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#10 'Forging your life's purpose' - Nic Bladen talking with Keith Struthers


Listen to this motivating story of a sculptor who takes action on his insights.Known for his remarkably intricate plant sculptures, Nic Bladen is an acclaimed South African jeweller and sculptor. His dream is to create complete libraries of plant sculptures, which preserve and record the biodiversity and beauty of different plant landscapes for future generations.What's striking about Nic's biography is his passion and commitment to his life and work. His uniquely individual direction is founded on the absolute trust he invests in his sometimes fleeting yet intense insights. Followed by sustained effort and unwavering follow through. As a result, he's developed a unique practice with specialised skills.see more at www.naturalscool.comFind Nic http://www.nicbladen.com


7 Dec 2015

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#7 'Painting Mandela's portrait' - Cyril Coetzee talking with Keith Struthers


Listen to this insightful discussion with Cyril Coetzee , a highly accomplished painter, lecturer and curator who has exhibited widely in South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, India and the US. After painting the portrait of Nelson Mandela, used on a South African stamp, he was later commissioned to paint a wedding portrait of Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel.In this conversation Cyril distinguishes between realistic and expressionistic portraits. And how a visually accurate likeness is very different to a psychological likeness.see more at www.naturalscool.comFind Cyrilhttp://www.cyrilcoetzee.co.za


15 Oct 2015

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#6 'Fine Tuning your Life' - talking with Tom Bills & Keith Struthers


Tune in to this discussion with a world class luthier who's much more than just a guitar maker.The theme implicit in this discussion, is a lietmotif common to all artists - what we create, creates us at the same time.So what happens to us when producing a guitar, painting, ceramic sculpture or a building?As the creative process challenges, stretches and frets us, we change. Over time, even decades, our thinking can become clearer, our feelings deepen and our capacities strengthen and refine. These qualities percolate into all aspects of our lives.see more at www.naturalscool.comTom Bills crafts guitars that look every bit as good as they sound. He's been doing this since 1988 for players and collectors worldwide, including the likes of Carlos Santana. Based in St Louis, Missouri, USA, he has written a book called the Art of Lutherie, sharing his valuable insights on how to make beautiful guitars.Follow us on www.naturalscool.comFind Tomwww.tbguitars.com http://theartoflutherie.com


29 Sep 2015

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#5 'Architecture for Human Beings' - talking deep listening with David Barrett & Keith Struthers


Listen to the integrated approach of this architect who really lives and loves his practice.David’s passionate and warm hearted approach to design includes ‘deep listening’. This means quietening yourself down to become more present in the moment, with all your senses and awareness. To be in-touch with the site, your clients, your colleagues and yourself.Deep listening stands as a counterpoint to technology, which both speeds up our lives and encourages absence in our immediate reality. When talking or texting on a mobile phone, trawling facebook, TV etc; our awareness moves out of the our immediate environment and experience of time into a kind of timeless zone in cyberspace.Can our method of designing embrace the complexity of our times without becoming onesided, so that our buildings embody our full humanity?see more at www.naturalscool.comDavid Barrett's studio, based in Boulder, Colorado has been awarded many times by the American Institute of Architects, notably in 2013, he was officially honoured for his contribution to architecture and society on a National level.Follow us on www.naturalscool.comFind Davidhttp://www.barrettstudio.com


15 Sep 2015

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#4 'Vital Forms' - talking ceramics with Kate Malone & Keith Struthers


Listen to the uniquely creative world of this London ceramicist.Kate's enthusiasm for the life force in nature, that which animates the growth of plants and the coming to fruit, gives her works a feeling of vitality and warmth. Her work stimulates us to feel more alive and emotionally connected.Is it possible to find common sculptural ground where the clarity of the architectural process is combined with the crafters artistic spontaneity?see more at www.naturalscool.comKate Malone is an internationally acclaimed ceramicist whose work has been exhibited in over a hundred solo and group exhibitions from London to Miami , New York and Japan.Follow us on www.naturalscool.comFind Katehttp://www.katemaloneceramics.com


2 Sep 2015

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#2 'Crafting your life' -talking with Colin Rock & Keith Struthers


You’ll enjoy this chiseled discussion, touching the heart of the crafter. Colin speaks of the importance of not only what you craft and how you craft it, but also how it crafts you. How your daily activity is the workshop for your own development as an individual.see more at http://www.naturalscool.comColin Rock is a celebrated South African craftsman and artisan, with rich and varied experience in a number of mediums. He's a master guitar maker, experienced jeweller and builds exquisite custom designed furniture with Andy de klerk at Cabinetworks, using time-honoured joinery techniques.Follow us on http://www.naturalscool.comFind Colin https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colin-Rock-Inc/237147122997075?fref=ts https://instagram.com/colinrock_atelier


31 Jul 2015