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Healing Today’s Top Health Issues | Dr. Candice Staniek

The Spiritual Life Management Podcast

Discover what you need to know about healing today's top health issues with Dr. Candice Staniek. Dr. Candice Staniek is a Naturopathic Doctor, fatigue expert, speaker, author, and yogi with a holistic approach to health, including mind, body, and spirit.  Listen in and learn how fatigue and viral loads are impacting our health. Dr. Staniek speaks on the methods and remedies she uses in her practice to help people get the desired results and go from tired to vibrant. Learn how you can take control of your health as we discuss how you can keep your body performing at its best. TOPICS DISCUSSED ARE  The top 3 issues Dr. Staniek is seeing in her patients today How Naturopathic Doctors have a unique background that helps them get to the root of health problems Why keeping a positive attitude is critical to good health How kinesiology/muscle testing can assist in getting the proper remedy/treatment Anti-viral treatments that are homeopathic Why we must detox at least four times a year What is a "good" multi-vitamin How fatigue is impacting our health and how we can get better sleep Frequency healing and quantum touch to help stuck energy flow through the body so we can heal CONNECT WITH DR. STANIEK WEBSITE FREE HANDOUT PDF LINK BELOW fatigue101info.com ENERGIZE YOU PROGRAM LINK BELOW https://thrivingandvibrant.com/ INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK  #wellness #health #fatigue ABOUT THE HOST - GRETCHEN SMITH CLICK HERE for all social media sites, websites, and more. - LET'S CONNECT Gretchen is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Guide dedicated to helping others gain balance and wellness. Her passion is inspiring others to be their best selves and live life with passion and purpose


11 Jul 2022

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Ep. #64 Harnessing Your Body’s Deep Wisdom w/ Dr. Candice Staniek

Underground Antics with Shane Pokroy

Dr. Candice, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Spiritual Yogi, Speaker, Author, Social Marketer, and a huge advocate for people having the ability to reach their spiritual potential. She understands the trials and tribulations related to the struggle of choosing and gaining freedom from the ego (mind, body, pain body, and collective unconscious). She loves having deep conversations and contemplating the bigger questions such as life and death, overcoming illusions. She also loves helping those who are lost and those who are seeking to find their way.   She is a co-author of Business, Life and Universe Vol. 2 and has launched a successful 6 week program called  "Energized You", that helps people improve their lifestyle, gain energy and detox. Dr. Candice is also the creator of the Whole Body Visionaries Facebook Group. Creating a community for people that value Holistic Care. She knows that health is wealth, and when health suffers so do many other areas of life.  In this episode, Candice and I discuss a variety of topics relating to holistic medicine and its integration with spirituality and energy work. Naturopathic work integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in order to view the person and their issue within the full scope of their lives. Candice operates from the assumption that our bodies are natural healers. That is, the human body has an innate ability to heal from most conditions/symptoms. By investigating the causal factors, one is able to discover why the condition has arisen in order to treat it appropriately. One of the central tenets of Naturopathy is that if the body is given the right tools, it will be able to heal and restore balance within.  Candice shares that there are natural relationships between physical symptoms and mental/emotional issues. In general, we are only consciously aware of a small amount of the workings of the body; however, there are many ways in which the body (unconsciously) communicates distress. By looking into the symptomatology and personal history, we can begin to gain a fuller understanding of what is going on inside a person.  It is also important to listen to what is going on behind the words that a person speaks. Communication is far deeper than words alone, and if we can attune ourselves to the other person (and know what we’re looking/listening for), we can start to see what’s going on at a deeper level within the person.  More of Candice: 🙏🏽 "Energize You" Program 🙏🏽 Facebook Page: Dr Candice Staniek 🙏🏽 Facebook Group: Whole Body Visionaries   🙏🏽 LinkedIn: Dr Candice Staniek   🙏🏽 Instagram: @DrCandiceStaniek  🙏🏽 Fatigue Relief Program  More of Shane: 🙏🏽 Underground Antics Website  🙏🏽 LinkedIn: Shane Pokroy  🙏🏽 Instagram: @shanepokroy🙏🏽 Facebook: @UndergroundAnticsPodcast 🎧 Listen and subscribe to Underground Antics on your favourite podcast platform Apple PodcastsSpotify ♖ Produced by: Jason Shapiro https://shapirocreations.com/ 🙏🏽 Thanks for tuning in! Share this episode with someone who might enjoy it! #podcast #naturopathy #health #wellness #doctor #holistic #medicine #healing #mind #body #soul #consciousness #biohack #intuition #listening #communication #fatigue #freedom #spirituality #chronicillness #healthandwellness #wisdom #intuition 


2 Apr 2022

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#73 - Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Dr. Candice Staniek

The Self Love Effect

On today's episode we are joined by our special guest, Dr. Candice Staniek. She is a naturopathic doctor & spiritual guide. She uses her own journey of mental health & healing to help her patients reclaim their strength, self worth, and unleash their inner warrior. Through her own personal work and exploration of different modalities, she gained understanding about the mind, ways we sabotage ourselves, and how to shift mindset and vibrational energy we put out to the world. Join us as Dr. Staniek will leave you feeling empowered and understanding the mind & body connection. Connect with Dr. Candice Staniek: Website: https://drcandicestaniek.com IG: @drcandicestaniek If you love this episode please leave a Review, Follow, Like, Share. Join our empowering community on Facebook! Link is listed below. IG: @the_selfloveeffect Listeners enjoy the following discounts. Team Self Love Effect Community Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/199492225553034/?ref=share 1stPhorm App: https://www.1stphorm.app/Selfloveeffect 1stphorm: https://1stphorm.com/?a_aid=Selfloveffect Download the 1stphorm app & add me as your advisor: desiree@selfloveeffect.com Born Primitive: https://bornprimitive.com/?storr_sid=2v1ryqp&storr_slid=cr8sg8ee8e3wcf2xgrpr27x&utm_source=storr WodnDone: Treasures10 Maven Threads: Selfloveeffect15 You can find us on IG: @the_selfloveeffect Apparel shop: www.Selfloveeffect.com Code: SELFLOVEEFFECT  Email: Desiree@selfloveeffect.com


30 Mar 2022

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Episode 32 Dr. Candice Staniek

Divine Human

Dr. Candice Staniek is a naturopathic doctor, speaker, author and spiritual guide. She believes it's your right to feel healthy and well. in her work with patients, she strives to support their innate ability to heal called the VIS (Veece).  Through her own journey with health issues, she's able to offer other compassion, empathy and encouragement in living a life they truly desire.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/maria-martinez820/support


26 Jan 2022

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Brain Health and How it Impacts Your Life! LIVE Interview with Dr. Candice Staniek.

Girls Guide 2 Greatness

Lymph nodes, sleep, fitness and your organ clock!Listen in as Dr. Staniek shares why brain health is so important!Reach out to Candice:TikTok: @drcandicestaniekEmail: cstanieknd@yahoo.ca


13 Nov 2020

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Biohacking Fatigue - Interview with Dr. Candice Staniek

Girls Guide 2 Greatness

Interview with Dr. Candice Staniek - Naturopathic Practitioner.Follow Candice on Facebook.


23 Jul 2020

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Jan 27, 2018 "How Emotions Create Dis-Ease" Candice Staniek


Jan 27, 2018 "How Emotions Create Dis-Ease" Candice Staniek by College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church

1hr 12mins

27 Jan 2018