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Media members hyping up Justin Fields, Hottest bald men, Jason Brown

The Sports Junkies

10/12 Hour 3   2:00 Media members hyping up Justin Fields 19:20 List of top 10 hottest bald men 32:00 Last Chance U's Jason Brown


12 Oct 2022

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Ep 290 | Why Kyler Murray Is the NFL’s Allen Iverson | “Last Chance U”'s Jason Brown

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Kyler Murray’s monetary value to the NFL far surpasses his physical stature in the league. Murray’s athleticism is hypnotic and can be replicated only within the binary world of video games. It reminds Jason of another athlete with dynamic skills in a diminutive package, NBA star Allen Iverson. “Right now, Kyler Murray is football’s Allen Iverson. You might read that analogy as high praise. It’s not,” Jason says. “Iverson won an MVP trophy, but never won an NBA title. … I enjoy watching Kyler Murray. I don’t envision him winning a Super Bowl.” The Arizona Cardinals attempted to put a study clause in Murray’s contract. Jason fully expects to see him openly mocking the idea of practice the same way Iverson famously has. "Fearless" soldiers T.J. Moe and Steve Kim join Jason for a discussion of the biggest headlines around the NFL, including Tua’s turnaround in Miami and what it says about former Dolphins coach Brian Flores. Former “Last Chance U” star Jason Brown returns to the show. Jason asks whether his opinion of Kyler Murray changed after Sunday’s spectacular comeback win. His answer will surprise you. Plus, Jason prepares the eulogy for HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” declaring the show is dead to him.We want to hear from the Fearless Army!! Join the conversation in the show chat, leave a comment or email Jason at Fearless@TheBlaze.comShout Out from Jason:Do you love gifts? Would you want to request a personal shout out for yourself, family or friends from Jason Whitlock?! Click either link below to get the official Shout Out app for Apple or Android and request a personal shout out from Jason Whitlock!Shout Out for Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/shoutout/id1541540629Shout Out for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.shoutoutappGet 10% off Blaze swag by using code Fearless10 at https://shop.blazemedia.com/fearless Make yourself an official member of the “Fearless Army!” Support Conservative Voices! Subscribe to BlazeTV at https://get.blazetv.com/FEARLESS and get $10 off your yearly subscription. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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19 Sep 2022

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Episode 181: Getting To Know Jason Brown

The Fred Show Presents: The Tangent


19 Sep 2022

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Jason Brown and Eric Creekmore. If You Had At Least FIVE Employees During Covid THEN THIS IS FOR YOU. Episode 509 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dropping Bombs

Eric was a former college athlete and self-made in financial services. Eric started as a producer and now runs a couple different teams of 100’s of agents! Eric focuses on getting better each day and helping mentor others to find time and financial freedom. Fun fact about Eric, he sold everything he owned during Covid and traveled the world for 8 months while still running his businesses! Jason built and manages several large financial services teams as well as done public speaking all over the country as small business expert. Jason has helped thousands of businesses save and receive money through benefits strategies and tax programs. In this episode you will learn the steps that to get money and extra money based on if you had at least 5 w-2 employees go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com to qualify now. 00:00 Intro 01:04 Go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com to see if you qualify! 04:00 The change in legislation 08:51 The time window 13:28 Become an affiliate! 15:53 Financial Services & “Double dipping” 20:15 Go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com 24:20 Share out this episode!


12 Sep 2022

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How to Trade Options: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners with Jason Brown

The His and Her Money Show

In this episode, we are going to discuss how to create wealth through Options Trading. There is no better guest to take through this conversation than Jason Brown, a stock market expert, to help us win the wealth game. Jason is a stock market coach and a real money options trader. He runs two platforms The Brown Report, a blog that talks about money and mindset, and also-rans, a Power Trades University where he teaches people about the stock market and has courses and coaching in the community where they try to take people from beginners to becoming expert options traders.    What You Will Learn: Jason's personal story on building wealth through the stock market. What are option gains? Making money from the stock market. What a put option is. How to get started. Discipline and mindset are necessary for success. Recommendation on the money to risk. How to get started with virtual trading accounts. Balancing a 9-5 job with studying stock markets. Connect with Jason Brown Jason's Training Course: Power Trades University Website Youtube Instagram Linkedin Twitter


31 Aug 2022

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HLS: Ep. 358 Jason Brown

The Hard Luck Show

Your earbuds will use the back room to count some money when Jason “Clown” Brown 3rd Generation Dog Town, Co-Founder of Suicidal ST Tattoo Studio in Santa Monica with Suicidal Tendencies Lead Singer Mike Muir, blasts the PYFC with Big Luck’s, Ol’ Blue Eyes, and Chumahan, hear FRESH Paulie B stories from Jason, lead singer of Cycotic Youth, hear about Punk Rock influences on the West Side, Hear about new Cycotic Youth album Jason just cut, hear why a Street Tattoo Studio needs to stay open, Hear about Jason’s work in the band EVOL, opening for Snoop Dogg on the Puff Puff Pass Tour, BONUS: THE WEIRDEST TATTOO JASON BROWN EVER DID.  #hardluckshow #music #punkrock #tattoos #tattooshop #dogtown #suicidal @biglucks17 @estevanoriol @seanlewis @cookiesSF @jasonbrowntattooer @theyoungandbrave @suicidaltendencies www.sttattoo.com HLS PROTO EPISODES: hls.gumroad.com/l/usdthi Supermaxhardware.com www.hardluckshow.com www.hardluckshow.com/mercado HLS: Audiobook ART OF WAR hls.gumroad.com/l/mbhxs Email to: hluckshow@gmail.com Email to: sean@movemental.media California Center For Art, Escondido  340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido CA.  June 25, 2022-August 28, 2022 Artcenter.org/museumSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-hard-luck-show/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

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3 Aug 2022

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#160 | Debt-free college with Jason Brown

friends on FIRE

Jason is from Miami, Florida and now lives in Atlanta with his wife and two sons. He has a bachelor’s in communication and a Masters degree in professional writing. He’s worked in various public relations, media relations, marketing, writing, and editing roles. He’s the author of Margin Matters: How to live on a simple budget and crush debt forever and IT IS POSSIBLE!: How I Earned Two Debt-Free Degrees...and How You Can, Too.In this discussion with Jason Brown, we cover many topics, including:How he was raised financially and what his parents taught him.He learned about money by watching his parents and how they spent money.  They never sat down and had a specific discussion with him; they instead modeled it with their behavior.  He was always taught that if you can’t afford it, you don’t do it.  Jason was the first person in his family to go to college.The resourcefulness he learned at a young age.Jason shared his college journey, what degrees he earned, and how he funded each.Debt is the easy or lazy way out, and it’s just too easy.  There are other ways to attend college without going into debt.One of the biggest lies we’re told in society is that you have to take out debt to go to college.Thoughts on student loan forgiveness.  We discuss several tips for getting through college with less debt or debt-free:Dual-enrollment.In-state college.Leverage your high-school guidance counselor for help and support.Scholarships and grants.Visit the scholarship office at your college, even once you're already there! Then, keep applying even after your first year.  Explore if your state has a state-funded scholarship program, such as some states' lottery-funded scholarships.Show References:Jason’s Book:  IT IS POSSIBLE!: How I Earned Two Debt-Free Degrees...and How You Can, TooJason’s Book: Margin Matters: How to live on a simple budget and crush debt foreverJason’s website Margin MattersJason’s YouTube ChannelScholarships.comFastweb ScholarshipsCollege Board---Follow friends on FIRETwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedInLeave us a voicemail or text us: 404-981-3370eMail us at:  friendsonfiremm@gmail.comVisit our website: www.friendsonfire.org---Other LinksMaggie’s Blog: Mostly Minimal LifeMike’s Book: Your New Relationship with Money


1 Aug 2022

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224 Jason Brown | The fear NEVER goes away

Visionary Life | Canadian Business Podcast

I had a conversation with Jason Brown that totally blew my mind, because he thinks outside of the box and challenges his way of being & thinking every single day.He's always challenging his own beliefs and looking at things from different perspectives. This allows him to come up with new and innovative solutions to problems, including his recent venture of launching dripdrop.gg, the mental fitness app for families.He's not afraid to take risks, and he's always seeking out new opportunities - something he calls ‘Following The Nudges’. This willingness to try new things has led to his success in a variety of ventures. Some of the other awesome things you’re going to learn from Jason in the podcast include:The Benefits of Getting Into Your BodyWhether that’s by doing mushrooms, practicing breathwork, doing meditation, or taking long walks -- whatever you need to do to stop suppressing your emotions and feelings so that you can truly connect to what your mind and body are saying is going to be SO advantageous for your personal and professional growth.This is a topic often overlooked by hustle culture, but something Jason deeply believes in.Business Ideas Hide in the Mountains! In the mountainous terrain of Quebec is where Jason solidified the idea for dripdrop.gg! Tune in to hear the full story…Pay attention to your Default ProgrammingMost of us are oblivious to the fact that we have downloaded other people’s programs into our minds and bodies, and then we run these programs like they’re our own!Jason talks a lot about removing the programs that aren’t serving you fully, and then asking which ones you want to replace them with? This is an important topic for anyone with a Growth Mindset.The Visionary Method™ 90-Day AcceleratorFor Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers who want to sell more of their services that are priced between $1000.00 and $10,000.00, become fully booked, and transform their marketing strategy in record time.* STARTING TUESDAY, JULY 12TH *https://www.kelseyreidl.com/tvm-group

1hr 9mins

11 Jul 2022

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Episode 72 - Interview with Jason Brown (Sunk Loto)

Bacio Death Trip

That's right! 15 years after their last show, Sunk Loto are back and have a bunch of upcoming shows and to celebrate this incredible news, I was lucky enough to chat with singer, Jason Brown all about the reformation, recording their first ep, pre-workout and future plans for the band. These long form interviews aren't something we've done on this podcast before so hopefully you enjoy it! Follow Sunk Loto on their socials: Instagram Facebook Jason's Instagram Nominate this interview for a Pulitzer Prize here. See you at an upcoming Sunk Loto show!


3 Jul 2022

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#439: How to Optimize Your Training w/ Jason Brown

Jay Ferruggia's Renegade Strength Show

Jason has spent over 15 years training everyday athletes to become healthier, stronger, and better conditioned with his Conjugate x Conditioning method.  As a combat veteran, former gym owner, founder of Jason Brown Coaching, and author of “Lower-body Training” via Human Kinetics, Jason has the knowledge, systems, experience, and education to help you get better results. Jason is a regular contributor for T-Nation.com, EliteFTS.com, serves as a presenter with the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and he’s here today to share some of his expertise. Listen as we discuss: How to use the 80/20 principle to optimize your training. How to get stronger and more explosive, at any age. Why more isn’t always more. The best rep range for mechanical tension without the injury risk. The most efficient and effective way to warmup. How much conditioning do you really need? Why you need to understand the differences between central and peripheral fatigue. What are the benefits of high rep band work? Muscle damage, metabolic stress, mechanical tension: what’s the most important factor for hypertrophy? 3 ways to bulletproof your body. How you can avoid pancake ass syndrome. Fitness pro? These 2 mistakes could be killing your business. Interested in Jason's Programming Playbook? 10 Educational Modules on Strength Methods, Hypertrophy Methods, Energy Systems, Conditioning Methods, a live programming session with Jason, 30+ Programming Templates, plus much more...  Head to https://bit.ly/RenegadeStrength and use the coupon code RENEGADE to save $100 on his complete plug and play system.  Sponsors: Nootopia: Want to say goodbye to bad days forever? Need to turn your brain on quickly without caffeine? Go to nootopia.com/renegade and use coupon code JAY to experience the most advanced brain support and cognitive enhancement system on the planet.   Joy Mode: Ever wish there was a pre-workout supplement for sex? For enhanced sex drive AND better performance head over to usejoymode.com/discount/jay and use the coupon code JAY to save 20%.  Organifi: If you enjoy waking up feeling tired and groggy then Organifi Gold isn't for you. For those of you looking to optimize recovery, wake up feeling refreshed, and be more relaxed during the day - organifi.com/renegade coupon code RENEGADE.

1hr 11mins

24 Jun 2022