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Ep 47: A Conversation with Craig Groeschel

Hey It's The Luskos

Sit down with Craig Groeschel, Pastor of Life.Church and host of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, for a conversation with the Luskos on routines, rhythms, forming new habits and tools to live a healthy life. Links: Connect with Levi: levilusko.com @levilusko on social media Connect with Jennie: jennielusko.com or @jennielusko on social media Connect with Fresh Life Church: freshlife.church or @freshlife on social media Connect with Craig: craiggroeschel.com or @craiggroeschel on social media Winning the War in your Mind by Craig Groeschel: https://amzn.to/2RhmJMB Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko: https://amzn.to/3vZEY87 The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy: https://amzn.to/33AADvW How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie: https://amzn.to/3y42dQ9 Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath:

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13 May 2021

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#93 Funny How Life Works with Craig Groeschel: A Borrowed Conversation

Funny How Life Works

Welcome back to another episode of the Funny How Life Works podcast. This week, Tech Guy Nick is back and we are joined with Craig Groeschel...well kinda! Tune in to see what you can learn about life from this episode.Non- Sponsor SponsorFunny for the Forgotten - Making laughter commonplace in uncommon places. There are a lot of hurting people who have been forgotten. We bring them hope through laughter, so they can experience joy. Learn more at FunnyForTheForgotten.comStorytime with Michael Jr.Get ready to laugh and be encouraged! Spots are limited - join Michael Jr. as he shares impactful stories from his new book, Funny How Life Works.Get your access ticket here: https://funnyhowlifeworksbook.com/storytimeFree ChapterYou can download a free chapter from Michael Jr.'s new book here: michaeljr.com/chapter.Join Our Exclusive Community on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/michaeljrWhen you become one of our patrons, or what we call an Opener, you are joining a strong and exclusive community who have early access to some really cool perks.Don't forget to leave a review! We really do read them. Your review could be featured in an episode and read by Michael Jr.As a thank you for listening, we want to hook you up with Michael Jr.'s comedy CD, Funny For a Reason at whatever price you want. Click the link, name your price, and keep laughing.Name Your Price CD: michaeljr.com/cdSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/michaeljr)Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/michaeljr)


13 Apr 2021

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Pastor Craig Groeschel on Calming Your Anxious Mind

You've Heard It Said

What can we do when worry, fear, or anxiety try to take over our minds? In the final part of the Winning the War in Your Mind miniseries, Pastor Craig talks about a powerful weapon we can wield against worry. Listen, then talk it over with your LifeGroup. Get the episode 23 Conversation Guide here: www.go2.lc/YHISGuide23 


5 Mar 2021

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Craig Groeschel - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends

As one of the most respected leaders in the Church, Craig speaks frequently at leadership events and conferences worldwide. In addition to writing and speaking extensively on leadership principles and strategies, he serves as champion for the Global Leadership Summit, and hosts the top-ranking Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. Glassdoor has also named him in the top 10 CEOs in the U.S. (small and midsize companies) and named Life.Church the #1 Place to Work under his leadership.Craig is a New York Times bestselling author of books on a wide variety of topics, including dating and marriage, social media, purpose, direction, church leadership, and more. His latest book, Winning the War in Your Mind , shows you how to break free from the grip of destructive thinking, enabling you to live the life of joy and peace God has for you.JOIN BOB WEEKLYWe’ve launched a new subscription-based offering with exclusive content from the one and only Bob Goff.In vintage Bob fashion, you can join him on his adventure of living a life of whimsy, love, and action. Each week you'll receive a video message from Bob, plus guided reflection exercises and activities for personal growth and structured conversations with friends.Now more than ever we need to look to voices we can trust. If Bob's message has inspired you in the past, you're not going to want to miss out on Bob Weekly. So sign up today and let Bob guide you as you go through this unpredictable thing called your life.Learn More bobgoff.com/weekly On the episode:Producer : Tatave Abeshyan Producer & Co-host : Scott Schimmel 


24 Feb 2021

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CNLP 397 | Craig Groeschel on the Future of Church Attendance, How to Lead Well When Everyone Has Different Opinions, and on Winning the War in Your Mind

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast: Lead Like Never Before

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast is a podcast all about leadership, change and personal growth. The goal? To help you lead like never before—in your church or in your business.

1hr 20mins

11 Feb 2021

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How to Grow a Healthy Organization and Culture with Craig Groeschel

The EntreLeadership Podcast

Ideas are great, but they’ll only take you so far. When it comes down to it, success in business depends on your ability to execute. Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of Life.Church, grew his organization over the course of 25 years from just a service in a two-car garage to 36 church locations across America. His strategy? Empowering great people to create effective systems that accomplish a clear goal. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know how to move the needle, this episode will give you the basics for thinking strategically and creating systems that get the job done. entreleadership.com/podcast Craig Groeschel's website Life.Church’s website Join Craig at EntreLeadership Summit Atomic Habits by James Clear Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Discipline Equals Freedom (Field Manual) by Jocko Willink The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast Craig Groeschel’s Instagram Communication Field Guide EntreLeadership Toolkit - Top tools to help your business can grow and thrive Schedule a call with Tim, the Producer Want expert help with your business question? Call 844-944-1070 and leave a message or send an email to podcast@entreleadership.com. You could be featured on a future podcast episode!

1hr 6mins

8 Feb 2021

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040 | Craig Groeschel on Leading His Team Through the COVID Crisis and What He's Learned About Crisis Leadership

ChurchPulse Weekly

Craig Groeschel, founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, joins Carey and Savannah to discuss how he’s responded to the pressures and opportunities of the Coronavirus pandemic. He also talks about the mindset that's needed to lead well in times of disruption and shares how the Life.Church team has come together in this challenging year.


24 Dec 2020

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Craig Groeschel on Navigating Anxiety as a Pastor, the Bible in One Year & How He Wants to Spend His Remaining Years

Leadership Conversations With Nicky Gumbel

Craig and Amy started Life.Church in a two-car garage in Edmond, Oklahoma in January 1996. Since then, Life.Church has grown to include dozens of locations all over the United States but its mission statement remains the same: to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Life.Church has become known for its innovative use of technology to spread the Gospel, launching the first fully digital church experience in 2006 and the most downloaded mobile Bible app in history, YouVersion, in 2008. Craig is a New York Times bestselling author of books on a wide variety of topics, including dating and marriage, social media, purpose, direction, church leadership, & more. https://www.alpha.org/blog/leadership-conversations-with-nicky-gumbel-podcast-craig-groeschel/


18 Dec 2020

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Ep 083: Leading Through the Dip, Craig Groeschel & Danielle Strickland

The Global Leadership Podcast

All organizations and systems go through inevitable cycles of birth, growth and maturity, decline and even death. We all enjoy leading when things are going up and to the right, but how do you lead through a season of decline, or the dip? In this important conversation with Danielle Strickland, long-term leader Craig Groeschel dives into what it takes to lead effectively through the dip. When leaders are willing to pivot and think about change in more helpful ways, the dip can actually springboard your organization to new levels of success and engagement. 


15 Dec 2020

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Finding Relief from Anxiety - Craig Groeschel

Passion City Church Podcast

"If it's big enough to worry about, it's big enough to pray about." Are you struggling with anxiety, worry, and stress these days? Did you know Jesus dealt with these exact feelings, too? This week, Pastor Craig Groeschel encourages us to call on the God who understands us the most. We can cast our cares on Him because He cares for us.—Give towards what God is doing through Passion City Church: https://passioncitychurch.com/give-online—With Passion City Online you can join us every Sunday for gatherings at 10a + 1p + 5p + 8p! Join us at https://passioncitychurch.com/online—Subscribe to our channel to see more messages from Passion City Church:https://www.youtube.com/passioncitychurch1—Looking for content for your Kids? Subscribe to our BRAND NEW Passion Kids Channel:https://passion.link/passionkidsonline—At Passion City Church, we believe that because God has displayed the ultimate sacrifice in Jesus, our response to that in worship must be extravagant. It is our privilege, and our created purpose, to reflect God’s Glory to Him through our praise, our sacrifice, and our song. Follow Passion City Church: https://www.instagram.com/passioncity/Follow Louie Giglio: https://www.instagram.com/louiegiglio Passion City Church is a Jesus church with locations in Atlanta and Washington D.C.More info on Passion: https://passioncitychurch.com


31 Aug 2020