firm depends on you, the less your law firm is worth. Yeah. Allison Williams: Yeah, absolutely, Joey Vitale: And I have really taken that to heart because it's it's not just bragging rights about, oh, I only work this much for my business. It's no, this is a really good sign that my business is in good shape. If I can if I can step away from it, if certain people in my team can step away from it for weeks at a time and everything is still running. Allison Williams: Yeah. And the interesting thing about that is that the fact that we talk about CEOs and when we talk about CEOs in the context of a law firm, I think a lot of lawyers think of that is, I'm the head manager. They don't, they don't really distinguish that. There's a layer on top of being a manager, like a true CEO is not managing. A true CEO is leading.


16 Jul 2021

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S02.EP13 - Copyright & Trademark Law with Joey Vitale

JUST Branding

Trademark law is tricky. And unsexy. But not anymore. Come join trademark lawyer, Joey Vitale, who will teach you the ins and outs of trademark law so you can practice safe branding. Joey is a “lawyer with a soul” who works with small businesses, helping them stay safe when it comes to entity formation, trademark registrations, contract drafting and other fundamental legal needs. In this episode, we break down the legal jargon in a way that actually makes sense, so you can stay safe and keep pumping out great work, without being worried of the consequences. We discuss: - How can you protect your ideas & work - What do you do if your work is stolen - What to put in your contracts - The differences between ® ™ © symbols - The trademarking process - Plus dozens more legal questions for you to get schooled on. Practice safe branding people. Take a peek inside this episode. It’s glorious.

1hr 6mins

28 Jun 2021

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Replay - Effectuating Real Change through Courses with Joey Vitale - 214

Profit with Law: Profitable Law Firm Growth

Shownotes can be found at https://www.profitwithlaw.com/214. In this episode Moshe Amsel interviews Joey Vitale, founder of Indie Law Firm. Joey created a course and shares with us how that has had a major impact on his firm, not only in revenue and processes, but also in having a larger impact on people. Moshe and Joey discuss their desire to have a greater impact and instigate real change in the world and how you can accomplish that by creating information products. Resources mentioned: Unlock the Hidden Revenue Stream - One Day Summit -https://www.profitwithlaw.com/hiddenrevenue Joey Vitale on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/attorneyforcreatives Joey C. Vitale on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/joeycvitale/ Owning it live show - can be found on Joey’s Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/attorneyforcreatives Episode 96 - Lawyers Are Leaving Money On the Table - Lots Of It - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/096 Episode 29 -  Why Choosing a Niche Will Skyrocket Your Firm - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/029 Episode 098 - Step 1 Define Your Clients Journey - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/098 Episode 100 - Step 2: Where is the Gap - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/100 Episode 097 - Understanding Your Firm’s Hierarchy of Needs with Mike Michalowicz - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/097 Surge by Mike Michalowicz - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/surgebook Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz - https://fixthisnext.com/ Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/pumpkinplanbook Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/clockworkbook Profit First by Mike Michalowicz - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/profitfirstbook Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy - https://www.profitwithlaw.com/livingforward Join our Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lawfirmgrowthsummit/ Check Out Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profitwithlaw To request a show topic, recommend a guest or ask a question for the show, please send an email to info@dreambuilderfinancial.com. Connect with Moshe on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/moshe.amsel LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mosheamsel/


9 Jun 2021

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39. Building a Great Course to Serve New Clients w/ Joey Vitale

Five Star Counsel Podcast

Building out a legal-focus course sounds great, right? A couple hours of work, and the checks keep coming in! Well, not to burst your bubble, but there's a lot more to it than that. You first have to consider WHY and FOR WHOM you're even making it - then get into the details of making, marketing, and sustaining a course. Trademark attorney Joey C. Vitale gives us A TON of invaluable secrets for creating, marketing, and launching a course that actually moves the needle for your clients and continues to sell. There's a whole tier of potential clients that you can help, and it dovetails so perfectly with great service. Find Joey on Twitter or IG @joeycvitale or at https://www.joeycvitale.com FiveStarCounsel.com Get our FREE client service whitepaper! Join the Five Star Counsellors FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1575616019297055


3 May 2021

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Episode 167: The Secrets to Naming Your Business Like a Pro (And Dangerous Trademark Pitfalls to Avoid) with Joey Vitale

The Brand Strategy Podcast

Have you considered the legal implications that naming your business could have on your overall brand? Consider what would happen if you were operating your business under a name that you didn’t realize was trademarked—you could receive a cease and desist letter requiring you to change your name. In this episode, Joey Vitale joins us […] The post Episode 167: The Secrets to Naming Your Business Like a Pro (And Dangerous Trademark Pitfalls to Avoid) with Joey Vitale appeared first on b is for bonnie design | brand design, strategy & education for creative boss ladies.


17 Mar 2021

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108: How to Legally Own Your Brand Using Trademarks with Joey Vitale and Elizabeth McCravy

Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Do you understand how trademarks relate to your online business? I totally didn’t, to be honest, and that’s why I wanted to have Joey on the podcast to educate ME and all of YOU! Now, trademarks might not seem like the most “exciting” topic, but it is so important to the health of your business. And, I seriously believe knowledge is power. Even just learning about and exploring this topic can be so beneficial!  Joey is a trademark lawyer for online business owners, so he really GETS this space! He has helped tons of online entrepreneurs and course creators understand just how important trademarking really is and call legal dibs on their brands and signature methods. In this episode, we explore what trademarks are and how they apply to your business. We talk about things like:  - What even IS a trademark?  - How is a trademark different from copyrights?  - What can we trademark? What can’t we?  - Could our competitors cut in and trademark something we use in our businesses?  - How much does it cost to get something trademarked?  - What are some common mistakes people make with trademarks?  And, we talk about some of the horror stories Joey has seen when people didn’t trademark. This was SHOCKING to me!  Get the full shownotes at https://elizabethmccravy.com/108 Connect with Joey on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/joeycvitale/ Visit Joey’s website at https://www.joeycvitale.com/ and https://indielaw.com/ Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/elizabethmccravy/ Visit Elizabeth’s website at  https://elizabethmccravy.com


9 Mar 2021

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Business Trademark Law- Attorney Joey Vitale

Let’s Talk Business with Stephanie A. Wynn

What you’ll learn in this episode;2:15  How Joey utilizes his law firm to “legitimize brands”.10:33  Why Trademarking your business is necessary. 24:00 What can and cannot be Trademarked. Quote -“ A great leader anticipates challenges.”                                                 -Anonymous So whatever business you are in, let’s dive deep on the importance of hiring help to protect our brand and business.How you get involved:Be sure to support the podcast by sharing with your friends and family.Or support the podcast by donating at  www. letstalkbusinesswithstephanie.comFollow Stephanie on FB/IG/TWITTER/LinkedIn: Stephanie A. WynnTo learn more about Stephanie A. Wynn visit stephanieawynn.comIf you recently started your business please be sure to grab the  Step-by-Step Guide on How To Start Your Business  in  2021  https://stephanieawynn.com/how-to-start-a-business-in-2021/.Enjoyed the Podcast? Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. We would love to hear your feedback and we’d love for you to help us spread the word!


5 Mar 2021

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Episode 096: Naming Your Brand & Online Offers with Joey Vitale | Planning for Profit Podcast

Planning for Profit

On this episode I interview my friend Joey Vitale of Indie Law, about what you need to consider when naming your business, brand, courses, and other online assets. Highlights:  The biggest mistakes online entrepreneurs make when naming their business, offers, and brand assets What makes a trademark weak or strong How safe protected your brand really is with or without a trademark What you should trademark in your business and when you need to begin the trademark process Whether you can trademark a personal name or not Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:  Schedule a call with Joey to get your questions answered about trademarking a name in your business:https://indielaw.com/call FREE Trademark Masterclass: Get in Touch With Joey Vitale Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/joeycvitale/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/indielawfirm Podcast | https://indielaw.com/podcast/ Website | www.followertofansociety.com About Joey: Joey C. Vitale is a lawyer, speaker, and business coach for online entrepreneurs and thought leaders. With his law firm and his courses, Joey helps online business owners call legal dibs on their brand name and signature methods so they never have to worry about losing their brand overnight.


10 Nov 2020