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Captain Mike Anderson's Fishing Report 4-16-21

DAE On Demand

Beckles & Recher look forward to the fishing weekend with Captain Mike Anderson! Captain Mike takes exception to Ian's Halftime Heat soliloquy from earlier this week where Ian said he believes Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are headed for a divorce! Onto fishing, Captain Mike says the bite has been tremendous lately, listing all the things he's caught the past week, living the Beckles & Recher life! There is an upcoming red tide issue, and Captain Mike has had it with politicians holding up plans to mitigate the problem, working for themselves instead of the people who vote them into offices. All that and MORE!


16 Apr 2021

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#17 Capt Mike Anderson from Reel Animals

Reeling Freedom Foundation

Welcome to another episode of the Reeling Freedom Podcast... Today we talk with Capt Mike Anderson from Reel Animals, who never fails to support our cause. He is a great friend and huge personality in the Tampa Bay Area and Florida. Capt Mike has been fishing Tampa Bay waters for well over 20 years, hosts two radio shows every weekend, and has had Reel Animals TV Nationwide for over 15 years.  Listen, share, and please rate and review, where ever you find your podcasts https://reelanimals.com/


22 Mar 2021

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Overcoming Our Motivation Crisis with Mike Anderson Transformative Principal 390

Transformative Principal

Mike Anderson has been an educator for more than 25 years. A public school teacher for 15 years, he has also taught preschool, coached school swim teams, and taught university graduate level classes. He now works as a consultant providing professional learning for teachers throughout the US and beyond. In 2004, Mike was awarded a national Milken Educator Award, and in 2005 he was a finalist for NH Teacher of the Year. In 2020, he was awarded the Outstanding Educational Leader Award by NHASCD for his work as a consultant. A best-selling author, Mike has written eight books about great teaching and learning. When not working, Mike can be found hanging with his family, tending his perennial gardens, and searching for new running routes around his home in Durham, NH. New book on motivation - Moving from systems of extrinsic motivation to supporting students’ intrinsic motivations Extrinsic motivation is the default motivation in schools right now. Motivate from without. Impose on others. Punishments are also forms of extrinsic motivation. Ditchie and Ryan - autonomy is the key intrinsic motivator. Is there ever a time that extrinsic motivation is worthwhile. We’ve taught them to think transactionally. Book - Drive by Daniel Pink - animated video Rote or Mechanical - extrinsic works in the short term. You can lose creativity if extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within. Self-motivation vs. Intrinsic motivators: 6 indicators: autonomy - need for power and control purpose - what we are doing has meaning competence - need to feel good at stuff belonging - connected to others curiosity - naturally interested in fun - playful, joy, energetic. Motivation is very complex. Set this up and incentivize it for them. How do we make this shift in education? Recognize that it is coming from a place of good intentions Signaling - we signal that the action is something distasteful because we have to incentivize it. Alfie Kohn on Oprah Kids who were paid stopped playing with the puzzles. Jethro’s TEDx Talk Stop trying to motivate kids. Tap into their intrinsic motivations Conflict in US history. 11 of 22 kids showed up on a Saturday morning, voluntarily. Ongoing assessing throughout the project. Take the content we have to teach and give kids control, purpose, Numbers in expanded notation Shift in thinking about content: It’s a means to an end, it shouldn’t be the end itself. We should think of content as our playground. Motivation - book Crisis focused? Learning to choose, choosing to learn. Act of co-creation with Allison Zmuda. How to be a Transformative Principal - Dig into the research on motivation. LiveBinder Eduplanet21 courses Sponsors TeachFX Innovative school leaders across the country have started tracking online student participation using TeachFX because it’s one of the most powerful ways to improve student outcomes during COVID — especially for English Learners and students of color. Learn more about TeachFX and get a special offer at TeachFX.com John Catt Today’s Transformative Principal sponsor, John Catt Educational, amplifies world-class voices on timeless topics, with a list of authors recognized globally for their fresh perspectives and proven strategies to drive success in modern schools and classrooms. John Catt’s mission is to support high-quality teaching and learning by ensuring every educator has access to professional development materials that are research-based, practical, and focused on the key topics proven essential in today’s and tomorrow’s schools. Learn more about professional development publications that are easy to implement for your entire faculty, and are both quickly digestible and rigorous, by visiting https://us.johncattbookshop.com/. Learn more about some of the newest titles: Michaela: The Power of Culture by Katharine Birbalsingh Teaching WalkThrus: Visual Step-by-Step Guides to Essential Teaching Techniques by Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli Putting Staff First: A blueprint for revitalising our schools by John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley The Teaching Delusion: Why Teaching In Our Schools Isn’t Good Enough (And How We Can Make It Better) by Bruce Robertson Stop Talking About Wellbeing: A pragmatic approach to teacher workload by Kat Howard John Catt is also proud publisher of the new book from Transformative Principal host Jethro Jones: SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves Visit this page to learn more about bulk orders and how to bring John Catt’s research-based materials to your school: https://us.johncattbookshop.com/pages/agents-and-distributors


24 Feb 2021

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I'm Still Bitter At Mike Anderson

Locked On Mizzou - Daily Podcast On Missouri Tigers Football & Basketball

Four hundred wins, eh? I'm more focused on 10 years since my back was stabbed.***Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: https://tinyurl.com/qtrsdobFollow on Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/twpa64kEasiest place to send new listeners: LockedOnMizzou.comFollow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @LockedOnMizzouYouTube.com/ForOldMissouriSupport Us By Supporting Our Sponsors! Built BarBuilt Bar is a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar. Go to builtbar.com and use promo code “LOCKEDON,” and you’ll get 20% off your next order.BetOnline AGThere is only 1 place that has you covered and 1 place we trust. Betonline.ag! Sign up today for a free account at betonline.ag and use that promocode: LOCKEDON for your 50% welcome bonus. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


18 Feb 2021

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S4E21 Off The Water- Michigan with Mike Anderson

Paddle N' Fin

On this episode of Off The Water. I sit down and talk to Mike Anderson from Michigan. We talk about MKT, Topwater and IKT kayak trails and series and go across the state for some of the best things to do off the water. Your not gonna wanna miss this episode Patreon-https://www.patreon.com/paddlenfin Podcast & Website- www.paddlenfin.com YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/paddlenfin Email- paddlenfin@gmail.com Social Media- @paddlenfin Anglr- Download the Angler App Rocktown paddlesports - rocktownadventures.com JigMasters Jigs- https://jigmasters.com

1hr 17mins

23 Jan 2021

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Mike Anderson - Principal of the Grand River Otters Elementary Remote School (4200 students)

The High Performing Educator Podcast

Mike Anderson is a high energy educator and the principal of the Elementary Remote School of the Upper Grand District School Board.  Formed in August 2020, the Elementary Remote School is a K-8 “virtual” school with approximately 4200 students, 220 teachers, 30 RECEs, 4 administrators, and 2 office coordinators. Our students and staff come from all across the Upper Grand District School Board. Mike describes it as running a tech start-up.  Want to join the High Performing Educator Network: www.highperformingeducator.com 


18 Jan 2021

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Episode 77: Mike Anderson talks about the 2021 Collision Repair Market and how the pandemic is giving collision repair shops a glimpse into the future.

ASA Podcast

Episode 77: Mike Anderson talks about the 2021 Collision Repair Market and how the pandemic is giving collision repair shops a glimpse into the future.Mike Anderson is the President and Founder of Collision Advice. Mike’s experience as a former shop owner, mentor, coach, consultant and one of the most popular trainers in the collision repair industry gives him a unique perspective on where the collision industry is and where it’s going. Listen in as Mike shares his outlook for 2021 as the collision industry continues to recover and position itself for life after COVID. Hear all about it as Mike covers such topics as:·         How he got started in the collision industry and built a successful business with WagonWerx in Virginia.·         How the shops in his network are weathering the pandemic and what works best to help the most successful through it.·         What major issues and influences in 2020 will impact the collision industry going into 2021.·         How automotive technology is impacting claims and why the COVID crisis offers a glimpse into the future of repair volumes.·         What Mike’s Who Pays for What survey has done to advance the collision industry and what he’s learned over the past five years.·         What the biggest challenges will be as we enter 2021, and what the collision industry needs to do to meet them.·         Mike’s advice on how every shop can improve their operations by doing this one thing.


6 Jan 2021

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Mike Anderson from ConnectUs Global on COVID Testing Pods

The Don and Mike Show

Mike Anderson from ConnectUs Global, makers of the Citizen Care Pod, speaks with Mike about the implementation of the testing sites for the live event industry to help open events up sooner than later. Don and Mike talk about (briefly ) election week, poll results and more. Check out the website for the Pods at CitizenCarePod.com TheDonandMikeShow.net and ExhibitCityNews.com


7 Nov 2020

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Connectus Global | Mike Anderson on Oil and Gas Startups

Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

Connectus Global Real Time Location Tracking Solutions Connect with Collin Connect with Jake What’s up wildcatter nation. Thanks for tuning in and joining us for another episode.  There’s nothing more important than making sure all of your people make it home to their families. Mike Anderson with Connectus Global, joined us this week to chat about how … The post Connectus Global | Mike Anderson on Oil and Gas Startups appeared first on Digital Wildcatters.

26 Oct 2020

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Episode 18: Chatting with Safari Guide Trainer, Mike Anderson

Safari Stories

This week, on location from Kruger National Park, Jomi chats with Safari Guide Trainer, Mike Anderson. Mike has guided at various five star lodges in South Africa’s lowveld and now spends his time sharing his profound bush knowledge and passion with the next generation of students training to become safari guides. Jomi and Mike discuss an incredible sighting of wild dogs they had this week, what it's like guiding at a lodge, Mike’s absolutely legendary tracker Fanie, and why doing a safari guide course in the COVID era is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and nature.


23 Oct 2020