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Call Center Scams with Ben Taylor

Easy Prey

Very few people fall for the Nigerian prince scam these days because it has been so well exposed. However, devious criminals keep looking for new ways to package their deception so it goes undetected. Today’s guest is Ben Taylor. Ben is the creator of the popular YouTube channel Pleasant Green. His videos exposing various internet scams have been watched tens of millions of times. His goal is to help get scammers out of their current role not only by exposing the scam but by helping some of them find ways of providing for their families without cheating people.  Show Notes: [0:50] - Welcome to the show, Ben! He shares what he does through YouTube and his work to educate people. [1:50] - Scam baiting is when you seek out scammers to waste their time. [3:32] - Romance scams are extremely common right now. [4:40] - Tech support and Amazon refund scams are also common. [6:12] - The elderly are often targets, but people can also fall victim to a scam when they’re distracted. [7:42] - A lot of time scammers will ask you to verify your name or address. You should ask them to verify it. [9:01] - Scammers typically use a script and if you get them off their game, they will move on. [10:11] - There are countless call centers across the world. [11:09] - Ben has interacted with scammers. Some realize they’re doing something hurtful, but some justify it or think they deserve it more. [13:18] - Through his YouTube channel, Ben explains that if scammers are so clever and smart to scam people, they can use the internet for good work. [14:54] - Ben also looks into product purchasing scams. [15:56] - Facebook doesn’t crack down on product accuracy of ads. [18:02] - When shopping online, especially from sites that are not as popular or credible, use PayPal as they have some security built in. [20:00] - Reviews are important to look at closely. [22:06] - Ben shares some interactions he’s had with scammers and how he has asked them for help. [23:24] - On YouTube, Ben has hired some scammers he’s spoken with to help them realize that there are more honest ways to make money. [26:03] - Using the story of Joel who he helped develop a photography skill, Ben helps people flip the script and help their community. Thanks for joining us on Easy Prey. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave a nice review.  Links and Resources: Podcast Web Page Facebook Page whatismyipaddress.com Easy Prey on Instagram Easy Prey on Twitter Easy Prey on LinkedIn Easy Prey on YouTube Easy Prey on Pinterest Pleasant Green YouTube Channel


12 Jan 2022

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"The Ravit Show" with Ben Taylor, Chief AI Evangelist at DataRobot

The Ravit Show

Want to learn more about AI? In this episode Ben Taylor, Chief AI Evangelist at DataRobot, talks about his journey, AI, and much more! #data #datascience #python #machinelearning #analytics #moderndatastack #ai #bi #artificialintelligence

1hr 5mins

11 Jan 2022

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From Living in the Woods to AI Startup Founder (Ben Taylor) - KNN Ep. 78

Ken's Nearest Neighbors

This episode of Ken's Nearest Neighbors is powered by z by hp. Hp's high compute workstation grade line of products and solutions. Ben Taylor has over 18 years of machine-learning experience. After studying chemical engineering Taylor worked for Intel/Micron in applied semiconductor building process control and fault models. After that, he worked as a quant at a hedge fund on a 600 GPU cluster. Taylor then joined a young Sequoia-backed HR startup called HireVue to run their data group. In 2017 Taylor co-founded  Zeff.ai with David Gonzalez to pursue deep learning for image, audio, video, and text for the enterprise. Zeff was acquired by DataRobot in 2020 where Taylor now works as their Chief AI Evangelist.In this episode we learn why Ben Lived in a tent in the woods during college, how introspection has changed his career and his relationships with people, and why AI is far more philosophical than you think.

1hr 32mins

15 Dec 2021

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Ben Taylor on NBA Evolution, The Value of Guard Defense, Greatest NBA Peaks, and Top-75 Snubs

Dunc'd On Basketball NBA Podcast

Ben Taylor of the Thinking Basketball YouTube channel joins for the usual wide-ranging conversation. He looked closely at how new rule interpretations were affecting the league and its players. We also use the Chicago Bulls with Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball as a lens to discuss what effect elite perimeter defense can have, and also get into some historical discussions regarding the Greatest Peaks and Top-75 players. If you like Dunc’d On, you or someone in your life might like my wife Aislinn’s analytical approach to yoga. Check out her streaming service, Yoga With Aislinn, free for a week. Subscribe to our new weekly mailing list for free bonus content and all the info you need to keep up with the latest from Nate and Danny!  With Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux). 


9 Dec 2021

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3x13: AI is a Creativity Maximizer with Ben Taylor of DataRobot

Utilizing AI - The Enterprise AI Podcast

Many of the tasks we perform on a daily basis are beneath our abilities, and these are the ideal targets for AI. In this episode, Ben Taylor of DataRobot joins Frederic Van Haren and Stephen Foskett to talk about AI as a creativity maximizer. Business people too often get stuck in a process rather than innovating, from office work to manufacturing to R&D, and all of these can be augmented by AI-based tools. The most successful companies have hundreds or thousands of AI initiatives across the entire business to help identify opportunities for the technology to help employees be more successful. There is an inherent push and pull between small tactical projects and big strategic ones, and we have to consider the level of effort and the impact of AI projects. Three Questions Frederic: When will we see a full self-driving car that can drive anywhere, any time? Stephen: Is AI just a new aspect of data science or is it truly a unique field? Mike O'Malle, SVP, Seneca Global: Can you give an example where an AI algorithm went terribly wrong and gave a result that clearly wasn’t correct? Guests and Hosts Ben Taylor, Chief AI Evangelist, DataRobot and host of the More Intelligent Tomorrow podcast. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @BenTaylorData Frederic Van Haren, Founder at HighFens Inc., Consultancy & Services. Connect with Frederic on Highfens.com or on Twitter at @FredericVHaren. Stephen Foskett, Publisher of Gestalt IT and Organizer of Tech Field Day. Find Stephen’s writing at GestaltIT.com and on Twitter at @SFoskett.       Date: 12/07/2021 Tags: @DataRobot ,@BenTaylorData, @FredericVHaren, @SFoskett


7 Dec 2021

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Rookie Report, Player Development, De’Aaron Fox & More with Ben Taylor

Premium Hoops

Ben Taylor of Thinking Basketball joins Mark Schindler to discuss the 2021-22 NBA, observations from the year, as well as thoughts on some top rookies. With discussion also centered around the Houston Rockets, on-ball reps, growth tracks, and much more. This was an absolute blast and if you don’t already, please go follow and subscribe to Ben’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ThinkingBasketball/posts and Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3HPbvB6f58X_7SMIp6OPYw Mike De La Rosa’s video on Alex Caruso: https://youtu.be/zDxhe2eMRo0 Enjoy the pod! If you have the means to and appreciate my content, I’d greatly appreciate any support over on my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/mschindler Check out our articles at https://premiumhoops.org and follow us on Twitter @PremiumHoopsNBA Be sure to Rate and Review Premium Hoops on Apple Podcasts! Credit to BRBeats Podcast Music @BenRauman

1hr 12mins

22 Nov 2021

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Episode 10: Zach LaVine Deep Dive with Ben Taylor of Thinking Basketball

Dennis Podman: A (Mostly) Chicago Bulls Podcast

Ben Taylor (@ElGee35) of the Thinking Basketball podcast and backpicks.com drops by to dig in deep on Zach LaVine after he put together one of his classic video breakdowns of Zach's game on his YouTube channel: Video here This was a really fun one. Sign up for Ben's Patreon content here! Patreon.com/ThinkingBasketball Buy Ben's book here! https://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Basketball-Ben-Taylor/dp/1532968175/ Both the Patreon and book are well worth your time and money. 


2 Nov 2021

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Awards Predictions! with Ben Taylor

The Athletic NBA Show

Ben Taylor of Thinking Basketball stops by to chat with Dave DuFour, Seth Partnow and Mo Dakhil.Is the MVP Kevin Durant's award to lose?League Parity and the Coach of the Year raceWhy does everyone love Jordan Poole so much?Can the Bucks repeat? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 19mins

15 Oct 2021

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Talking Dogs With Ben Taylor From BTaylor Outdoors

Off Lead Podcast

Ben joins the podcast to talk about his dogs and his journey in the gun dog training world. He provides an amateurs perspective and his experiences training, testing, and working with local professionals and field trialers. You can connect with Ben on Instagram and Youtube. Shoot me an email: sales@gundogoutpost.com Check out the GunDog Outpost store. Follow me on Instagram & Facebook.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/offleadpodcast/message


11 Oct 2021

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Ben Taylor on Scoring Blindness, Brooklyn's Offense, Leaguewide Trends & More

Read and React

Ben Taylor of Thinking Basketball and Backpicks.com joins Read & React to discuss how bias toward scoring inflates our perception of NBA player value, whether defense has become more important in a more offensively-powered league, expectations for the Nets’ offense in 2022, and much more. Follow & support Ben's work: Thinking Basketball podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/12kpkAvUj6LGxzViDIH0qH?si=FmfwE5j3T--38wrVlGB6Tg&dl_branch=1Thinking Basketball YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThinkingBasketballPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/ThinkingBasketball


30 Sep 2021