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Protecting & Leaving a Legacy with Mark Fry

The Runway Decade Podcast

In this episode of the “The Runway Decade Podcast”, hosts Bill Bush and Pete Bush, advisors at Horizon Financial Group talk with guest Mark Fry, Trust Estate and Business Law Attorney with Phelps Dunbar. Mark shares how he got into the trusts and estates world as an attorney and discusses things that he is experiencing in his 50s. Episode Highlights 01:47 – Mark shares his background. 04:21 – Mark’s practice is about helping people, and keeping their assets to the fullest extent possible within their family in their lives. 06:29 – Seeing that advice not just be accepted in a positive way, but being sought is something that has been enjoyable to Mark in this decade. 08:08 – Mark says, his children seem to have found professions that suit their personalities, and it's something that naturally suits what they're already good at. 11:52 - It's unique and dynamic the way life hits us in this particular decade, states Pete. 14:44 – Bill enquires from Mark about how big was his 50th birthday, and how did he celebrate that? 17:08 – Bill asks Mark about the things he sees from folks in that runway that he experienced? Did he find that there hasn't been a lot of planning or a deeper plan? 19:30 – People in their 50s should take the responsibility of making decisions as to how things will go down when they're gone, whether it's next week or if they live to be 100. 23:30 – Pete asks, what is the average length of time when one goes into a situation? 26:35 – Mark states that 90% of the people take the time not just to protect what they have for themselves, but for those that they love and leave behind. It is mostly about education. It's hard for somebody to do what they don't know can be done. 29:19 – The other thing that happens in the 50s is we start thinking about retirement. So, start envisioning what retirement will look like after 4 years? 31:55 – Mark mentions, during the pandemic, he discovered numerous podcasts that were dealing with medical issues, age reversal issues, and longevity issues. 34:21 – Sometimes just sharing a particular podcast with a client can be life changing. 36:25 – Mark says, travel is absolutely important to him, and having the ability to do that now and later in life is extremely important because that enhances our education, broadens our perspective on the world, and our appreciation for this journey. 39:05 – Bill asks Mark some rapid-fire questions. 41:20 – Mark shares about his one best vacation. 43:37 – Bill asks Mark about his best purchase. 46:00 – Mark shares about his best trip. Three Key Points Mark shares - when he was in law school, the trust in estate was hardly a part of the education process, the law of successions, and the law distributing assets when somebody dies. There was a course but in terms of the tax issues, trusts and the use of strategies to help people keep what they had and asset protection there was nothing that he encountered until out of law school. So, when he learned that it could be planned around and it was essentially a voluntary task, he became interested to become competent in that area and helped people keep what they have. The people in their 50s need to make sure that they provide a structure, a well thought out approach to handing off business interests, their assets, and their IRAs all that they have worked hard for. They want to think about structuring the way that their children and grandchildren are going to deal with this come into it. The pandemic really spawned a lot of the notions that where structure might be better than absolute chaos. When people have assets that are more complex in nature, they're begging for chaos to ensue if they don't have some type of a plan, and when we have children and there's no plan, the children are going to infer a lot of things from their parents that might not be true once their parents are gone. If one is fortunate enough to have a retirement plan, retirement account; if one is fortunate enough to own their home outright, if one is fortunate enough to have money in the bank, and they don't take the time to say as a responsible steward of what they have. He is going to design a simple memorialization for them if they will. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. This is how he wants to be in charge of that process, and this is how he want things to go. It doesn't have to be a complicated matter. Tweetable Quotes “As an accidental tourist, got into the trust and estates world as an attorney, not anything that I studied even in law school.” – Mark Fry “When anybody in law school, there's a lot of different directions you can go in and kind of start figuring it out there.” – Bill Bush “I managed to get through three years of law school without being introduced to that.”- Mark Fry “At 50, I could clearly see that my children are on a very good path.” - Mark Fry “Dad wanted me to be in charge he always says that I'm the oldest as it should be. And nothing's written down, Nothing's designed.” - Mark Fry “Have something in place so that you don't leave behind chaos as your legacy.” - Mark Fry “One of the more notable estates I was ever involved in handling was a modest estate.”- Mark Fry “If there's not a plan, we'll see people's belongings that couldn't bring $10,000 into the state sale.” - Mark Fry “I would not recommend that anybody just leave the transmission of their estates, however modest into the default rules of the state.” - Mark Fry “If there's a will to update, it’s at least 8 to 12 years on average.” - Mark Fry “The people who come to the realization that if this is perceived as an investment and not an expense, it's easier to do it.” - Mark Fry “When I had children, I felt like I became better at what I do.” - Mark Fry “This journey being so fast, it's so fleeting you have to embrace what's out there.” - Mark Fry Resources Mentioned Horizon Financial Group  Website Contact Information         Bill BushPete Bush Mark Fry: (Phelps) Website        Contact: 225-376-0236           Email Podcast Editing


14 Jul 2022

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Episode 45 - the one with Mark Fry talking Blitzkrieg Commander 4

God's Own Scale Podcast

A chat with the rules author Mark Fry about how he came to right Blitzkrieg Commander 4 and now Cold War Commander 2, due for release at Partizan in May 2022. As usual we veer off topic a couple of times, but hopefully there's something of interest in there for you. Any commnets ideas or suggestions please get in touch at godsownscale@gmail.com, or find me on twitter @godsownscale. Or why join the God's Own Scale Facebook group which is growing by the day. Find the Blitzkrieg Commander rules at Pendraken here and check  out their phenomanal range of figures and accessories. Barry Evans has a lovely site for his painting service here If you enjoyed the show, please consider joing the patreon, details here Stay safe, and keep talking about 6.

1hr 38mins

19 Mar 2022

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Sara Sitzer and Mark Fry, Co-Artistic Directors of Chamber Music on the Fox

Take Creative Measures Podcast

This week I'm talking with Sara Sitzer and Mark Fry, Co-Artistic Directors of Chamber Music on the Fox.  Chamber Music on the Fox is a chamber music program that serves Elgin and other communities west of Chicago.  In this episode Sara, Mark, and I discuss what it takes to run a successful non-profit, including what skills they needed to develop coming from a performance background. Full Show Notes


23 Aug 2021

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Notable Interview with Mark Fry - Ep. 2


ESO Bass Trombonist Mark Fry joins us in the studio and talks John Williams, Chamber Music on the Fox, Concert Etiquette and Embracing your weird. Support the show (https://www.elginsymphony.org/donate/ways-to-give/)


27 Aug 2019

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Concierto Mark Fry & Friends (Músiques Disperses'18)

Podcast de iPop Radio

Mark Fry actuó en el Cafè del Teatre en motivo del Festival Músiques Disperses.Mark grababa y editaba, su legendario álbum “Dreaming with Alice”, desapercibido en su momento y que con el tiempo adquirió el estatus de disco de culto siguiendo el camino de sus grupos admirados.“Dreaming with Alice” es una grandiosa obra de folk psicodélico, con aires pastorales y orientales. Y ahora Mark interpretará el disco en (casi) su totalidad 45 años más tarde, junto a un puñado de nuevas canciones de su último trabajo, acompañado de su quinteto.www.ipopfm.com, +q1PlayList

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11 Mar 2018

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Mark Fry, Eric Shantz

Wake Up Hollywood

Eric Shantz:1991, Shantz was at a taping for &"Anything But Love”, starring Richard Lewis, when the audience was asked to volunteer and perform a special talent. The grand prize was an &"Anything But Love” t-shirt, WOW! So he stood up and did his best impression of Ed Sullivan, beating out the girl who did tongue tricks. Not too bad for a seventeen year old kid... six years later... he started doing tongue tricks.His big push into comedy came in "97", when he did a comedy cut on the WDVE Morning Show in Pittsburgh. From there Shantz started doing stand up regularly at the FunnyBone in Station Square. Ayear and a half later he was opening for Weird Al Yankovic in front of 5,000 people, and then went on to entertain a crowd of 10,000 in downtown Pittsburgh for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.Shantz was ready for the road and to the road he went, touring all across the country from New York to Los Angeles he brought comedy to clubs, colleges and casinos. He became a member of the Friars of Beverly Hills, where he met and worked with all of America’s best comedic acts. He has worked behind the scenes for such television shows as, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, MTV’s Wild N’ Out, and Comedy Central's Roast of William Shatner.After a decade of performing comedy in the States, Shantz took his act overseas to Europe. He could be seen at Jongleur’s Comedy Club or the Comedy Store in London, clubs all over Germany and established himself as a regular at the Laughter Lounge, Dublin. While in Ireland, he coordinated shows at the RDS, the largest venue and concert hall in Dublin. And still he managed to fit in appearances at two of the best festivals in the world, Kilkenny Fringe and Edinburgh. It was here that he developed a passion for such festivals and from this small seed of a beginning grew the SLO Comedy Festival, seventeen years of experience in all aspects of comedy helped Shantz put together an astounding four days of entertainment. In its fifth year the SLO Comedy festival is quickly becoming internationally renowned in the world of comedy.Shantz is a formidable force in the world of standup, taking time out from organising and booking shows to bring to the stage an act that is not for the faint of heart. His delivery is light spirited, pure stand up that is presented as interactive casual conversation. Check out Eric Shantz as sex, drugs and money graphically serenade the audience.Mark Fry:Mark Fry has been dazzling audiences with his high energy and quick witted physical comedy since he was old enough to hold a sippy cup. He started his Comedy and Acting journey in Phoenix, Arizona, but quickly moved to the bright lights of Los Angeles, California.Since moving to LA, he has starred in numerous television shows, movies and national commercials. His most recent credit was a part on the new Nickelodeon show &"Marvin Marvin”mixes real life experiences with tons of sarcasm, a boatload of enthusiasm and always a lot of laughs. Mark is fast becoming one of the top comics in the circuit today and is a crowd favorite in clubs, colleges and festivals across North America. He is also proud to be a Producer of the SLO Comedy FestivalYou may have seen him on such shows as Last Comic Standing and Conan. Mark Fry’s comedy is for anyone who is ready to get real, not take life too seriously, cut loose and have an awesome time!slocomedyfestival.com thecomedyspot.net/show-calendar/?dateInput=20160501 markfrycomedy.com imdb.me/markfry


24 Feb 2016